1931 Trade Directory, Co. Carlow

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Doyle PatrickKilree streetSaddlersBagnalstown
Doyle TerenceChurch streetSolicitorsTullow
Dugan (sic) JamesDublin streetFruiterers & GreengrocersCarlow Town
Dugan (sic) Jas.5 Dublin stSeedsmenCarlow Town
Duggan Ed.Dublin streetGrocersCarlow Town
Duggan John J.College streetSolicitorsCarlow Town
Duggan John J.Kilree streetSolicitorsBagnalstown
Duggan P. C.64 Dublin stBacon MerchantsCarlow Town
Dunny J. J., Rev.-ClergymenCarlow Town
Dunphy J.Tullow streetVintnersCarlow Town
Dunphy J. J.Tullow streetBuilders & ContractorsCarlow Town
Dwyer JosephChapel laneHairdressersTullow
Electric Picture House (Mark Wynne - prop.) -Picture HouseBagnalstown
Eustace EdwardChurch streetCommissioner for OathsTullow
Fanning MichaelAbbey streetGrocers & Spirit DealersTullow
Fanning MichaelAbbey streetVictuallersTullow
Fanning Wm., Rev., C.C.-ClergymenCarlow Town
Farrell JohnMain streetProvision DealersBagnalstown
Farrell T. J.BagenalstownPhysicians & SurgeonsBagnalstown
Feeney M.Main streetDrapersBagnalstown
Fenelon P.Market squareCorn Grinding & Saw MillsTullow
Fenelon P.Market squareIronmongers & Builders ProvidersTullow
Fenelon P.Market squareMotor EngineersTullow
Finegan P.Tullow streetVintnersCarlow Town
Fitzgibbon Thomas (N.T.)RathoePeace CommissionersTullow
Flemins JohnAghadeCorn MillsTullow
Flood E.Kilree streetDrapersBagnalstown
Flynn ThomasMill streetMotor EngineersTullow
Foley Bros.Tullow streetVintnersCarlow Town
Foley FrancisMill streetGrocers & Provision MerchantsTullow
Foley JohnBagenalstownSolicitorsBagnalstown
Foley JohnTullow streetGrocersCarlow Town
Foley Mrs.GraiguecullenStationers & NewsagentsCarlow Town
Foley Wm.The HermitagePhysicians & SurgeonsTullow
Frye see Leverett &56 Dublin stProvision, Tea & General MerchantsCarlow Town
Gahan J. & SonsAbbey streetPainterTullow
Gas Co.BagenalstownLighting UndertakingsBagnalstown
Good W. P.Tullow streetHardware Merchants & IronmongersCarlow Town
Good W. P.Tullow streetSeedsmenCarlow Town
Gough Mrs.Tullow streetDrapersCarlow Town
Governy M.Wellington squareVintnersCarlow Town
Grace JohnCastle streetBootmakersCarlow Town
Graham M. J.Tullow streetDrapersCarlow Town
Grand Canal Co.The QuayTransportCarlow Town
Griffin Jas. J.Tullow streetTobacconistsCarlow Town
Griffin V. J.Slaney ViewPeace CommissionersTullow
Hadden W. & G.Tullow streetDrapersCarlow Town
Hade WilliamDublin streetArchitectCarlow Town
Halligan T.Bridge streetGrocers & Provision MerchantsTullow
Halligan TerenceBridge streetCoach BuilderTullow
Halpin Wm.Mill streetHairdressersTullow
Hanlon A.Main streetBooksellersBagnalstown
Hanlon A.Main streetFancy Goods DealersBagnalstown
Harding MissBridge streetConfectionerTullow
Haughton W. J.Burrin streetCoal MerchantsCarlow Town
Haughton W. J.Burrin streetGrain & Forage MerchantCarlow Town
Hayden P., Rev. C.C.-ClergymenBagnalstown
Hayes EdwardKilree streetGrocers & Spirit DealersBagnalstown
Hayes P.Kilree streetHotelsBagnalstown
Hazley J.E., Rev. M.A.The RectoryClergyTullow
Hazley Rev. Mr. *-Golf ClubTullow
Healy & MooneyCoal MarketCabinet MakersCarlow Town
Hearns ThomasTullow streetVictuallersCarlow Town
Hendrick MissCastle streetUndertakersCarlow Town
Hickey J.Tullow streetVintnersCarlow Town
Holohan DenisBridge streetShoemakersTullow
Hooper S.Burrin streetElectricianCarlow Town
Hughes J.Tullow streetMarble & Stone WorksCarlow Town
Hutton Mrs.Mill streetConfectionerTullow
Hutton PatrickMill streetShoemakersTullow
Irish American Oil Co., Ltd.Cattle BankMotor Spirit DistributorsCarlow Town
Irish B.P. Co. LtdCattle BankMotor Spirit DistributorsCarlow Town
Irish Sugar *CarlowSugar & Stock*Carlow Town
Jackman JamesBarrack streetFruit MerchantsTullow
JacksonDublin streetVintnersCarlow Town
Jackson & Melrose Burrin streetMotor Spirit DistributorsCarlow Town
Jackson JohnTullow streetGrocersCarlow Town
Johnson MichaelMill streetTailorsTullow
Johnson P.Mill streetTailorsTullow
Johnson Wm. & SonBridge streetTailorsTullow
Jordan John17 Main stVictuallersBagnalstown
Kavanagh JohnTullowbegShoemakersTullow
Kavanagh M.Market SquareBakersBagnalstown
Kavanagh M.Market SquareGrocers & Spirit DealersBagnalstown
Kearney B., MissCastle streetCorn MerchantsCarlow Town
Kehoe Ed.Bridge streetSaddlersTullow
Kehoe MartinDublin streetFish, Game & Poultery DealersCarlow Town
Kehoe MissJohn streetDressmakersTullow
Kehoe P. & SonsHigh streetCorn & Wool ExportersBagnalstown
Kehoe P. & SonsHigh streetDrapersBagnalstown
Kehoe Paul & SonHigh streetGrocers & Spirit DealersBagnalstown
Kehoe R. J.Tullow streetSolicitorsCarlow Town
Kehoe Walter5 Burrin stTurf AccountantCarlow Town
Kehoe WalterBurrin streetProvision, Tea & General MerchantsCarlow Town
Kehoe WalterPembrokeBacon MerchantsCarlow Town
Kelly E. J.19 Main stWatchmaker & JewellerBagnalstown
Kelly HenryMarket SquareDrapersBagnalstown
Kelly J.Tullow streetHairdressersCarlow Town
Kelly JamesTullow streetStationers & NewsagentsCarlow Town
Kelly JohnChurch streetVictuallersTullow
Kelly M. A.Tullow streetProvision, Tea & General MerchantsCarlow Town
Kelly M., Mrs.Market squareDrapersTullow
Kelly MichaelMarket squareIronmongers & Builders ProvidersTullow
Kelly P. & SonsMill streetAuctioneerTullow
Kelly P. & SonsMill streetGrocers & Spirit DealersTullow
Kelly Patrick23 Main stDrapersBagnalstown
Kelly T.Kilree streetMotors for HireBagnalstown
Kelly ThomasKilree streetDrapersBagnalstown
Kennedy JohnMill streetTailorsTullow
Kenny L. A.Market squareChemistsTullow
Kepple JosephChurch streetWatchmakerTullow
Kidd F.BagenalstownVeterinary SurgeonBagnalstown
King Mrs.Tullow streetVintnersCarlow Town
Kinsella Kate, Mrs.Church streetGrocers & Spirit DealersTullow
Kinsella Mrs.Castle laneDressmakersTullow
Kirwan J.Main streetGrocers & Provision MerchantsTullow
Laffan MissDublin streetDrapersCarlow Town
Latchford A.Church streetDentistsTullow
Law F. W.Court placeSolicitorsCarlow Town
Lawler (sic) T.79-81 Tullow stGrocersCarlow Town
Lawler (sic) T.79-81 Tullow stProvision, Tea & General MerchantsCarlow Town
Lawlor E.High streetTailorsBagnalstown
Lawlor J. C.Tullow streetBootmakersCarlow Town
Lawlor Thos.Tullow streetVintnersCarlow Town
Lawson Delia, Mrs.Church streetGrocers & Spirit DealersTullow
Lawson Delia, Mrs.*-CinemaTullow
Lawson R. J.Church streetMotor EngineersTullow
Lennon Abbey streetHotelsTullow
Leverett & Frye Ltd.56 Dublin stProvision, Tea & General MerchantsCarlow Town
Lewis Chas.Dublin streetBootmakersCarlow Town
London & Newcastle Tea Co.Castle streetGrocersCarlow Town
Lynam M., Very Rev. P.P.-ClergymenBagnalstown
Lynam T.Castle streetSaddlersCarlow Town
MacDonnail TomásCastle streetProvision, Tea & General MerchantsCarlow Town
Maher JamesMill streetConfectionerTullow
Maher K., MissMain streetNewsagentsTullow
Maher L., MissBridge streetGrocers & Spirit DealersTullow
Maher L., MissMill streetNewsagentsTullow
Maher MichaelMain streetDrapersBagnalstown
Maher MichaelMain streetGrocers & Spirit DealersBagnalstown
Mahon J., *-Golf ClubTullow
Mahon James, Rev.The PresbyteryClergyTullow
Mahon PeterKilree streetDrapersBagnalstown
Manzor JamesBridge streetGrocers & Provision MerchantsTullow
Manzor MissBridge streetConfectionerTullow
Mara J.Regent streetGrocers & Spirit DealersBagnalstown
McAnally F.Dublin streetChemists & DruggistsCarlow Town
McCabe ThomasBridge streetGrocers & Provision MerchantsTullow
McCabe ThomasBridge streetVictuallersTullow
McCarthy MichaelSt. FiaacsPhysicians & SurgeonsTullow
McCaul L.Dublin streetTailorsCarlow Town
McCulloghsMill streetDrapersTullow
McDermott C., Mrs.74-76 Tullow st.GrocersCarlow Town
McDermott'sTullow streetVintnersCarlow Town
McDonald JamesMill streetCorn Merchants & Coal MerchantsTullow
McDonald JamesMill streetGrocers & Provision MerchantsTullow
McDonald T.Castle streetVintnersCarlow Town
McDonald Thos.TullowVeterinary SurgeonTullow
McDonnell D.Tullow streetBakersCarlow Town
McDonnell D.Tullow streetVintnersCarlow Town
McDonnell K., Mrs.Tullow streetGrocersCarlow Town
McDonnell M.HaymarketVintnersCarlow Town
McDonnell M.Tullow streetVintnersCarlow Town
McElwee MissDublin streetStationers & NewsagentsCarlow Town
McElwee Mrs.Dublin streetTobacconistsCarlow Town
McEvoy J.Tullow streetVintnersCarlow Town
McGrath D. J.Dublin streetChemists & DruggistsCarlow Town
McHugh J. A., L.D.S., R.C.S.I.Dublin streetDentistsCarlow Town
McNamee K. A. (N.T.)RiversidePeace CommissionersTullow
McWay MissWellington squareVintnersCarlow Town
McWey T.HaymarketCorn MerchantsCarlow Town
McWey T.HaymarketWool Merchants & Felt MongersCarlow Town
Melrose see Jackson &Burrin streetMotor Spirit DistributorsCarlow Town
Merna PatrickBridge streetAuctioneerTullow
Miller Wm., Rev., C.C.-ClergymenCarlow Town
Minch see Norton &The MaltingsMaltstersBagnalstown
M'Nally M.Kilree streetGrocers & Spirit DealersBagnalstown
Molloy MichaelTullow streetDrapersCarlow Town
Molloy P.Tullow streetBakersCarlow Town
Monks G.Castle streetGrocersCarlow Town
Monks Mrs.Coal MarketVintnersCarlow Town
Mooney see Healy &Coal MarketCabinet MakersCarlow Town
Mulhall MissBarrack streetDressmakersTullow
Mulhall ThomasMill streetFruit MerchantsTullow
Mulhall WilliamTullow streetSeedsmenCarlow Town
Mulhall Wm.Tullow streetHardware Merchants & IronmongersCarlow Town
Mullane Mrs.GraiguecullenGrocersCarlow Town
Mulrooney EdwardDublin streetFish, Game & Poultery DealersCarlow Town
Munster & Leinster Bank Ltd.Bridge streetBanksTullow
Munster & Leinster Bank Ltd.Tullow streetBanksCarlow Town
Murphy Bros.Bridge streetCorn Merchants & Coal MerchantsTullow
Murphy Bros.Bridge streetGrocers & Spirit DealersTullow
Murphy Bros.Royal Oak RoadBuildersBagnalstown
Murphy Bros.Royal Oak RoadPlumbersBagnalstown
Murphy David, Rev. C.C.The PresbyteryClergyTullow
Murphy F.Castle streetGrocersCarlow Town
Murphy J.High streetGrocers & Spirit DealersBagnalstown
Murphy J.Kilcarrig streetNewsagentsBagnalstown
Murphy JohnRoyal Oak RoadTailorsBagnalstown
Murphy Joseph M.Market squareAuctioneerTullow

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.