1931 Trade Directory, Co. Cavan

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Donohoe PhilipDublin road.BlacksmithsCavan Town
Dowd C.Church streetBoot Makers & WarehousesCootehill
Dowd JohnBridge streetSolicitorsCootehill
Drum MichaelPearse streetBlacksmithsCavan Town
Duffy FrancisThe LawnSpirit DealersBelturbet
Eakins A.Market streetCoal MerchantsCootehill
Eakins A. J.CootehillMilliners & DressmakersCootehill
Eakins A. J.Market streetChina & Glass DealersCootehill
Eakins A. J.Market streetHardware MerchantsCootehill
Eakins A. J.Market streetUndertakersCootehill
Eakins A. J.Market streetWatchmakers & JewellersCootehill
Eakins AlfredMarket streetDrapersCootehill
Eakins T. R.Market streetDrapersCootehill
Erskine Hotel***Pearse streetHotelsCavan Town
Fagan MissWolfe Tone streetMilliners & DressmakersCavan Town
Fagan William J.The LawnSolicitorsBelturbet
Farnham Arms Hotel ****Pearse streetHotelsCavan Town
Farrell Edward54 Pearse stBooksellers & StationersCavan Town
Fay PhilipBridge streetMilliners & DressmakersBelturbet
Fay PhilipUpper Bridge stDrapersBelturbet
Fegan George95 Pearse st.Coal MerchantsCavan Town
Fegan George95 Pearse st.Hardware MerchantsCavan Town
Fegan George95 Pearse st.IronmongersCavan Town
Fegan William J., & Co.Market Square*SolicitorsCavan Town
Fitzpatrick A., MissThe DiamondDrapersBelturbet
Fitzpatrick AnnieThe DiamondMilliners & DressmakersBelturbet
Fitzpatrick ElizabethBridge streetConfectionersBelturbet
Fitzpatrick JohnThe DiamondVictuallersBelturbet
Fitzpatrick Not namedUpper Bridge stGrocersBelturbet
Fitzpatrick PatrickMain stBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
Fitzpatrick PhilipButler streetDrapersBelturbet
Fitzsimons Michael3 Sean McDermott streetGrocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Fitzsimons PhilipMain stGrocersBelturbet
Fitzsimons PhilipMain stTobacconistsBelturbet
Flanagan PatrickHolburn HillPainters & DecoratorsBelturbet
Flood BernardOliver Plunkett stMotor Engineers & GaragesCavan Town
Flood EdwardAbbey streetMotor Engineers & GaragesCavan Town
Flood EdwardAbbey streetUndertakersCavan Town
Flynn Francis2 Sean McDermott streetGrocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Fox James76 Pearse st.Boot Makers & WarehousesCavan Town
Gaffney CharlesCorn Mill, Crimlin**MillersCavan Town
Gaffney Patrick52 Pearse st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Gallagher J. F.Market streetDrapersCootehill
Galligan AndrewJohn Connolly St.ConfectionersCavan Town
Galligan P. J.43 Pearse st.Coal MerchantsCavan Town
Galligan Patrick62 Pearse st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Galligan Patrick A.4 Oliver Plunkett st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Galligan Patrick J.43 Pearse st.UndertakersCavan Town
Galligan Philip14 Oliver Plunkett st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Gannon's Hotel*****Pearse streetHotelsCavan Town
Gargan J.Bridge streetDrapersCootehill
Gibson H.94 Pearse st.Veterinary SurgeonsCavan Town
Gibson ThomasMarket streetHardware MerchantsCootehill
Gilcreest MatthewJohn Connolly St.ConfectionersCavan Town
Gillick CatherineThe DiamondCoal MerchantBelturbet
Gillick CatherineThe DiamondGrocersBelturbet
Gillick CatherineThe DiamondSpirit DealersBelturbet
Gillick CatherineThe DiamondTobacconistsBelturbet
Gillick JamesThe DiamondUndertakersBelturbet
Gilsenan ThomasThe LawnSolicitorsBelturbet
Given H. S.CootehillMotor Engineers & GaragesCootehill
Given H. S.Garage, CootehillCycle AgentsCootehill
Gordon A. W.Motor Works, Casement streetWireless AgentCavan Town
Gordon A. W.Motor Works, Farnham streetMotor Engineers & GaragesCavan Town
Gordon Augustus W.Casement streetCycle AgentsCavan Town
Gorman J., & Co.22 & 23 Pearse st.DrapersCavan Town
Graham BrothersLower Bridge stButter & Egg MerchantsBelturbet
Green BernardThe LawnPosting Establishments (Motor)Belturbet
Green JosephCorn Mill, Mill Rock, O'Rahilly st.MillersCavan Town
Greer J. G.Market streetChina & Glass DealersCootehill
Greer J. G.Market streetHardware MerchantsCootehill
Greer J. G.Market streetUndertakersCootehill
Grimson & Co.Lower Bridge stButter & Egg MerchantsBelturbet
Halpin see Allen &Erskine Ter & at BallyconnellSolicitorsCavan Town
Hamilton HenryButler streetConfectionersBelturbet
Hamilton HenryButler streetGrocersBelturbet
Hamilton HenryMain stTobacconistsBelturbet
Hannigan P.Market streetDrapersCootehill
Hannon H.Bridge streetTailorCootehill
Harkins Margarette, Mrs.Bridge streetConfectionersBelturbet
Harkins PatrickBridge streetBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
Harkins PatrickUpper Bridge stTobacconistsBelturbet
Harmon WilliamKinaghamorePainters & DecoratorsBelturbet
Harris Not namedMain stMotor Engineers & GaragesBelturbet
Harris RichardMain stCycle AgentBelturbet
Harris RichardMain stPosting Establishments (Motor)Belturbet
Haughton H. E.Pearse streetWatchmakers & JewellersCavan Town
Hegarty P.Corn Mill, Corovoy, Drung, Co. CavanMillersCavan Town
Herren MichaelMain stBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
Herron MichaelMain stDrapersBelturbet
Heslin MargaretColeman roadConfectionersCavan Town
Hibernian Bank Ltd.Market streetBankCootehill
Hibernian Bank Ltd.Pearse streetBankCavan Town
Hickey Joseph96 Pearse st.ConfectionersCavan Town
Hickey JosephOliver Plunkett stVictuallersCavan Town
Higgins JosephColeman roadBlacksmithsCavan Town
Higgins ThomasEmmett placeBlacksmithsCavan Town
Hueston JosephHolburn HillSpirit DealersBelturbet
Hueston Margaret, Mrs.Lower Bridge stVictuallersBelturbet
Hueston PatrickBridge streetAuctioneerBelturbet
Hunter S.Thomas Ashe streetWatchmakers & JewellersCavan Town
Igoe John2 James Connolly st.SaddlersCavan Town
Imperial HotelButler streetHotelsBelturbet
Imperial Hotel (Licenced)Pearse streetHotelsCavan Town
Irwin MissesCavan RoadMilliners & DressmakersCootehill
Jackson W. F.5 Sean McDermott st.ChemistsCavan Town
Jermyn FrancisKilconnyCattle, Etc., DealersBelturbet
Johnston GeorgeUpper Bridge stDrapersBelturbet
Johnston not namedColeman roadPainters & DecoratorsCavan Town
Kelly P.Bridge streetFruiterers & Green GrocersCootehill
Kelly PatrickMain stCoal MerchantBelturbet
Kelly PatrickMain stPosting Establishments (Motor)Belturbet
Kelly PatrickMain stSpirit DealersBelturbet
Kennedy H. P. & Co.99 Main streetSolicitorsCavan Town
Kennedy W.Francis streetWatchmakers & JewellersCavan Town
Kerrigan HughCentral MarketButter & Egg MerchantsCavan Town
King M., MissMarket streetConfectionersCootehill
King's HotelMarket streetHotelsCootehill
Larkin Annie, Mrs.Holburn HillConfectionersBelturbet
Lennon D.Market streetCoal MerchantsCootehill
Lennon D.Market streetHardware MerchantsCootehill
Lennon DenisMarket streetGrocersCootehill
Lennon DenisMarket streetIronmongersCootehill
Leonard Andrew89 Pearse st.Boot Makers & Boot WarehousesCavan Town
Leonard Andrew89 Pearse st.DrapersCavan Town
Leonard HughBridge streetTobacconistsBelturbet
Leonard HughUpper Bridge stSpirit DealersBelturbet
Levins Peter5 Oliver Plunkett st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Lipton Ltd.Lower Bridge stButter & Egg MerchantsBelturbet
Lockington Samuel & Co., Ltd.Coleman roadCoal MerchantsCavan Town
Lunn JohnHolburn HillChina & Glass DealersBelturbet
Lynch Bridget8 Oliver Plunkett st.Booksellers & StationersCavan Town
Lynch Bridget8 Oliver Plunkett st.China & Glass DealersCavan Town
Lynch J.Cavan streetBoot Makers & WarehousesCootehill
Lynch JohnStation roadPainters & DecoratorsCootehill
Lynch JohnStation roadSaddlersCootehill
Lynch MissAbbey streetMilliners & DressmakersCavan Town
Lynch P.Market streetBakerCootehill
Lynch Patrick37 Oliver Plunkett stCattle Dealers &c.Cavan Town
Lynch TimothyFrancis streetSolicitorsCavan Town
MacMullen T.Market streetVictuallersCootehill
Magee JamesMain stSpirit DealersBelturbet
Maloney G. N.Market streetSolicitorsCootehill
Maloney G. V., B.A., LL.B.Francis streetSolicitorsCavan Town
Maloney George67 Pearse st.ConfectionersCavan Town
Maloney GeorgeMain stSolicitorsBelturbet
Marron Michael JamesConnolly streetGrocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Martin P.Market streetGrocersCootehill
Maxwell MrsMain stBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
Maxwell T. A.Butler streetDrapersBelturbet

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.