1931 Trade Directory, Co. Cavan

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Maxwell T. A., Mrs.Butler streetGrocersBelturbet
Maxwell T. A., Mrs.Butler streetMilliners & DressmakersBelturbet
Maxwell T. A., Mrs.Main stCoal MerchantBelturbet
Maxwell T. A., Mrs.Main stHardware MerchantsBelturbet
Maxwell T. A., Mrs.Main stIronmongersBelturbet
Maxwell T. A., Mrs.Main stTobacconistsBelturbet
McAvery FrancisHolburn HillTailorsBelturbet
McBreen ThomasCavan streetTailorCootehill
McCabe Aidan E. R.6 Church st.SolicitorsCavan Town
McCabe J. P.Market streetGrocersCootehill
McCabe M. A., Mrs.Bridge streetGrocersCootehill
McCall JohnMain stBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
McCall PatrickBridge streetBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
McCann Terence30 Pearse st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
McCartan JohnMain stSpirit DealersBelturbet
McCaul P.Bridge streetChina & Glass DealersCootehill
McCaul P.Bridge streetGrocersCootehill
McCaul PhilipBridge streetCoal MerchantsCootehill
McCaul see Carney &Market streetGrocersCootehill
McCauley Henry24 Pearse st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
McCauley Henry24 Pearse st.TobacconistsCavan Town
McCluskey JamesMarket streetGrocersCootehill
McConnell Bridget, MissButler streetMilliners & DressmakersBelturbet
McCormick Edward35 Pearse st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
McCusker not named32 Pearse st.HairdressersCavan Town
McCutcheon A.Market streetGrocersCootehill
McCutcheon J. J.No address listedBoot Makers & WarehousesCootehill
McCutcheon Mrs.Bridge streetSpirit & Wine DealersCootehill
McDermott PatrickMarket streetSpirit & Wine DealersCootehill
McDonald JamesHolburn HillGrocersBelturbet
McDonald JamesHolburn HillTobacconistsBelturbet
McDonald not named16 & 86 Pearse st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
McDonald not named7 Pearse stBakersCavan Town
McDonald Philip15 Pearse st.Boot Makers & Boot WarehousesCavan Town
McDonald Philip15 Pearse st.DrapersCavan Town
McEntee Andrew55 Pearse st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
McGaharen Edward11 Oliver Plunkett st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
McGauran Raymond*Sean McDermott stPhysicians & SurgeonsCavan Town
McGee John19 Oliver Plunkett st.ConfectionersCavan Town
McGovern CatherineLower Bridge stSpirit DealersBelturbet
McGovern FrancisMain stSpirit DealersBelturbet
McGovern FrancisMain stTobacconistsBelturbet
McGovern OwenPlunkett streetConfectionersCavan Town
McGovern ThomasThe DiamondBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
McGovern ThomasThe DiamondDrapersBelturbet
McGovern ThomasThe DiamondMilliners & DressmakersBelturbet
McGowan JohnMain stBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
McGowan JohnMain stDrapersBelturbet
McGowan JohnMain stMilliners & DressmakersBelturbet
McGrath HenryBarrack HillGrocersBelturbet
McGrath Mary I.The DiamondTobacconistsBelturbet
McGrath Mary I., Mrs.The DiamondConfectionersBelturbet
McGrath PatrickThe DiamondBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
McGrath PatrickThe DiamondChina & Glass DealersBelturbet
McGuinness Thomas98 Pearse St.AuctioneerCavan Town
McGuirk HughColeman roadBuildersCavan Town
McHugh BrothersRiverdaleAuctioneerBelturbet
McKay W.Market streetBakerCootehill
McKay W.Market streetCoal MerchantsCootehill
McKay W.Market streetGrocersCootehill
McKeefry P. H.Market streetDrapersCootehill
McKenna E. J.40 Oliver Plunkett st.Boot Makers & WarehousesCavan Town
McKenna E. J.40 Oliver Plunkett st.DrapersCavan Town
McKenna E. J., Mrs.40 Oliver Plunkett st.Merchant TailoressCavan Town
McKenna E. James40 Oliver Plunkett st.Merchant TailorCavan Town
McKenna JamesMain stTailorsBelturbet
McKeon B., MissBridge streetFruiterers & Green GrocersCootehill
McKeown Fras.Bridge streetVictuallersCootehill
McKeown JohnMarket streetVictuallersCootehill
McKiernan FrancisKilconnyCattle, Etc., DealersBelturbet
McKiernan John78 Pearse st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
McKiernan PatrickButler streetGrocersBelturbet
McKiernan PatrickMain stHardware MerchantsBelturbet
McKiernan PatrickMain stTobacconistsBelturbet
McKiernan Theresa, MissThe DiamondMilliners & DressmakersBelturbet
McLoughlin Annie J.Pearse streetConfectionersCavan Town
McManus J.Francis streetBuildersCavan Town
McManus JamesButler streetGrocersBelturbet
McManus JamesMain stSpirit DealersBelturbet
McManus Patrick6 Pearse st.TobacconistsCavan Town
McMullan **County HospitalPhysicians & SurgeonsCavan Town
McNally J.CootehillMotor Engineers & GaragesCootehill
McNally J.Garage, CootehillCycle AgentsCootehill
McNamara JohnFrancis streetMerchant TailorCavan Town
McNamara PatrickJames Connolly st. (sic)TailorCavan Town
McNaughten Elizabeth, Mrs.Upper Bridge stChemistsBelturbet
McNaughten Elizabeth, Mrs.Upper Bridge stDentistBelturbet
Mee HenryHolburn HillSpirit DealersBelturbet
Meehan Patrick2 Oliver Plunkett st.HairdressersCavan Town
Mills E. J.Market streetChina & Glass DealersCootehill
Moore JohnColeman streetGrocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Moore Nicholas7 Oliver Plunkett st.ConfectionersCavan Town
Moore Nicholas7 Oliver Plunkett st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Moore Nicholas7 Oliver Plunkett st.TobacconistsCavan Town
Moore R. W.Market streetGrocersCootehill
Moore R. W.Market streetSpirit & Wine DealersCootehill
Morris Joseph39 Oliver Plunkett st.China & Glass DealersCavan Town
Morris Joseph39 Oliver Plunkett st.Hardware MerchantsCavan Town
Morris Miss97 Pearse st.DrapersCavan Town
Morrow JamesMarket streetVictuallersCootehill
Mullery S. W.Motor Works,***Motor Engineers & GaragesCavan Town
Mulligan JamesUpper Bridge stBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
Mulligan JamesUpper Bridge stSpirit DealersBelturbet
Mulvaney JamesUpper Bridge stTailorsBelturbet
Munster & Leinster Bank Pearse streetBankCavan Town
Murphy C. E.Market streetSolicitorsCootehill
Murphy JohnMain stSpirit DealersBelturbet
Murray J.Church streetBoot Makers & WarehousesCootehill
Murray JamesMarket streetGrocersCootehill
National Bank Ltd. N/AMain stBankBelturbet
O'Brien John P.Market streetSpirit & Wine DealersCootehill
O'Brien M. J., Mrs.Market streetMilliners & DressmakersCootehill
O'Brien Mrs.Market streetDrapersCootehill
O'Connor ThomasMarket streetGrocersCootehill
O'Connor ThomasMarket streetSpirit & Wine DealersCootehill
O'Hare PeterCorn Mill, Hackelty*MillersCavan Town
O'Neill AndrewAbbey streetVictuallersCavan Town
O'Reilly EdwardCastle HillSpirit DealersBelturbet
O'Reilly EdwardCastle HillTobacconistsBelturbet
O'Reilly HughGaelic BarSpirit & Wine DealersCootehill
O'Reilly J. F.Market streetSpirit & Wine DealersCootehill
O'Reilly PeterColeman roadGrocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
O'Reilly PeterThe AbbeyAuctioneerCavan Town
O'SullivanMarket streetGrocersCootehill
Phair BrothersThe DiamondMotor Engineers & GaragesBelturbet
Phair BrothersThe DiamondPosting Establishments (Motor)Belturbet
Pratt FrancisFair GreenBuildersBelturbet
Pratt FrancisFair ViewPainters & DecoratorsBelturbet
Pratt SarahHolburn HillGrocersBelturbet
Provincial BankCasement streetBankCavan Town
Provincial Bank of Ireland Ltd.Market streetBankCootehill
Quinlan John15 Oliver Plunkett st.ConfectionersCavan Town
Quinn AnnieHolburn HillMilliners & DressmakersBelturbet
Quinn BrothersHolburn HillDrapersBelturbet
Railway HotelRailway roadHotelsBelturbet
Railway Hotel**Coleman roadHotelsCavan Town
Reburn GeorgeThe DiamondCoal MerchantBelturbet
Reburn GeorgeThe DiamondGrocersBelturbet
Reburn GeorgeThe DiamondSpirit DealersBelturbet
Reburn GeorgeThe DiamondTobacconistsBelturbet
Reid WilliamChurch streetSolicitorsCavan Town
Reilly Bernard36 Oliver Plunkett st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Reilly BernardO'Rahilly streetBlacksmithsCavan Town
Reilly Conor16 Pearse st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Reilly Daniel4 Sean McDermott st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Reilly EdwardCastle HillGrocersBelturbet
Reilly EdwardUpper Bridge stSpirit DealersBelturbet
Reilly HughUraghAuctioneerBelturbet
Reilly JamesBarrack HillBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
Reilly JamesKilconnyGrocersBelturbet
Reilly JamesKilconnySpirit DealersBelturbet
Reilly JamesKilconnyTobacconistsBelturbet
Reilly John58 Pearse st.HairdressersCavan Town
Reilly Margaret A.53 Pearse st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Reilly MissFair Green HillMilliners & DressmakersCavan Town
Reilly MissFrancis streetMilliners & DressmakersCavan Town
Reilly PeterThe Abbey, Coleman roadTobacconistsCavan Town
Reilly PhilipDeanery stBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
Reynolds R. A. (surgeon)Cremona, CootehillPhysicians & SurgeonsCootehill
Rice P.Market streetBooksellers & StationersCootehill
Rice PatrickMarket streetGrocersCootehill
Rice W.Market streetGrocersCootehill
Richmond CharlesBridge streetCoal MerchantBelturbet
Richmond CharlesBridge streetHardware MerchantsBelturbet
Richmond CharlesBridge streetIronmongersBelturbet
Richmond CharlesBridge streetUndertakersBelturbet
Richmond CharlesThe DiamondChina & Glass DealersBelturbet
Richmond FrancisSteam Saw Mills, StradoneMillersCavan Town
Robinson GeorgeMotor Works, Casement stMotor Engineers & GaragesCavan Town
Robson JohnMain stChemistsBelturbet
Ronaghan John33 Pearse st.Cattle Dealers &c.Cavan Town
Ronaghan JohnPearse streetVictuallersCavan Town
Rourke B.Church streetBoot Makers & WarehousesCootehill
Ryan JamesRailway roadPosting Establishments (Motor)Belturbet
Scottish Co-Operative Soc.Upper Bridge stButter & Egg MerchantsBelturbet
Seagrave MaryLower Bridge stGrocersBelturbet
Shiels J.Annalea HouseCattle Etc., DealersCootehill
Shiels MaryHolburn HillGrocersBelturbet
Shiels MaryHolburn HillSpirit DealersBelturbet
Shiels T.Market streetCattle Etc., DealersCootehill
Simons Arthur93 Pearse st.SaddlersCavan Town
Simons James93 Pearse st.AuctioneerCavan Town
Small EllenBridge streetConfectionersBelturbet
Small JohnBridge streetCattle, Etc., DealersBelturbet
Small Patrick20 Upper Bridge stVictuallersBelturbet
Smith Andrew & SonBridge streetAuctioneerCootehill
Smith CharlesMarket streetBuilderCootehill
Smith James2 Oliver Plunkett st.TailorCavan Town
Smith JamesBridge streetSaddlerBelturbet
Smith Jas.White Horse HotelSpirit & Wine DealersCootehill
Smith John, I.P.S.I.Market streetChemistsCootehill
Smith Louis P.The LawnSolicitorsBelturbet
Smith Michael72 Pearse st.Cattle Dealers &c.Cavan Town
Smith P.Market streetGrocersCootehill
Smith P. N.Casement streetSolicitorsCavan Town
Smith PatrickBridge streetSpirit & Wine DealersCootehill
Smith PatrickDiamondSpirit DealersBelturbet
Smith PaulMarket streetDrapersCootehill
Smith T. A.38 Oliver Plunkett st.Booksellers & StationersCavan Town
Smyth A. H.Pearse streetWatchmakers & JewellersCavan Town
Smyth M. A.60 Pearse st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Smyth M. E.66 Pearse st.Coal MerchantsCavan Town
Smyth Michael E.66 Pearse st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Smyth Michael E.66 Pearse st.TobacconistsCavan Town
Smyth PatrickThe DiamondGrocersBelturbet
Smyth PeterMarket streetSpirit & Wine DealersCootehill
Smyth Philip65 Pearse st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Smyth PhilipCorn Mill, Aughaconey*MillersCavan Town
Smyth PhilipHolburn HillHairdressersBelturbet
Smyth T. J.10 Pearse st.Booksellers & StationersCavan Town
Smyth ThomasColeman roadGrocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Smyth ThomasColeman roadTobacconistsCavan Town
Soden Peter20 Pearse st.DrapersCavan Town
Stewart Brothers Ltd.Market streetGrocersCootehill
Stewart CharlesLawnBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
Stewart CharlesThe LawnGrocersBelturbet
Stewart I. & E.Market streetDrapersCootehill
Stewart J.Market streetChina & Glass DealersCootehill
Stewart J.Market streetIronmongersCootehill
Stewart J.Market streetUndertakersCootehill
Stewart MissesMarket streetMilliners & DressmakersCootehill
Stewart WilliamDeanery stMillerBelturbet
Stuart James, Dr.The LawnPhysician & SurgeonBelturbet
Sullivan Bernard1 Pearse st.Hardware MerchantsCavan Town
Sullivan Bernard1 Pearse st.IronmongersCavan Town
Sullivan Bernard1 Sean McDermott st.ConfectionersCavan Town
Sullivan Mary AnneUpper Bridge stGrocersBelturbet
Swan Frederick W.88 Pearse st.Boot Makers & Boot WarehousesCavan Town
The Bridge HotelBridge streetHotelsBelturbet
The Lawn HotelMain stHotelsBelturbet
Thompson BrothersMarket streetGrocersCootehill
Thompson J.Lower Bridge stButter & Egg MerchantsBelturbet
Thompson J.Market streetConfectionersCootehill
Thornton JohnHolburn HillGrocersBelturbet
Tierney MartinFrancis streetSolicitorsCavan Town
Tracey see Devine &Holburn HillBuildersBelturbet
Trainor MissMarket streetDrapersCootehill
Tweedy, Acheson & Co.77 Pearse st.DrapersCavan Town
Ulster BankPearse streetBankCavan Town
Ulster Bank Ltd N/AHolburn HillBankBelturbet
Ulster Bank Ltd.Market streetBankCootehill
Vessey MaryUpper Bridge stSpirit DealersBelturbet
West GeorgeBridge streetVeterinary SurgeonCootehill
Whelan Bernard69 Pearse st.China & Glass DealersCavan Town
Whelan Bernard69 Pearse st.ConfectionersCavan Town
Whelan Bernard69 Pearse st.Cycle AgentsCavan Town
Whelan Bernard69 Pearse st.Hardware MerchantsCavan Town
Whelan Bernard69 Pearse st.IronmongersCavan Town
Whelan Bernard69 Pearse st.UndertakersCavan Town
White Horse HotelMarket streetHotelsCootehill
White JeremiahPearse streetWatchmakers & JewellersCavan Town
White T. J.Market streetChemistsCootehill
Wiggins JamesLawnBooksellers & StationersBelturbet
Winters HughButler's streetChina & Glass DealersBelturbet
Winters HughMain stHardware MerchantsBelturbet
Winters HughMain stIronmongersBelturbet
Woodhouse AnnieBridge streetMilliners & DressmakersBelturbet
Woodhouse Annie, Mrs.Lower Bridge stDrapersBelturbet
Woodhouse BrothersBridge streetHardware MerchantsBelturbet
Woodhouse BrothersBridge streetIronmongersBelturbet
Woodhouse BrothersLower Bridge stCoal MerchantBelturbet
Woodhouse BrothersLower Bridge stGrocersBelturbet
Woods W. H.Church streetButter & Egg MerchantCootehill
Wylie MissMarket streetDrapersCootehill
Wylie MissMarket streetMilliners & DressmakersCootehill
Young John40 Pearse st.SaddlersCavan Town
Young Thomas1 Thomas Ashe st.Grocers & Spirit DealersCavan Town
Young Thomas2 Thomas Ashe st.TobacconistsCavan Town

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.