1931 Trade Directory, Co. Clare

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Abbeyview HotelAbbey streetHotelsEnnis
Ahern Catherine, MissUpper O'Connell streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Ahern MaryMain streetSpirit DealersEnnistymon
Albert HotelO'Curry streetHotelsKilkee Town
Allen William H., A.R.C.I.C.I.GreenlawnArchitects & EngineersEnnis
Allender MichaelO'Connell streetVictuallersKilkee Town
Armstrong ThomasParnell streetPawnbrokersEnnis
Atlantic View HotelO'Connell streetHotelsKilkee Town
Baker M. J.LiffordGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Bank of IrelandBank placeBanksEnnis
Bank of Ireland, Ltd.Francis streetBanksKilrush
Bannatyne J., & Sons, Lts.The MillsCoopersEnnis
Barrett Frank & SonTown HallAuctioneersEnnis
Barrett Johanna, Mrs.O'Connell streetBakersEnnis
Barrett Johanna, Mrs.O'Connell streetCollector of Income TaxEnnis
Barrett Johanna, Mrs.O'Connell streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Barrett Johanna, Mrs.O'Connell streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Barry & LeydenMain streetDrapersEnnistymon
Barry JamesMain streetBoot Makers & Boot WarehousesEnnistymon
Barry JohnCircular roadBoot Makers & Boot WarehouseKilkee Town
Barry M.EnnistymonSpirit DealersEnnistymon
Barry M.Moore streetBlacksmithsKilrush
Barry Mrs.Moore streetMilliners & DressmakersKilrush
Barry Mrs.The BridgeGrocersEnnistymon
Barry PatrickO'Connell streetBoarding HousesEnnis
Barry ThomasChapel laneProvision MerchantsEnnis
Bay View Hotel-HotelsKilkee Town
Behan PatrickMoore streetGrocersKilrush
Bergin D.O'Curry streetGrocersKilkee Town
Bergin D.O'Curry streetMotor Engineers & GaragesKilkee Town
Bergin DenisO'Curry streetCycle AgentsKilkee Town
Birch JamesArthur's rowDentistsEnnis
Black WilliamHenry streetGeneral MerchantsKilrush
Blake JohnMain streetCoach BuildersEnnistymon
Blake M. K., Mrs.Lower Market streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Blake Mrs.The BridgeGrocersEnnistymon
Blake PeterMain streetBlacksmithsEnnistymon
Boland B., Mrs.CappaghGrocersKilrush
Bonfil M.O'Curry streetGrocersKilkee Town
Bourke EdwardO'Curry streetGrocersKilkee Town
Bourke EdwardO'Curry streetSpirit DealersKilkee Town
Bourke EdwardO'Curry streetTobacconistsKilkee Town
Bourke JohnHenry streetCycle AgentsKilrush
Bourke Not givenHenry streetCoach BuilderKilrush
BradyEnnis Motor & Cycle Co.Motor GaragesEnnis
Brandon Mrs.John streetMilliners & DressmakersKilrush
Bredin James & SonMarket squareWine MerchantsEnnis
Bredin James & SonMarket streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Brennan MartinClare roadLime MerchantsEnnis

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.