1931 Trade Directory, Co. Clare

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Corry J. J.Henry streetGrocersKilrush
Costello & Co.,*O'Connell streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Costello Mrs.Clare roadFish MerchantEnnis
Counihan Dr.Francis streetPhysicians & SurgeonsKilrush
Counihan J. HenryRiverviewPhysicians & SurgeonsEnnis
Counihan M.Strand laneDentistKilkee Town
Crawford WilliamMain streetSpirit DealersEnnistymon
Cronin BrothersGarnakilla lanePig ShippersEnnis
Cronin Mrs.-BakersEnnis
Crotty M.Henry streetGrocersKilrush
Crotty Mrs.Moore streetGrocersKilrush
Crotty RichardParnell streetFancies (Sweets, Cigarettes etc.)Ennis
Crowley BridgetEagle HouseGrocersKilkee Town
Crowley BridgetO'Curry streetSpirit DealersKilkee Town
Crowley Patrick, M.R.C.V.S.Upper O'Connell streetVeterinary SurgeonsEnnis
Culligan BallCappaAuctioneerKilrush
Culligan ThomasClonroadmoreCattle DealersEnnis
Cullinan BrothersMarket SquareGrocersKilrush
Cullinan F. F.Bindon streetSolicitorsEnnis
Cullinan P.Francis streetDrapersKilrush
Cullinan ThomasParnell streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Cullinane DenisChurch streetCoach BuildersEnnistymon
Cunningham P. J.Old Military BarracksCivil Bill OfficersEnnis
Cunningham ThomasO'Connell streetSpirit DealersKilkee Town
Curtin C.Henry streetVictuallersKilrush
Curtin Hanoria, Mrs.Upper Market streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Cusack L.O'Curry streetDrapersKilkee Town
Cusack L., MissO'Curry streetMilliners & DressmakersKilkee Town
Cusack L., MissO'Curry streetSpirit DealersKilkee Town
Cussack L., MissO'Curry streetGrocersKilkee Town
Daffy & BroderickUpper Market streetMotor GaragesEnnis
Daffy Catherine, Mrs.Market streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Daly Catherine, Mrs.Parnell streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Daly CharlesParnell streetVictuallersEnnis
Daly Dr.Francis streetPhysicians & SurgeonsKilrush
Daly EllenCappaghGrocersKilrush
Daly JamesAbbey streetBuilding ContractorsEnnis
Daly John J., LL.D.EnnistymonSolicitorEnnistymon
Daly JosephParnell streetBuilding ContractorsEnnis
Daly JosephParnell streetChina & Glass DealersEnnis
Daly JosephParnell streetSculptorsEnnis
Daly M., Mrs.Abbey streetDrapersEnnis
Daly M., Mrs.Abbey streetMilliners & DressmakersEnnis
Daly MartinLiffordCattle DealersEnnis
Daly MichaelDrumbiggleCoopersEnnis
Daly MissO'Connell streetStationers & NewsagentsEnnis
Daly PatrickMain streetBakersEnnistymon
Darcy JohnUpper O'Connell streetCoach & Carriage BuildersEnnis
Darcy JohnUpper O'Connell streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Degnan JohnMarket streetPress CorrespondentsEnnis
Degnan Mrs.Market streetBoarding HousesEnnis
Desmond HotelWest EndHotelsKilkee Town
Devins JosephAbbey streetFancies (Sweets, Cigarettes etc.)Ennis
Devins JosephAbbey streetFlorists & GreengrocersEnnis
Devitt JamesMain streetDrapersEnnistymon
Dillon MichaelParnell streetProvision MerchantsEnnis
Dillon P. J.-GrocersKilrush
Dodd & SonsMoore streetWatchmakers & JewellersKilrush
Doherty J. T.West End Drug StoresChemists & DruggistsKilkee Town
Doherty J. T.West End StoresGrocersKilkee Town
Doherty J. T.West End StoresTobacconistsKilkee Town
Doherty JohnO'Curry streetTailorsKilkee Town
Doherty William C.Doherty terraceAuctioneerKilkee Town
Dold P.O'Curry streetWatchmaker & JewellerKilkee Town
Dowling Frank, L.D.S.Bank placeDentistsEnnis
Dowling Frank,*Bindon streetArchitects & EngineersEnnis
Dowling Richard, C.E.Bindon streetArchitects & EngineersEnnis
Downes MichaelO'Connell streetAerated Water ManufacturersEnnis
Doyle M.Henry streetChemists & DruggistsKilrush
Duffy Not givenThe SquareDentistsKilrush
Duggan-Hardware MerchantsEnnis
Duggan & SonO'Curry streetMilliners & DressmakersKilkee Town
Duggan DanielParnell streetHardware MerchantsEnnis
Duggan Daniel & Co.O'Connell streetBoot MerchantsEnnis
Duggan EdwardOcean ViewSpirit DealersKilkee Town
Duggan JohnFrancis streetPainters & DecoratorsEnnis
Duggan JohnHigh streetBoot MerchantsEnnis
Duggan MichaelO'Connell streetDrapersEnnis
Duggan S.O'Curry streetDrapersKilkee Town
Duggan WilliamChapel lanePainters & DecoratorsEnnis
Duggan WilliamSteel's terracePainters & DecoratorsEnnis
Duignan Catherine, Mrs.Parnell streetCoopersEnnis
Duignan Catherine, Mrs.Parnell streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Dunleavy T.Burton streetMotor Engineers & GaragesKilrush
Dunne JohnKilrush roadFarriersEnnis
Egan M., MissO'Curry streetSpirit DealersKilkee Town
Egan MaryO'Curry streetGrocersKilkee Town
Ennis Cash Co. *O'Connell streetDrapersEnnis
Ennis Engineering Co.**Clare roadMotor GaragesEnnis
Ennis Motor & Cycle Garage***Limerick roadMotor GaragesEnnis
Enright JamesCarmody streetCattle DealersEnnis
Enright M., Mrs.O'Connell streetCoopersEnnis
Enright Mary, Mrs.Carmody streetMilliners & DressmakersEnnis
Enright T.Ennis roadGrocersKilrush
Erin Arms HotelErin streetHotelsKilkee Town
Esplanade Hotel Strand LineHotelsKilkee Town
Eustace P.Van streetTailorsKilrush
Fahy Bridget, Mrs.Upper TurnpikeGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Falty MichaelO'Connell streetNewsagents & StationersKilkee Town
Fennell Mrs.Market streetDrapersEnnis
Fergus Motor Works****O'Connell streetMotor GaragesEnnis
Finucane J.Moore streetGrocersKilrush
Finucane ThomasSimm's laneCoopersEnnis
Fitzgerald DenisO'Connell streetSpirit DealersKilkee Town
Fitzgerald FrankTurnpikeInsurance AgentsEnnis
Fitzgerald MissParliament streetMilliners & DressmakersEnnistymon
Fitzgerald PatrickErin streetTailorsKilkee Town
Fitzgerald ThomasMarket SquareGeneral MerchantsKilrush
Flanagan C.Main streetGrocersEnnistymon
Flanagan MichaelCornmarketProvision MerchantsEnnis
Flanagan Mrs.Market streetCycle DealersEnnis
Flanagan The MissesParnell streetMilliners & DressmakersEnnis
Flavey DanielRoyal MarineMotor Engineers & GaragesKilkee Town
Flynn Mary, MissMarket streetMilliners & DressmakersEnnis
Fogarty W. H.Bank placeSolicitorsEnnis
Foley MichaelParnell streetFuneral UndertakersEnnis
Foley T.O'Curry streetGrocersKilkee Town
Foley ThomasO'Curry streetSpirit DealersKilkee Town
Foran AnthonyErin streetBoot Makers & Boot WarehouseKilkee Town
Frawley E., Mrs.Parnell streetMilliners & DressmakersEnnis
Frawley JamesCarmody streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Frost A.O'Connell streetGrocersKilkee Town
Frost WilliamO'Connell streetSpirit DealersKilkee Town
Gallagher JohnChurch streetTailorsEnnistymon
Gallery DanielChurch streetAuctioneerEnnistymon
Galvin D.Moore streetTobacconistsKilrush
Galvin Mary, Mrs.Parnell streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Garrahie MichaelMain streetBakersEnnistymon
Garry J. W.Mental HospitalPhysicians & SurgeonsEnnis
Garry MichaelO'Connell streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Garry ThomasChapel laneStationers & NewsagentsEnnis
Garvey The MissesParnell streetMilliners & DressmakersEnnis
Gavin PatrickHenry streetGrocersKilrush
Giffy JamesUpper Market streetProvision MerchantsEnnis
Gill T. F.St. Flannan's terraceTrade CorrespondentEnnis
Gilligan JohnSt. Flannan's terracePress CorrespondentsEnnis
Gilmartin Mrs.Church streetSpirit DealersEnnistymon
Glynn & SonsFrancis streetCoal MerchantsKilrush
Glynn & SonsKilrushBakersKilrush
Glynn DenisO'Connell streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Glynn M., & Sons-MillersEnnis
Glynn Michael J.,*GreenhillsVeterinary SurgeonsEnnis
Greene ArthurAshfieldPhysicians & SurgeonsEnnis
Greene JosephO'Connell streetDrapersKilkee Town
Greene M.Grattan streetGrocersKilkee Town
Griffin J.SunnysideTailorsKilkee Town
Griffin JamesBridge streetCoal MerchantsEnnistymon
Griffin JamesMain streetGrocersEnnistymon
Griffin JamesThe BridgeSpirit DealersEnnistymon
Griffin M.Market SquareGrocersKilrush
Griffin Maud, Mrs.High streetStationers & NewsagentsEnnis
Griffin WilliamO'Connell squareDrapersEnnis
Griffy Anna, Mrs.Market streetRestaurantsEnnis
Griffy Ellen, Mrs.Main streetGrocersEnnistymon
Griffy GeraldLower TurnpikeRate CollectorsEnnis
Guerin JohnButtermarketSaddlers & Harness makersEnnis
Guerin The MissesHigh streetMilliners & DressmakersEnnis
Guiton Maria, MissMarket streetFancies (Sweets, Cigarettes etc.)Ennis
Guiton RichardMarket streetTailors & OutfittersEnnis
Guy AlfredFrancis streetPlumbers & GasfittersEnnis
Hackett M. K., Mrs.Parnell streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Hahier T.Erin streetBoot Makers & Boot WarehouseKilkee Town
Haier TimothyErin streetGeneral MerchantsKilkee Town
Haier TimothyErin streetSpirit DealersKilkee Town
Hallinan DenisArdnagrienaRate CollectorsEnnis
Halloran MichaelChurch hillBillposterEnnistymon
Halpin ThomasO'Connell streetBlacksmithsKilkee Town
Hannon P. J.BallycoreeLime MerchantsEnnis
Hanrahan JamesO'Connell streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Hanrahan MaryO'Connell streetGrocersKilkee Town
Hanrahan MichaelFrancis streetDentistsKilrush
Hanrahan MichaelMain streetDentistsEnnistymon
Hanrahan ThomasAbbey streetGrocers & Licensed VintnersEnnis
Harrin J.Main streetGrocersEnnistymon
Hassett PatrickRailway roadGrocersKilkee Town
Hassett PatrickRailway streetAuctioneerKilkee Town
Hassett Richard J.LiffordAerated Water ManufacturersEnnis
Haugh M.Stella MarisDrapersKilkee Town
Haugh P.Church streetHairdressersKilkee Town
Hayes JamesAbbey streetStationers & NewsagentsEnnis
Hayes JamesO'Connell streetPhotographerEnnis
Hayes JamesO'Connell streetStationers & NewsagentsEnnis
Hayes M.Railway HouseGrocersKilkee Town
Hayes MichaelRailway roadCoal MerchantsKilkee Town
Hayes MichaelRailway roadSpirit DealersKilkee Town
Hayes Mrs.Main streetBoot Makers & Boot WarehousesEnnistymon
Hayes ThomasBurton streetBillpostersKilrush
Healy AnneMain streetGrocersEnnistymon
Healy JamesMain streetGrocersEnnistymon
Healy JohnMain streetGrocersEnnistymon
Healy MichaelThe SquareGeneral MerchantsEnnistymon
Healy ThomasChurch hillBakersEnnistymon
Healy ThomasChurch hillGrocersEnnistymon
Henchy MartinO'Connell streetFancies (Sweets, Cigarettes etc.)Ennis
Hewitt PatrickChapel laneStationers & NewsagentsEnnis
Hickey C. C.West EndPhysicians & SurgeonsKilkee Town
Hickey D.Francis streetVictuallersKilrush
Hickey DavidChurch streetVictuallersKilkee Town
Hickey JohnO'Connell streetVictuallersKilkee Town

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.