1931 Trade Directory, Co. Cork

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Duggan Bros.Phoenix streetBuilders & ContractorsCork City
Duggan CorneliusDouglas Hall, DouglasCattle Exporters Cork City
Duggan J. & SonSt. Luke's CrossBuilders & ContractorsCork City
Duggan J. J.Washington streetBuilders Providers Cork City
Dwyer & Co., Ltd.Washington streetBedding Manufacturers Cork City
E. ColemanEast BeachMotor Engineers & GaragesCobh
E. EnglishEast BeachArmy & Navy ContractorsCobh
E. EnglishEast BeachVictuallersCobh
Eagan's Boot WarehouseCastle streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
Eagle WorksSouth MallBookbindersCork City
Eclipse Chemical CoNorth streetArtificial Manure MerchantsCork City
Educational Co. of Ireland LtdPatrick streetBooksellersCork City
Egan & SonsWatercourse roadCoach & Carriage Builders Cork City
Ellard D., MissOliver Plunket streetConfectionersCork City
Ellard M. J. & Co.George's quayCarriersCork City
Ellis BredaPrince's streetConfectionersCork City
Eustace & Co.Leitrim streetAgricultural Implement MerchantsCork City
Eustace & Co.Leitrim streetCooperagesCork City
Eustace & Co., Ltd.Leitrim streetBuilders Providers Cork City
Eustace & Co., Ltd.Leitrim streetCement Merchants Cork City
Evans R.Arbutus Lodge, Blackrock rdArchitectsCork City
F. H. ThompsonThe BeachBakersCobh
Farrissey Mrs.Windmill roadCarriersCork City
Ferguson-Boot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
Fielding's PharmacyPatrick streetChemists & DruggistsCork City
Finn T. W., & Co.Grand ParadeClothiers & OutfittersCork City
Fitzgerald & Co.West BeachDrapersCobh
Fitzgerald John J.Blackrock roadBuilders & ContractorsCork City
Fitzgerald P.Blarney streetBakersCork City
Fitzgerald's HotelHarbour hillHotelsCobh
Foley Bros.Maylor streetBuilders Providers Cork City
Foley J. C.New York House, Patrick's st.Consular Representatives Cork City
FoleysPatrick streetBooksellersCork City
Ford Henry & Son Ltd-Agricultural Implement MerchantsCork City
Fox-Bedding Manufacturers Cork City
Fox-Curled Hair ManufacturersCork City
Frost M., Mrs.North Main streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
Furlong J. & Sons, Ltd.Lapp's quayCorn Merchants Cork City
Galligan M. J.Oliver Plunket streetCabinet & Furniture MakersCork City
Gaul & LucyOld Blackrock roadBuilders & ContractorsCork City
Gibson J. & Co.Kyrl's quayCoppersmithsCork City
Gilbert JohnPatrick streetBooksellersCork City
Gill & Co.Prince's streetConfectionersCork City
Goodall T.South MallAuctioneers & AuditorsCork City
Grand Union HotelPearse's (King's) squareHotelsCobh
Grant & Co.Patrick streetClothiers & OutfittersCork City
Grant A., & Co., Ltd.Patrick streetBedding Manufacturers Cork City
Grant Alex & Co.Patrick streetCabinet & Furniture MakersCork City
Green J. W., & Co.Maylor streetCorn Merchants Cork City
Griffin* W. & A.Barrack streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
Grimes HenryMary streetBakersCork City
Guinness A. & Sons., LtdRailway st., Lr. Glanmire Rd.Brewers Distributing DepotsCork City
Guy & Co., Ltd.Patrick streetAdvertising Agents Cork City
Guy & Co., Ltd.Patrick streetBookbindersCork City
H. DeanRoche's rowPress CorrespondentsCobh
H. S. Sarrant M.B.CharlestonPhysicians & SurgeonsCobh
Hadden T. H.South Main streetBakersCork City
Hadji Bez et CieMetropole buildings, King streetConfectionersCork City
Hall R. & H., Ltd.South MallCorn Merchants Cork City
Hanly M.Paul streetCabinet & Furniture MakersCork City
Harding John & SonsMulgrave streetBuilders Providers Cork City
Harold J. W.South MallAuctioneers & AuditorsCork City
Harrington-Coal Merchants Cork City
Harrington-Corn Merchants Cork City
Harrington C. A., M.R.I.A.I.South MallArchitectsCork City
Harte E. H. & Co.Clarke's BridgeBuilders Providers Cork City
Harvey B. P.South MallConsular Representatives Cork City
Haughton's LtdSouth terraceBuilders Providers Cork City
Haughton's LtdSouth terraceCement Merchants Cork City
Haulage ContractorsBath quayCarriersCobh
Hawes & Co.West BeachDrapersCobh
Hay H. R.College roadChemists & DruggistsCork City
Hayes-Builders & ContractorsCork City
Hayes Bros., Ltd.Fisher's laneBacon Curers Cork City
Healy CorneliusCarrig, South Douglas roadCattle Exporters Cork City
Healy J.Blarney streetArtificial Manure MerchantsCork City
Healy JackDrinan streetCycle & Motor AgentsCork City
Healy JosephBlarney streetAgricultural Implement MerchantsCork City
Healy* H. H., B.A.Washington streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
Heaslip W. J. & SonsSt. Dominick's Mills, Crosses GreenCorn Merchants Cork City
Hegarty D.Castle streetClothiers & OutfittersCork City
Hegarty Daniel & SonsMerchant streetBuilders & ContractorsCork City
Hegarty T.Prince's streetClothiers & OutfittersCork City
Hegarty TimothyBlackpoolCoal Merchants Cork City
Henchy & SonsSt. Luke's placeConfectionersCork City
Hennessy'[s Hotel-HotelsCobh
Herlihy* EdwardLiberty streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
Higgins & Co.Harbour rowDrapersCobh
Higgins & WallWest BeachTobacconistsCobh
Hill H. H., B.A.Oliver Plunket streetArchitectsCork City
Hill John & SonsGrand ParadeClothiers & OutfittersCork City
Hinchy W. T.South Main streetChemists & DruggistsCork City
Hipps LtdPatrick streetClothiers & OutfittersCork City
Hitchmough E. C.South MallAuctioneers & AuditorsCork City
Hobbs & CotterWashington streetClothiers & OutfittersCork City
Hogan J. & SonsCastle streetBakersCork City
Hogan J. & SonsCastle streetConfectionersCork City
Holland T. & R., & Co.George's quayCorn Merchants Cork City
Horne Andrew CouttsQueenstownConsular Representatives Cork City
Hosford & Co.Prince's streetConfectionersCork City
Hosford JosephNorth Main streetBakersCork City
Hosford JosephNorth Main streetConfectionersCork City
Hotel EuropeanThe BeachHotelsCobh
Howard-Clothiers & OutfittersCork City
Humphreys R.Leitrim streetCarriersCork City
Hutchinson GeorgeLavitt's quayCycle & Motor AgentsCork City
Hyland -Boot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
Imperial Cinema-CinemasCork City
Imperial Dance Hall-CinemasCobh
Imperial Hotel-HotelsCobh
Ingle* W.Parliament streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
Irish International Trading Co., Ltd.Lapp's quayCement Merchants Cork City
Irish Motor (Cork) Ltd.Parnell placeCycle & Motor AgentsCork City
J. CahillHarbour rowGrocersCobh
J. CroninProp. Grand Union HotelHotelsCobh
J. FitzgeraldWest BeachTobacconistsCobh
J. Fitzgerald & Co.Harbour rowVictuallersCobh
J. G. Byrne West BeachVictuallersCobh
J. HealyWest BeachBoot & Shoe MerchantsCobh
J. HegartyThe CrescentPhysicians & SurgeonsCobh
J. J. FrenettRiverview, RushbrookMotor Engineers & GaragesCobh
J. J. HealyOrelia terracePainters & DecoratorsCobh
J. J. HealyOrelia terracePlumbersCobh
J. J. O'Connor L.R.C.P., & S.I.Rathronan HousePhysicians & SurgeonsCobh
J. Kirby East BeachTobacconistsCobh
J. MillwoodCarrignafoyPainters & DecoratorsCobh
J. O'DonovanHarbour rowBoot & Shoe MerchantsCobh
J. PikeMidleton streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsCobh
J. RyanHarbour hillPress CorrespondentsCobh
J. SessaregoHarbour rowDrapersCobh
Jacob T. E. & Co. Ltd.Father Mathew quayCorn Merchants Cork City
Jago SelwynNorth Main streetBakersCork City
Jagoe-Agricultural Implement MerchantsCork City
Jas. MadiganThe BeachGrocersCobh
John Wilson The BeachChemistsCobh
Johnson & Perrott, LtdNelson placeCoach & Carriage Builders Cork City
Joseph Grogan The BeachVictuallersCobh
Joseph J. HealyOrelia terraceBuilders & ContractorsCobh
Kate LlewellynEast BeachHotelsCobh
Kearney -Clothiers & OutfittersCork City
Kearney & Co.Bachelor's quayCoal Merchants Cork City
Kearns John & SonMerchant streetBuilders & ContractorsCork City
Kelleher & HarringtonLavitt's quayCoal Merchants Cork City
Kelleher & HarringtonLavitt's quayCorn Merchants Cork City
Kelleher A. J., & Co.Cornmarket streetConfectionersCork City
Kelleher DanielMillard streetBuilders & ContractorsCork City
Kelleher E., Mrs.Mary streetCarriersCork City
Kelleher W. L.Drinan streetBuilders & ContractorsCork City
Kirby Shoe Co.Prince's streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
L.. MurphyMidleton streetUndertakersCobh
Lacy J. B. & SonsSouth MallAuctioneers & AuditorsCork City
Lambkin Bros.Patrick streetCigarette ManufacturersCork City
Landon Bros.Bridge streetBookbindersCork City
Lane* JeremiahSouth Main streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
Lannin JamesWashington streetBakersCork City
Lawson & Co.MacCurtain streetClothiers & OutfittersCork City
Leader P. J.North Main streetClothiers & OutfittersCork City
Leahy J.Merchants quayCabinet & Furniture MakersCork City
Ledlie-Boot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
Lee Boot Co.*North Main streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
Lee Boot Manufacturing Co. Ltd.Washington streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
Lee Brush Co.Sarsfield StreetBrush Manufacturers Cork City
Lee Cabinet WorksOliver Plunket streetCabinet & Furniture MakersCork City
Lee Cash Coal CoVictoria roadCoal Merchants Cork City
Leser T. R. & Co.Patrick streetChemists & DruggistsCork City
Levie-ArchitectsCork City
Love TwomeyWest BeachArmy & Navy ContractorsCobh
Love TwomeyWest BeachBakersCobh
Love Twomey & Co.The BeachGrocersCobh
Love Twomey & Co.West BeachFruiterersCobh
Lucey D.Dublin streetCarriersCork City
Lucey M. & SonsRockmount HouseCattle Exporters Cork City
Lucy-Builders & ContractorsCork City
Lucy & O'ConnellJohn Redmond streetAgricultural Implement MerchantsCork City
Lucy & O'ConnellJohn Redmond streetArtificial Manure MerchantsCork City
Lunham Bros.Kemp streetBuilders Providers Cork City
Lunham Bros., Ltd.Kemp streetBacon Curers Cork City
Lyons J.John streetCooperagesCork City
Lyons T. & Co., Ltd.South Main streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsCork City
Lyons T. & Co., Ltd.South Main streetClothiers & OutfittersCork City
Lyons T. & Co., Ltd.South Main streetReady-to-wear Clothes Cork City
M. BuckleyHarbour rowDrapersCobh
M. Coleman & Sons Ltd.Scott squareBrewers AgentsCobh
M. Coleman & Sons Ltd.Scott squareCarriersCobh
M. Coleman & Sons Ltd.Scott squareCoal MerchantsCobh
M. DelanyWest BeachGeneral MerchantsCobh
M. DelanyWest BeachGrocersCobh
M. DorganWest BeachFishmongers & PoulterersCobh
M. J. O'ConnorProp. Rob Roy HotelHotelsCobh
M. McDonnellWestbourneDrapersCobh
M. PurcellHarbour rowPainters & DecoratorsCobh
M. Sullivan East BeachChemistsCobh
MacMullen J. F., K.C.S.G.South MallArchitectsCork City
Macnaughton Norman & Sons, Ltd.Union quayBuilders Providers Cork City
Macnaughton Norman & Sons, Ltd.Union quayCement Merchants Cork City
MacSweeney EugenePatrick streetChemists & DruggistsCork City
Madden & SonsBridge streetCoffee MerchantsCork City
Magennis A. J. & Co.South MallAuctioneers & AuditorsCork City
Mahony R.Peter streetBuilders & ContractorsCork City
Mannix & CulhaneWashington streetClothiers & OutfittersCork City

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.