1931 Trade Directory, Co. Donegal

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

McShea TerenceEast PortGrocersBallyshannon
McShea TerenceEast PortSeed & Manure MerchantsBallyshannon
McTeague J.West PortFish MerchantsBallyshannon
McVitty & Co.Main streetBoot Makers & WarehousesBundoran
McVitty & Co.Main streetDrapersBundoran
M'Dougall J., & A.Bishop streetPaintersBallyshannon
Medical & Veterinary Stores, Ltd.High roadChemistsLetterkenny
Meehan CharlesWest EndGrocersBundoran
Meehan FrankMain streetCoal MerchantsBundoran
Meehan JosephGaelic HotelGrocersBundoran
Meehan P., & Co.Main streetHardware MerchantsBundoran
Meehan P., & Co.Main streetIronmongersBundoran
Meehan Patrick & SonsEast EndGrocersBundoran
M'Ginley M.Bishop streetSpirit DealersBallyshannon
M'Gloin A. B.East PortSpirit DealersBallyshannon
M'Gonigle James & Co.Castle streetDrapersBallyshannon
M'Gonigle JohnCorlea, BelleekButter & Egg MerchantsBallyshannon
M'Gonigle M.Main streetSpirit DealersBallyshannon
M'Gonigle P.Corlea, BelleekButter & Egg MerchantsBallyshannon
Miller F.MallConfectionersBallyshannon
Miller F.Market streetCycle AgentsBallyshannon
Miller F., & SonMarket streetMotor Engineers & GaragesBallyshannon
Miller FredMallTobacconistBallyshannon
M'Keown B.Market streetSpirit DealersBallyshannon
M'Laughlin M.Market streetSpirit DealersBallyshannon
Moclair P.East PortSpirit DealersBallyshannon
Moffitt MissMain streetGreen Grocers & Fruit MerchantsBundoran
Moohan FrankMain streetNewsagentsBundoran
Moohan ThomasMain streetBooksellers & StationersBundoran
Moore Austin & Co.Pier roadShirt ManufacturersBuncrana
Moore J. A.Main streetGrocersLetterkenny
Moore M., MissMain streetMilliners & DressmakersLetterkenny
Moore Wm.Dunottar, BuncranaFish Merchants, etc.Buncrana
Morgan F. H.East PortCoal MerchantsBallyshannon
Morgan F. H.East PortGrocersBallyshannon
Morgan F. H.East PortUndertakersBallyshannon
Mulhern-Wine & Spirit MerchantsLetterkenny
Mulhern E.West PortGrocersBallyshannon
Mulrine H.Castle streetMotor Engineers & GaragesBallyshannon
Mulrine H.Castle streetSpirit DealersBallyshannon
Mulrine P.East PortSpirit DealersBallyshannon
Mulvey Mrs.West EndGrocersBundoran
Munday & Co.East PortDrapersBallyshannon
Munster & Leinster Bank Ltd.Main streetBanksLetterkenny
Murdock R. J.Main streetFruiterersLetterkenny
Murphy BrothersTownhall streetHairdressersBundoran
Murphy, Mulhern & Co.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsLetterkenny
Murray J.West PortHairdressersBallyshannon
Murray MissLower Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsLetterkenny
Myles J., & Co.West PortCoal MerchantsBallyshannon
Myles J., & Co.West PortIronmongersBallyshannon
Myles John & Co.West PortHardware MerchantsBallyshannon
Myles John & Co.West PortSeed & Manure MerchantsBallyshannon
Nardone G.Main streetConfectionersBundoran
National Bank LtdCastle streetBanksBallyshannon
National Bank Ltd.Bank PlaceBanksCarndonagh
National Bank Ltd.Main streetBanksBundoran
Naughton I.West EndSpirit DealersBundoran
Nee J.Lower Main streetGrocersLetterkenny
Neely W., & SonMallCoal MerchantsBallyshannon
Neely W., & SonMallHardware MerchantsBallyshannon
Neely W., & SonMallIronmongersBallyshannon
Neely W., & SonWest PortMillersBallyshannon
Nicholson J.West EndGrocersBundoran
Noone A.Chapel streetSaddlersCarndonagh
Northern Bank Ltd.Bank PlaceBanksCarndonagh
O'Brien JohnSwilly Bar, BuncranaSpirit & Wine DealersBuncrana
O'Brien P.College streetCattle DealersBallyshannon
O'Callaghan-Booksellers & StationersLetterkenny
O'Callaghan P., Dr.Bank PlacePhysician & SurgeonCarndonagh
O'Callaghan W.DiamondDrapersCarndonagh
O'Connor M.Port roadSaddlersLetterkenny
O'Doherty H. C.Egremont, BuncranaSolicitorsBuncrana
O'Doherty J. E.Millburn, BuncranaSolicitorsBuncrana
O'Doherty P. J.DiamondMilliners & DressmakersCarndonagh
O'Doherty's HotelThe DiamondHotelsCarndonagh
O'Donnell BrothersMain streetTobacconistsBuncrana
O'Donnell EdwardMain streetFruiterersLetterkenny
O'Donnell HubertBridge streetButter & Egg MerchantsCarndonagh
O'Donnell HubertBridge streetConfectionersCarndonagh
O'Donnell HubertBridge streetFruiterersCarndonagh
O'Donnell HubertBridge streetTobacconistsCarndonagh
O'Donnell J. E.Millburn, BuncranaSolicitorsBuncrana
O'Donnell JamesMain streetGrocersLetterkenny
O'Donnell John F., & Co.The Pharmacy, Main st.ChemistsBuncrana
O'Donnell T.East PortGrocersBallyshannon
O'Dowd J. J.Market streetSpirit DealersBallyshannon
O'Gorman J.Castle streetGrocersBallyshannon
O'Gorman ThomasCentral HotelGrocersBundoran
O'Gorman ThomasO'Gorman's Garage, EastMotor Engineers & GaragesBundoran
O'Gorman's HotelEast EndHotelsBundoran
O'Kelly H. J.Marine HotelButter & Egg MerchantBundoran
O'Shea P.West PortGrocersBallyshannon
Patterson J., Dr.Main streetChemistsLetterkenny
Patterson T., Dr.Main streetPhysicians & SurgeonsLetterkenny
Peoples K., MissMain streetTobbaconistsLetterkenny
Peoples L., MissMain streetTobbaconistsLetterkenny
Platt W. G.ManorcunninghamBuildersLetterkenny
Ponsonby J.Port roadCycle AgentsLetterkenny
Porter J.Main streetDrapersBuncrana
Porter P. & SonsMain streetAuctioneerBuncrana
Porter WilliamMain streetGrocersBuncrana
Porter Wm.Main streetButter & Egg MerchantsBuncrana
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Ltd.Main streetBanksBundoran
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Ltd.Main streetBanksBallyshannon
Quigley D.Malin streetGrocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsCarndonagh
Quigley H.Townsend streetGrocersBuncrana
Quigley R. J.Tullydesh, BuncranaCattle, etc., DealersBuncrana
Quinn D.East PortHairdressersBallyshannon
Quinton H.Main streetDentistsBallyshannon
Ramage W.Main streetSolicitorsBallyshannon
Ramsay B.Main streetDrapersLetterkenny
Reid Ralph H.Main streetSolicitorsBallyshannon
Renison RobertMain streetNewsagentsBundoran
Renison RobertWhite HouseGrocersBundoran
Reynolds FrankBank PlaceChemistCarndonagh
Robinson J., & SonMain streetAuctioneersLetterkenny
Rodden K.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsLetterkenny
Rodden K., MissMain streetPosting EstablishmentsLetterkenny
Rodden MichaelMain streetSpirit & Wine DealersBuncrana
Rodgers E.East PortSpirit DealersBallyshannon
Rodgers ThomasEast EndDrapersBundoran
Rodgers ThomasElite Café, Main streetConfectionersBundoran
Rogan J.West PortGrocersBallyshannon
Rogers P. E.MallSolicitorsBallyshannon
Rooney J.Bishop streetMotor Engineers & GaragesBallyshannon
Rooney OwenSligo HouseGrocersBundoran
Roulston S.Lower Main streetCoal MerchantsLetterkenny
Roulston S.Lower Main streetIronmongersLetterkenny
Roulston S.Main streetUndertakersLetterkenny
Roulston SamuelMain streetGrocersLetterkenny
Royal Bank of Ireland, Ltd.Main streetBanksBallyshannon
Royal Bank of Ireland, Ltd.Main streetBanksLetterkenny
Royal Bank of Ireland, Ltd.Main streetBanksBuncrana
Royal HotelMain streetHotelsBallyshannon
Royal Hotel-HotelsBundoran
Sawyers K., MissMarket streetMilliners & DressmakersBallyshannon
Scott R.Lower Main streetGrocersLetterkenny
Shannon V.Bishop streetMotor Engineers & GaragesBallyshannon
Sheerin JosephWest Port GarageMotor Engineers & GaragesBallyshannon
Sheerin TerenceWest EndGrocersBundoran
Slavin E.Main streetDrapersBallyshannon
Slavin P.Bachelor's WalkMotor Engineers & GaragesBallyshannon
Smith J.Main streetMotor Engineers & GaragesLetterkenny
Smyth DanielMain streetPainters & DecoratorsBuncrana
Smyth WilliamBallyloskeyMillersCarndonagh
Speer J. P.Main streetGrocersLetterkenny
Speer J. P.Main streetHardware MerchantsLetterkenny
Speer William (F.A.I.) & SonMain streetAuctioneersLetterkenny
Spence MissMain streetMilliners & DressmakersBuncrana
Spence MissWest EndDrapersBundoran
Stephens D. V.Main streetBooksellers & StationersBundoran
Stephens D. V.Main streetChina & Glass DealersBundoran
Stephens E.Castle streetDrapersBallyshannon
Stephens E.Castle streetUndertakersBallyshannon
Stephens E., MissMain streetChina DealersBallyshannon
Stephens E., Miss (Agent)Main streetPullar's Dye WorksBallyshannon
Stephens J.Main streetDrapersBallyshannon
Stephens P. B.Castle streetIronmongersBallyshannon
Stephens P. B., & Co.Castle streetHardware MerchantsBallyshannon
Stewart RobertMain streetChemistsLetterkenny
Strand HotelWest EndHotelsBundoran
Swan J. (Manager)The MallErne FisheriesBallyshannon
Swan Thomas & Co.Ardaravan MillsIronmongersBuncrana
Sweeney B.Port roadGrocersLetterkenny
Sweeney GeorgeMain streetHairdressersLetterkenny
Sweeney HughPort roadBooksellers & StationersLetterkenny
Sweeney HughPort roadBoot Makers & WarehousesLetterkenny
Sweeney J.Commercial HotelSpirit DealersBallyshannon
Sweeney MissMain streetNewsagents & StationersBallyshannon
Sweeney R.Main streetBoot Makers & WarehousesBallyshannon
Sweeney R.Main streetSolicitorsBallyshannon
Sweeney T.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsLetterkenny
Sweeny RobertMain streetDrapersBallyshannon
The Belleek Pottery CompanyMain streetChina & Glass DealersBundoran
The Donegal Printing CompanyMain streetBooksellers & StationersLetterkenny
The Grafton StoresMain streetChina & Glass DealersLetterkenny
The Medical HallMain streetChemistsBundoran
The Modern PharmacyMarket squareChemistsLetterkenny
Timoney Mrs.West EndHairdressersBundoran
Tullyarvan Milling Co., Ltd. Tullyarvan, BuncranaIronmongersBuncrana
Ulster Bank Ltd.Main streetBanksLetterkenny
Vaughan B.Main streetNewsagents & StationersBallyshannon
Vaughan D.Main streetGrocersBallyshannon
Vaughan D.Main streetHardware MerchantsBallyshannon
Vaughan D.Main streetIronmongersBallyshannon
Vaughan D.Main streetSeed & Manure MerchantsBallyshannon
Vaughan D.Main streetWool MerchantsBallyshannon
Vaughan E.PortnasonBakersBallyshannon
Vaughan E.PortnasonConfectionersBallyshannon
Walker W. N., M.B.Market squarePhysicians & SurgeonsLetterkenny
Walsh P.West PortSpirit DealersBallyshannon
Ward C.OldtownBoot Makers (repairs only)Letterkenny
Ward J.Main streetSpirit DealersBundoran
Ward J.Main streetSolicitorsLetterkenny
Ward JohnMain streetBakersLetterkenny
Ward M. E., M.I.M.E.Erne GarageMotor Engineers & GaragesBallyshannon
Ward MissesMain streetMilliners & DressmakersLetterkenny
Ward Mrs.MallLaundryBallyshannon
Ward T.Market streetPaintersBallyshannon
Ward The MissesBridge EndDrapersBallyshannon
Ward W.Bridge EndSpirit DealersBallyshannon
Ward W.Market streetSpirit DealersBallyshannon
Ward WilliamMarket streetAuctioneersBallyshannon
Warner R.Malin streetVeterinary SurgeonCarndonagh
White GeorgeMain streetSeed & Manure MerchantsBallyshannon
White GeorgeThe BarrackGrocersBallyshannon
Wilkinson J.Main streetUndertakersLetterkenny
Wilkinson J.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsLetterkenny
Winters J.East EndGrocersBundoran
Woods J. J.MallSpirit DealersBallyshannon
Wray J.Main streetSolicitorsLetterkenny
Wylie Station squareButter & Egg MerchantsLetterkenny
Wynn BrothersMain streetTailorsBundoran

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.