1931 Trade Directory, Co. Dublin

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Gloden J.AbbeyleixCoal MerchantsAbbeyleix
Cole & Co.At E. J. Morrissey's, Main st.DentistAbbeyleix
Mahony T. & SonAt Mssrs Wilde Bros.CarpentersAbbeyleix
Drury JamesBallinakillVictuallersAbbeyleix
Deegan EdwardBallinakill Rd.TailorsAbbeyleix
Deegan FintanBallinakill Rd.TailorsAbbeyleix
Dooley H.Ballinakill Rd.Cycle AgentsAbbeyleix
Hughes JamesBallinakill Rd.Monumental WorksAbbeyleix
Kennedy AnnieBallinakill Rd.Milliners & DressmakersAbbeyleix
Lalor FannyBallinakill Rd.Milliners & DressmakersAbbeyleix
O'Reilly J.Ballinakill Rd.BakersAbbeyleix
O'Reilly JohnBallinakill Rd.TobacconistsAbbeyleix
Thornton E. J.Ballinakill Rd.BakersAbbeyleix
Thornton EdwardBallinakill Rd.TobacconistsAbbeyleix
Willoughby H. & SonBallinakill Rd.Watchmakers & JewellersAbbeyleix
Harte G.Black HillBuilder & ContractorAbbeyleix
Kelly T.BluegateCarpentersAbbeyleix
Quinn JohnC/o Mssrs Quinn Bros, Main stCarpentersAbbeyleix
Phelan FintanCorner HouseWine & Spirit MerchantsAbbeyleix
Phelan WilliamCorner HouseGrocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsAbbeyleix
Phelan WilliamCorner HouseLicensed PremisesAbbeyleix
Grey Thomas, M.B.Drimaterrill HousePhysicians & SurgeonsAbbeyleix
Rolleston Alured (sic)Heath CottageSolicitorsAbbeyleix
Morrissey M., Mrs.HotelBootmakers & WarehousesAbbeyleix
Kelly Maurice & JohnKelly's CrossCarpentersAbbeyleix
Fennelly M. A.Leinster HouseBootmakers & WarehousesAbbeyleix
Fennelly M. A.Leinster HouseMilliners & DressmakersAbbeyleix
Fennelly P.Leinster HouseDrapersAbbeyleix
Lalor B.Lower Main stFish MerchantAbbeyleix
Lalor Bridget, Mrs.Lower Main stFruiterers & Green-grocersAbbeyleix
Abbeyleix Motor Co.Main St.Motor Engineers & GaragesAbbeyleix
Armour J.Main St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsAbbeyleix
Baggot J.Main St.BakersAbbeyleix
Baggot J.Main St.China & Glass DealersAbbeyleix
Baggot J.Main St.Coal MerchantsAbbeyleix
Baggot JohnMain St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsAbbeyleix
Baggot JohnMain St.Hardware Merchants & IronmongersAbbeyleix
Baggot JohnMain St.SeedsmenAbbeyleix
Baggot JohnMain St.TobacconistsAbbeyleix
Comyns WilliamMain St.Watchmakers & JewellersAbbeyleix
Corrigan S. G.Main St.BakersAbbeyleix
Corrigan S. G.Main St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsAbbeyleix
Corrigan S. G.Main St.Hardware Merchants & IronmongersAbbeyleix
Cuddy PatrickMain St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsAbbeyleix
Cuddy PatrickMain St.TobacconistsAbbeyleix
De Vesci Arms HotelMain St.HotelsAbbeyleix
Delaney WilliamMain St.DrapersAbbeyleix
Dermody J. (of Cork) c/o E. J. MorrisseyMain St.Butter & Egg MerchantsAbbeyleix
Fitzsimons C. O'ConnellMain St.SolicitorsAbbeyleix
Gorman WilliamMain St.VictuallersAbbeyleix

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.