1931 Trade Directory, Co. Kerry

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Keane MartinMain streetGrocersDingle
Keane MartinMain streetVintnersDingle
Keating JamesWest Main streetCycle AgentsCahirciveen
Keating JohnWest Main streetGrocersCahirciveen
Keating MichaelNew streetGrocersCahirciveen
Kelleher AgnesWest Main streetGrocersCahirciveen
Kelliher M.Green streetDrapersDingle
Kennedy Jerh.Strand streetCoachbuilderDingle
Kennedy JohnMain streetWool MerchantsDingle
Lane C.Henry streetButter & Egg MerchantsKenmare
Lane CorneliusHenry streetConfectionersKenmare
Lane CorneliusHenry streetTobacconistKenmare
Lansdowne Hotels-HotelsKenmare
Latchford & SonsMain streetCorn MerchantsDingle
Latchford & SonsMain streetIronmongersDingle
Latchford Messrs & SonsMain streetCoal MerchantsDingle
Latchford Messrs & Sons-Hardware MerchantsDingle
Leahy DavidRock streetTailorsKenmare
Leahy JohnRock streetTailorsKenmare
Lee JohnFinnehy MillsHomespun ManufacturersKenmare
Long JamesStrand streetVintnersDingle
Long JohnStrand streetBakersDingle
Long JohnStrand streetGrocersDingle
Long JohnStrand streetTobacconistsDingle
Long JohnStrand streetVintnersDingle
Long John M.Strand streetMotor Engineers & GaragesDingle
Long MichaelStrand streetGrocersDingle
Long MichaelStrand streetVintnersDingle
Long W. J.Green streetHarness MakersDingle
Long William J.Strand streetVintnersDingle
Lovett JamesStrand streetBootmakersDingle
Lynch CorneliusMain streetSpirit DealersKenmare
Lynch EllenMain streetChina DealersDingle
Lynch EllenMain streetStationers & NewsagentsDingle
Lynch EllenSpa roadVintnersDingle
Lynch JohnWest Main streetVictuallersCahirciveen
Lynch MichaelUp. Main streetHarness MakersDingle
Lynch P.The WoodTailorsDingle
Lynch PatrickWest Main streetFish MerchantsCahirciveen
Lynch PatrickWest Main streetGrocersCahirciveen
Lynch PatrickWest Main streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
Maguire ThomasStrand streetGrocersDingle
Maguire ThomasStrand streetTobacconistsDingle
Mahony Mary BrideWest Main streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
Malone JohnJohn streetVintnersDingle
Mangan Daniel C.Railway streetSolicitorsCahirciveen
Mangan Mary, Mrs.Main streetNewsagentsCahirciveen
Mangan PatrickMain streetChemistsCahirciveen
Mansfield J.Main streetGrocersKenmare
Mansfield MissesMain streetChina DealersKenmare
Mansfield The MissesMain streetConfectionersKenmare
Mansfield William H.Main streetDrapersKenmare
Martin JohnJohn streetVintnersDingle
Martin PatrickStrand streetVintnersDingle
Matson JohnNew streetFish MerchantsCahirciveen
Maybury George D.Main streetSpirit DealersKenmare
McCabe CharlesStrand streetHairdressersDingle
McCabe JosephDykegate streetHairdressersDingle
McCarthy Annie, MissMain streetGrocersKenmare
McCarthy Bridget, Mrs.Railway streetGrocersCahirciveen
McCarthy Denis F.Main streetGrocersKenmare
McCarthy Denis F.Main streetSpirit DealersKenmare
McCarthy Denis F.Main streetSpirit DealersKenmare
McCarthy Denis F.Main streetWool MerchantsKenmare
McCarthy Denis J.Henry streetGrocersKenmare
McCarthy Denis J.Henry streetSpirit DealersKenmare
McCarthy E., Mrs.Henry streetSpirit DealersKenmare
McCarthy John R.Roughty LodgeAuctioneerKenmare
McCarthy M.Newmarket streetGrocersCahirciveen
McCarthy MichaelNew Market streetButter & Egg MerchantsCahirciveen
McCarthy MichaelNewmarket streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
McCarthy ThomasMain streetBakersDingle
McCarthy ThomasMain streetGrocersDingle
McCarthy ThomasMain streetVintnersDingle
McDonnell ThomasGreen streetBoot WarehousesDingle
McDonnell ThomasGreen streetGrocersDingle
McDonnell ThomasGreen streetVintnersDingle
McKenna BridgetGreen streetChina DealersDingle
McKenna DenisMain streetGrocersDingle
McKenna DenisMain streetTobacconistsDingle
McKenna JohnDykegate streetBoot WarehousesDingle
McKenna ThomasGreen streetButter & Egg MerchantsDingle
McKenna ThomasGreen streetCoal MerchantsDingle
McKenna ThomasGreen streetCoopersDingle
McKenna Thos.Green streetCorn MerchantsDingle
Mehegan Julia, MissHenry streetSpirit DealersKenmare
Meighan D.Hon. Sec. Golf lnksGolf LinksDingle
Mihigan JuliaHenry streetGrocersKenmare
Minogue Mrs.Main streetConfectionersKenmare
Minogue Mrs.Main streetGrocersKenmare
Mitchell JohnGreen streetDrapersDingle
Moore JohnGreen streetCattle DealersDingle
Moore JohnGreen streetCommissioner for OathsDingle
Moore JohnGreen streetVictuallersDingle
Moore John, P.C.Green streetAuctioneerDingle
Moore John, P.C.Green streetHorse & Cattle DealersDingle
Moore Louis, M.D.KilgarvanPhysicians & SurgeonsKenmare
Moran KateJohn streetVintnersDingle
Moriarty J.Strand streetBoot WarehousesDingle
Moriarty J.Strand streetButter & Egg MerchantsDingle
Moriarty J.Strand streetCattle DealersDingle
Moriarty J.Strand streetHorse & Cattle DealersDingle
Moriarty J.Strand streetWool MerchantsDingle
Moriarty J. J.Main streetBoot WarehousesDingle
Moriarty J. J.Main streetDrapersDingle
Moriarty M. T.Strand streetGrocersDingle
Moriarty MauriceThe MallVictuallersDingle
Moriarty Michael T.Strand streetVintnersDingle
Moriarty P. M., Dr.Strand streetPhysicians & SurgeonsDingle
Moriarty P. M., M.B.,L.P.S.I.Prop Dingle PharmacyChemistsDingle
Moriarty T.Dykegate streetBakersDingle
Moriarty ThomasMain streetVictuallersDingle
Morris James J.Newmarket streetAuctioneerCahirciveen
Muintir ClerigBridge streetMotor Engineers & GaragesDingle
Munster & Leinster Bank Ltd.Green streetBanksDingle
Munster & Leinster Bank Ltd.Main streetBanksKenmare
Munster & Leinster Bank Ltd.Railway streetBanksCahirciveen
Murphy DenisNewmarket streetGrocersCahirciveen
Murphy GeraldStrand streetVintnersDingle
Murphy James M.Main streetSolicitorsDingle
Murphy JosephHenry streetSpirit DealersKenmare
Murphy Julia M.Main streetGrocersKenmare
Murphy Julia M.Main streetSpirit DealersKenmare
Murphy Julia M., Mrs.Main streetChina DealersKenmare
Murphy Margaret, Mrs.Church streetChina DealersCahirciveen
Murphy MaryNewmarket streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
Murphy WilliamNew streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
Murray AnnieOld Bridge streetGrocersKenmare
Murray Annie, Mrs.Old Bridge streetSpirit DealersKenmare
National Bank Ltd.Main streetBanksKenmare
National Bank Ltd.Main streetBanksDingle
National Bank Ltd. Church streetBanksCahirciveen
Neligan Ellie J.Main streetBoot WarehousesDingle
Neligan Ellie J.Main streetDrapersDingle
Neligan M. B.Strand streetDrapersDingle
Neligan Mary B.Strand streetVintnersDingle
Neligan MichaelMain streetVintnersDingle
Neligan Mrs.Strand streetTobacconistsDingle
Neligan T. B., Reps ofStrand streetSteamship AgentsDingle
O'Brien-Boot WarehousesKenmare
O'Brien MaryGreen streetChina DealersDingle
O'Brien MaryMain streetGrocersDingle
O'Brien, Corkery M., MrsMain streetShipping AgentsKenmare
O'Brien, Corkery, D. & Co.Main streetIronmongersKenmare
O'Callaghan D. J., M.D.KilgarvanPhysicians & SurgeonsKenmare
O'Callaghan PatrickStrand streetVintnersDingle
O'Connell BrothersHenry streetBoot MakersKenmare
O'Connell Denis J. (Reps.)Main streetTobacconistsCahirciveen
O'Connell J.Railway HotelPosting EstablishmentsCahirciveen
O'Connell J. D.The MallSolicitorsDingle
O'Connell JeremiahMain streetDrapersCahirciveen
O'Connell JeremiahMain streetDrapersCahirciveen
O'Connell KathleenMain streetGrocersCahirciveen
O'Connell KathleenMain streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
O'Connell N., Mrs.Prop O'Connells HotelHotelsCahirciveen
O'Connell TimothyThe Harp, Main stFish MerchantsCahirciveen
O'Connell Timothy W.Newmarket streetFish MerchantsCahirciveen
O'Connell's Railway Hotel -HotelsCahirciveen
O'Connor Bryan D.New streetButter & Egg MerchantsCahirciveen
O'Connor Bryan D.New streetFish MerchantsCahirciveen
O'Connor EdwardGreen streetBoot WarehousesDingle
O'Connor EdwardGreen streetVintnersDingle
O'Connor EdwardMain streetGrocersDingle
O'Connor EllieMain streetGrocersCahirciveen
O'Connor EllieMain streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
O'Connor FrankMain streetDrapersCahirciveen
O'Connor FrankMain streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
O'Connor HumphreyMain streetButter & Egg MerchantsCahirciveen
O'Connor HumphreyMain streetVictuallersCahirciveen
O'Connor J. J.Main streetCattle DealersDingle
O'Connor J. M., Mrs.12 Main streetButter & Egg MerchantsKenmare
O'Connor JamesMain streetCoal ImportersCahirciveen
O'Connor JamesMain streetHardware MerchantsCahirciveen
O'Connor JamesMain streetIronmongerCahirciveen
O'Connor JamesMain streetPosting EstablishmentsCahirciveen
O'Connor JamesMain streetVintnersDingle
O'Connor Jerh.Dykegate streetCoopersDingle
O'Connor JohnMain & Railway streetsChemistsCahirciveen
O'Connor John J.Main streetHorse & Cattle DealersDingle
O'Connor John J.Main streetStationers & NewsagentsDingle
O'Connor John J.Main streetVictuallersDingle
O'Connor John J.Main streetVintnersDingle
O'Connor KathleenHenry streetGrocersKenmare
O'Connor Kathleen, MissHenry streetSpirit DealersKenmare
O'Connor Lucy, MrsThe SquareSpirit DealersKenmare
O'Connor M. D., Mrs12 Main streetGrocersKenmare
O'Connor M. D., MrsMain streetSpirit DealersKenmare
O'Connor MaryMain streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
O'Connor Michael4 Main streetBakersKenmare
O'Connor Michael5 Main streetChina DealersKenmare
O'Connor Michael5 Main streetGrocersKenmare
O'Connor MichaelWest Main streetFish MerchantsCahirciveen
O'Connor Mrs.The MallBoot WarehousesDingle
O'Connor Mrs.The MallBootmakersDingle
O'Connor Patrick5 Main streetButter & Egg MerchantsKenmare
O'Connor PatrickNewmarket streetVictuallersCahirciveen
O'Connor T., Mrs.The SquareMotor Engineers & GaragesKenmare
O'Connor T., Mrs.The SquarePosting EstablishmentsKenmare
O'Connor ThomasGreen streetHarness MakersDingle
O'Connor ThomasHenry streetSpirit DealersKenmare
O'Connor ThomasMain streetBootmakersDingle
O'Connor, Galvin & Co.Henry streetBoot WarehousesKenmare
O'Connor, Galvin & Co.The SquareDrapersKenmare
O'Donahue Denis J.West Main streetGrocersCahirciveen
O'Donnell J. J.The MallSolicitorsDingle
O'Donnell JohnBridge streetGrocersDingle
O'Donnell JohnBridge streetVintnersDingle
O'Donnell P. C., Dr.Strand streetPhysicians & SurgeonsDingle
O'Donnell P.C., Dr.Prop Rexall PharmacyChemistsDingle
O'Donnell William, M.D.SneemPhysicians & SurgeonsKenmare
O'Donoghue Daniel C.Main streetDrapersCahirciveen
O'Donoghue JohnMain streetVintnersDingle
O'Donoghue Margaret, Mrs.Railway streetTobacconistsCahirciveen
O'Farrell PatrickSpa roadVintnersDingle
O'Neill ArthurHenry streetAuctioneerKenmare
O'Neill ArthurHenry streetSpirit DealersKenmare
O'Neill EugeneMain streetDrapersCahirciveen
O'Neill EugeneMain streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
O'Neill JohnNew streetFish MerchantsCahirciveen
O'Neill MichaelMain streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
O'Neill MichaelWest Main streetGrocersCahirciveen
O'Neill Patrick W.Main streetTobacconistsCahirciveen
O'Neill Patrick W.West Main streetGrocersCahirciveen
O'Neill WilliamWest Main streetGrocersCahirciveen
O'Reardon Jeremiah (Reps)Main streetHardware MerchantsCahirciveen
O'Riordan John F.Main streetDrapersKenmare
O'Riordan MichaelShelbourne streetCycle AgentsKenmare
O'Shea BrothersMarket placeHomespun ManufacturersKenmare
O'Shea D. M.Henry streetGrocersKenmare
O'Shea DanielSpa roadVintnersDingle
O'Shea DanielWest Main streetGrocersCahirciveen
O'Shea DanielWest Main streetTailorsCahirciveen
O'Shea Daniel M.Henry streetSpirit DealersKenmare
O'Shea Ellie, Mrs.Main streetGrocersCahirciveen
O'Shea JamesChurch streetWool MerchantsCahirciveen
O'Shea James J.West Main streetGrocersCahirciveen
O'Shea James J.West Main streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
O'Shea Jerh.Main streetVintnersDingle
O'Shea JohnChurch streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
O'Shea John, M.D.Church streetPhysicians & SurgeonsCahirciveen
O'Shea JosephStrand streetBoot WarehousesDingle
O'Shea JosephStrand streetVintnersDingle
O'Shea M. C.West EndButter & Egg MerchantsCahirciveen
O'Shea MichaelChurch streetConfectionersCahirciveen
O'Shea Michael C.New streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
O'Shea Michael C.West Main streetGrocersCahirciveen
O'Shea Michael D.New streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
O'Shea MortimerAshgrove MillsWool MerchantsKenmare
O'Shea Nora, Mrs.Main streetSpirit DealersCahirciveen
O'Shea P. J. (Reps.)Church streetTailorsCahirciveen

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.