1931 Trade Directory, Co. Laois

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Kelly Patrick & Co.Church St.IronmongersMaryborough
Maguire Mrs.Church St.DrapersMaryborough
Meehan P. J.Church St.SolicitorsMaryborough
Leinster ExpressCoote St.NewspaperMaryborough
Leinster ExpressCoote St.PrintersMaryborough
Mara L.Coote St.TailorsMaryborough
O'Connell M.Coote St.Physicians & SurgeonsMaryborough
Phelan W.Coote St.Physicians & SurgeonsMaryborough
Turpin H.Coote St.SolicitorsMaryborough
FitzpatrickDeerpark, MountrathVeterinary SurgeonMaryborough
Brady T.Dublin Rd.GrocersMaryborough
Dooley J.Dublin Rd.GrocersMaryborough
Farrell M.Grattan St.GrocersMaryborough
Fitzpatrick L.Grattan St.BakersMaryborough
Fitzpatrick L.Grattan St.ConfectionersMaryborough
McEvoy JosephGrattan St.SaddlersMaryborough
Scully P. V.Grattan St.FruiterersMaryborough
Scully Patrick V.Grattan St.FishmongersMaryborough
Wilkinson Mrs.Grattan St.GrocersMaryborough
McCormick T.Kellyville ParkPhysicians & SurgeonsMaryborough
Aird James J.Main St.Cycle AgentsMaryborough
Aird James J.Main St.Furniture WarehousesMaryborough
Aird James J.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Aird James J.Main St.Guns & AmmunitionMaryborough
Aird James J.Main St.Hardware MerchantsMaryborough
Aird James J.Main St.IronmongersMaryborough
Aird James J. & SonsMain St.AuctioneersMaryborough
Aird see Cenrtal HotelMain St.HotelsMaryborough
Ardhill George W.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Bennett J. P.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Bennett J. P.Main St.PublicansMaryborough
Bennett J. P.Main St.TobacconistsMaryborough
Bennett J. P.Main St.Wine & Spirit MerchantsMaryborough
Bolger J. B.Main St.DentistsMaryborough
Breen M.Main St.BakersMaryborough
Breen W.Main St.HairdressersMaryborough
Brennan J.Main St.PublicansMaryborough
Brennan Mrs.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Burke James M.Main St.DrapersMaryborough
Carey Mrs.Main St.ConfectionersMaryborough
Carey Mrs.Main St.RestaurantsMaryborough
Central HotelMain St.Petrol DealersMaryborough
Central Hotel (James J. Aird & Sons)Main St.HotelsMaryborough
Croke DenisMain St.VictuallersMaryborough
Delaney J. F.Main St.IronmongersMaryborough
Delaney JohnMain St.Hardware MerchantsMaryborough
Delaney P. J.Main St.IronmongersMaryborough
Delaney PatrickMain St.Cycle AgentsMaryborough
Delaney PatrickMain St.Furniture WarehousesMaryborough
Delaney PatrickMain St.Glass & China DealersMaryborough
Delaney PatrickMain St.Hardware MerchantsMaryborough
Delaney PaulMain St.DrapersMaryborough
Delaney PaulMain St.TailorsMaryborough
Dunne JosephMain St.VictuallersMaryborough
Egan JohnMain St.RestaurantsMaryborough
Fennelly W.Main St.Boot WarehousesMaryborough
Fennelly W.Main St.DrapersMaryborough
Finlay L.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Finlay L.Main St.PublicansMaryborough
Fitzgibbon J.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Fitzpatrick J.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Fitzpatrick J.Main St.TobacconistsMaryborough
Fortune M.Main St.StationersMaryborough
Fortune N.Main St.TobacconistsMaryborough
Fortune NicholasMain St.DrapersMaryborough
Gannon W. P.Main St.DentistsMaryborough
Gavan W.Main St.FruiterersMaryborough
Ging L.Main St.DrapersMaryborough
Grant MissMain St.Glass & China DealersMaryborough
Grant MissMain St.StationersMaryborough
Grant MissMain St.TobacconistsMaryborough
Gray M.Main St.CabinetmakersMaryborough
Hayes T. F.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Hibernian HotelMain St.HotelsMaryborough
Hibernian HotelMain St.Motor GaragesMaryborough
Hibernian HotelMain St.Petrol DealersMaryborough
Higgins M.Main St.DrapersMaryborough
Hipwell J.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Hipwell J.Main St.TobacconistsMaryborough
Hipwell JohnMain St.Cycle AgentsMaryborough
Hipwell JohnMain St.Guns & AmmunitionMaryborough
Hipwell JohnMain St.Hardware MerchantsMaryborough
Hipwell JohnMain St.IronmongersMaryborough
Hipwell JohnMain St.Petrol DealersMaryborough
Hogan M.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Hogan M.Main St.Hardware MerchantsMaryborough
Hogan M.Main St.IronmongersMaryborough
Hughes J.Main St.CabinetmakersMaryborough
Hume A.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Hume A.Main St.PublicansMaryborough
Hunt RobertMain St.Petrol DealersMaryborough
Hunt RobertMain St.SaddlersMaryborough
Kearney P.Main St.PublicansMaryborough
Kearney P.Main St.Wine & Spirit MerchantsMaryborough
Keegan Mrs.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Kelly J.Main St.BakersMaryborough
Kelly J.Main St.ConfectionersMaryborough
Kelly J.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Kelly MaryMain St.GrocersMaryborough
Kelly W.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Kingston J.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Malone T.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Mara T.Main St.HairdressersMaryborough
McAuliffe & SonMain St.CoachbuildersMaryborough
McDonald Mrs.Main St.TobacconistsMaryborough
McGurk B.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
McGurk B.Main St.PublicansMaryborough
McLogan P.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
McLogan P.Main St.PublicansMaryborough
Meehan P. A.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Meehan P. A. Ltd.Main St.Wine & Spirit MerchantsMaryborough
Meehan P. A., Ltd.Main St.PublicansMaryborough
Munster & Leinster Bank ltdMain St.BanksMaryborough
Murray J.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Murray J.Main St.TobacconistsMaryborough
Murray JamesMain St.Cycle AgentsMaryborough
Murray JamesMain St.Guns & AmmunitionMaryborough
Murray JamesMain St.Hardware MerchantsMaryborough
Nolan M.Main St.Boot WarehousesMaryborough
Nolan M.Main St.DrapersMaryborough
Ramsbottom E.Main St.PublicansMaryborough
Ramsbottom E. & SonsMain St.GrocersMaryborough
Ramsbottom E. & SonsMain St.Wine & Spirit MerchantsMaryborough
Reid JohnMain St.GrocersMaryborough
Roeleston A.Main St.SolicitorsMaryborough
Scully P.Main St.HairdressersMaryborough
Shaw & SonsMain St.Boot WarehousesMaryborough
Shaws Mssrs.Main St.DrapersMaryborough
Shelly D. M.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Stinson Mrs.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Stinson Mrs.Main St.PublicansMaryborough
Stinson Mrs.Main St.Wine & Spirit MerchantsMaryborough
Tynan PeterMain St.VictuallersMaryborough
Walsh C.Main St.DrapersMaryborough
Walsh C.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Walsh P.Main St.BakersMaryborough
Walsh P.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
White W. X.Main St.SolicitorsMaryborough
Wilkinson A.Main St.GrocersMaryborough
Bannon G. A.Market Sq.CoachbuildersMaryborough
Bannon T.Market Sq.GrocersMaryborough
Bannon T.Market Sq.PublicansMaryborough
Burke Mrs.Market Sq.GrocersMaryborough
Clear Mrs.Market Sq.GrocersMaryborough
Fitzpatrick Mrs.Market Sq.GrocersMaryborough
Gray J.Market Sq.CabinetmakersMaryborough
Kelly PeterMarket Sq.PublicansMaryborough
Malone T.Market Sq.PublicansMaryborough
Mathews P.Market Sq.GrocersMaryborough
McCormick M.Market Sq.TailorsMaryborough
Metcalfe Mrs.Market Sq.ConfectionersMaryborough
Moore T.Market Sq.GrocersMaryborough
Moore T.Market Sq.Wine & Spirit MerchantsMaryborough
Moore ThomasMarket Sq.PublicansMaryborough
Moy J. P.Market Sq.GrocersMaryborough
Moy J. P.Market Sq.PublicansMaryborough
Moy John P.Market Sq.Hardware MerchantsMaryborough
Phelan H.Market Sq.GrocersMaryborough
Purcell E.Market Sq.PublicansMaryborough
Rice BrothersMarket Sq.Cycle AgentsMaryborough
Rice PaulMarket Sq.Motor GaragesMaryborough
Rice PaulMarket Sq.Petrol DealersMaryborough
Crennan WilliamMaryboro' Coach FactoryCoachbuildersMaryborough
Grace P.Mental HospitalPhysicians & SurgeonsMaryborough
Picture Palace-CinemaMaryborough
Duane T. J.RosettaPhysicians & SurgeonsMaryborough
Gibney Robert & Co., Ltd.The MaltingsMaltstersMaryborough
Odlum W. P. & R.Tower HillMillerMaryborough
Bond Alexander36 Patrick stDrapersMountmellick
Dunne Stephen41 Moore st (sic)ConfectionersMountmellick
Dunne Stephen41 O'Moore stGrocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Pim James & SonDrogheda Sq.DrapersMountmellick
McEvoy MissForge St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
McEvoy MissForge St.TobacconistsMountmellick
Dunne MartinFoundry St.Cycle AgentsMountmellick
Dunne MartinFoundry St.Motor Engineers & GaragesMountmellick
Healion WilliamFoundry St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Horan JohnHarbour St.Builders & ContractorsMountmellick
Bailey R.Market St.SaddlersMountmellick
Dowlin (sic) MichaelMarket St.FishmongerMountmellick
Dowling MichaelMarket St.Fruiterer & GreengrocerMountmellick
Duggan P.Market St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Duggan PhilipMarket St.Bootmakers & WarehousesMountmellick
Dunne John P.Market St.AuctioneerMountmellick
Dunne John P.Market St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Dunne John P.Market St.Licensed premisesMountmellick
Foy O.Market St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Foy O.Market St.Licensed premisesMountmellick
Foy TeresaMarket St.China & Glass DealersMountmellick
Gorman JohnMarket St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Gorman JohnMarket St.Licensed premisesMountmellick
Morgan JohnMarket St.AuctioneerMountmellick
Morgan JohnMarket St.BooksellersMountmellick
Morgan JohnMarket St.NewsagentsMountmellick
Shaw & SonsMarket St.Bootmakers & WarehousesMountmellick
Shaw & SonsMarket St.Milliners & DressmakersMountmellick
Smith & SonsMarket St.Hardware Merchants & IronmongersMountmellick
Smith & SonsMarket St.Milliners & DressmakersMountmellick
Smith H. & SonsMarket St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Smith H. & SonsMarket St.Licensed premisesMountmellick
Smith H. & SonsMarket St.TobacconistsMountmellick
Smith Humphrey & SonsMarket St.Bootmakers & WarehousesMountmellick
Smith Humphrey & SonsMarket St.Butter & Egg MerchantsMountmellick
Smith Humphrey & SonsMarket St.Coal MerchantsMountmellick
Smith Humphrey & SonsMarket St.Cycle AgentsMountmellick
Smith Humphrey & SonsMarket St.DrapersMountmellick
Smith Humphrey & SonsMarket St.Shipping AgentMountmellick
Smith Humphrey & SonsMarket St.VictuallersMountmellick
Williams DanielMarket St.AuctioneerMountmellick
Lynch BrothersMountmellickPainters & DecoratorsMountmellick
Bank of Ireland-BanksMountmellick
Codd F. & Co.-MaltstersMountmellick
Harte's prop: Mrs. R. Martin-BooksellersMountmellick
Martin R, Mrs. See Harte's-BooksellersMountmellick
National Bank Ltd.-BanksMountmellick
Bolger J. B.O'Connell Sq.ChemistsMountmellick
Bolger J. B.O'Connell Sq.DentistsMountmellick
Carter see Fetherstonhaugh &O'Connell Sq.SolicitorsMountmellick
Clarke WilliamO'Connell Sq.SolicitorsMountmellick
Fetherstonhaugh & CarterO'Connell Sq.SolicitorsMountmellick
Graham W. & SonO'Connell Sq.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Graham William & SonO'Connell Sq.Butter & Egg MerchantsMountmellick
McCann Arthur E., M.D.O'Connell Sq.Physicians & SurgeonsMountmellick
Pim & SonO'Connell Sq.Hardware Merchants & IronmongersMountmellick
Pim J. & SonO'Connell Sq.TobacconistsMountmellick
Pim James & SonO'Connell Sq.Bootmakers & WarehousesMountmellick
Pim James & SonO'Connell Sq.Butter & Egg MerchantsMountmellick
Pim James & SonO'Connell Sq.Coal MerchantsMountmellick
Pim James & SonO'Connell Sq.Cycle AgentsMountmellick
Pim James & SonO'Connell Sq.General MerchantsMountmellick
Pim James & SonO'Connell Sq.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Pim James & SonO'Connell Sq.Licensed premisesMountmellick
Pim James & SonO'Connell Sq.VictuallersMountmellick
Williams D. E., Ltd.O'Connell Sq.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Williams D. E., Ltd.O'Connell Sq.Licensed premisesMountmellick
Williams D. E., Mssrs. Ltd.O'Connell Sq.BakersMountmellick
Graham William & SonO'Connell St.BakersMountmellick
Burke M.O'Moore St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Conroy Daniel, Mrs.O'Moore St.Butter & Egg MerchantsMountmellick
Delaney P. J.O'Moore St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Delaney P. J.O'Moore St.Licensed premisesMountmellick
Dowling MichaelO'Moore St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Dowling MichaelO'Moore St.Licensed premisesMountmellick
Dowling MichaelO'Moore St.VictuallersMountmellick
Fitzpatrick J.O'Moore St.Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMountmellick
Fitzpatrick J.O'Moore St.Licensed premisesMountmellick
Gahan WilliamO'Moore St.Cycle AgentsMountmellick
Gahan WilliamO'Moore St.Motor Engineers & GaragesMountmellick
Nolan JosephO'Moore St.Builders & ContractorsMountmellick
O'Brien Michael J., M.D.O'Moore St.Physicians & SurgeonsMountmellick

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.