1931 Trade Directory, Co. Limerick

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Denis P. LyonsThe SquareSpirit & Wine DealerAbbeyfeale
DillonsThe ArcadeDraperAbbeyfeale
Dr. P. J. ClearyClonan HousePhysicians & DoctorsKilmallock
Dr. T. F. McNamaraSpringfield HousePhysicians & DoctorsKilmallock
Drombana Co-op CreameryDrombanaDairy ProduceLimerick City
E. CashenPost OfficeBooksellers & StationersLimerick City
E. G. Fitt133 O'Connell stGrocersLimerick City
E. H. P Hosford (h. B. Alton)84 O'Connell stHouse & Land AgentsLimerick City
E. JacksonSarsfield StreetTobacconistKilmallock
E. N. Halpin & Co.Up. William streetCork MerchantsLimerick City
E. W. FordeMain streetGrocerAbbeyfeale
E.J.F. Graham , L.D.S.I.15 Up. Mallow stDentistsLimerick City
Ebrill BrothersAgricultural HallAuctioneers & ValuersLimerick City
Ed. HalveyPatrick streetCycle AgentLimerick City
Ed. StackChurch streetMillinerAbbeyfeale
Edward Buckley26 John stWire Mattress ManufacturerLimerick City
Edward CollinsNew StreetChina DealersAbbeyfeale
Edward G. Fitt133 O'Connell stButter & Egg MerchantsLimerick City
Edward G. Fitt133 O'Connell stProvision MerchantsLimerick City
Edward Harnett , M.D.The SquareDoctorAbbeyfeale
Edward LudlowGlentworth streetShipbrokersLimerick City
Edward RocheChurch streetCorn & Flour MerchantAbbeyfeale
Edward StackChurch streetDraperAbbeyfeale
F. CorrThe CrescentPrinters & PublishersLimerick City
F. HawthorneWolfe Tone streetTailorKilmallock
F. Kiely (Imp. Bakery)Sarsfield streetConfectionersLimerick City
F. Kiely (Prop.Imp. Bakery)Sarsfield streetBakersLimerick City
F. M. Fitt & Co.Lr. Mallow stSolicitorsLimerick City
F.W. Kennedy , M.D.3 Pery sq.Physicians & SurgeonsLimerick City
Finn's Hotel & Rest.No address givenHotelLimerick City
Finn's Restaurant see Collins62 William stConfectionersLimerick City
Fitzpatrick & Sons99 O'Connell St.Printers & PublishersLimerick City
Fitzpatricks restaurant18 William stConfectionersLimerick City
Flannery BrothersDenmark streetBus ServicesLimerick City
Fox's HotelThomas stHotelLimerick City
Frank Colbert1 Harbour View, 8 Circular RdMotor Engineers & GaragesLimerick City
G. A., L.D.S.I. Fitzgibbon61 O'Connell stDentistsLimerick City
G. DwaneLord Edward streetDraperKilmallock
G. Vincent Hartigan , L.D.S.I.4 Up. Hartstonge stDentistsLimerick City
G. W. LeahyNew StreetChina DealersAbbeyfeale
G. W. LeahyNew StreetCoal MerchantsAbbeyfeale
G. W. LeahyNew StreetHardware MerchantAbbeyfeale
G. W. LeahyNew StreetIronmongerAbbeyfeale
Gaffney'sLord Edward streetDraperKilmallock
Geary Sons & Co., LtdMerchants QuayBiscuitsLimerick City
Geary Sons & Co., LtdMerchants QuaySweet ManufacturersLimerick City
Geary Sons & Co., LtdNo address givenConfectionersLimerick City
Geary's HotelThomas stHotelLimerick City
Glentworth Garage & WorksGlentworth streetMotor Car AgentsLimerick City
Glentworth Garage & WorksLr. Glentworth stMotor Engineers & GaragesLimerick City
Glentworth HotelGlentworth streetHotelLimerick City
Globe HotelNo address givenHotelLimerick City
Godfrey & moloneyGarage, AbbeyfealeMotor Engineers & GaragesAbbeyfeale
GodleyBridge streetCycle AgentAbbeyfeale
Goodwin & Co. Ltd.64 & 65 William stChina & Glass merchantsLimerick City
Grand CentralNo address givenCinemasLimerick City
Guinness Sons & Co., LtdUpr. Cecil streetBrewersLimerick City
H. B. Alton84 O'Connell stHouse & Land AgentsLimerick City
H. D. LeahyThe SquareMillinerAbbeyfeale
H. D. O'DonohoeNew StreetChemistsAbbeyfeale
H. FergusonO'Connell st. & William st.Fruit & VegetablesLimerick City
H. M. LyonsNew StreetSpirit & Wine DealerAbbeyfeale
H. M. O'ConnellsNew StreetDraperAbbeyfeale
H. M. O'ConnellsNew StreetMillinerAbbeyfeale
Halvey BrothersHenry streetMotor Engineers & GaragesLimerick City
Hanratty's HotelGlentworth streetHotelLimerick City
Harold Brothers5 Mallow stDairy EngineersLimerick City
Harry DalyBedford RowHairdressersLimerick City
Hartigan & Co.Davis streetAuctioneers & ValuersLimerick City
Hayes BrothersMulgrave streetMotor Engineers & GaragesLimerick City
Henry Denny & Sons Ltd.Mulgrave streetBacon CurersLimerick City
Hipps, Ltd9 O'Connell stTailorsLimerick City
Hipps, LtdO'Connell streetDrapersLimerick City
Hogan BrothersSheares streetCycle AgentKilmallock
Hogan BrothersSheares streetMotor Engineers & GaragesKilmallock
Hotel Desmond see O'GradyNo address givenHotelLimerick City
I.O.C.Sarsfield streetBus ServicesLimerick City
Imperial BakerySarsfield streetBakersLimerick City
Imperial Hotel12 Catherine stHotelLimerick City
Irish Agricultural Wholesale Society Ltd.37 Thomas stProvision MerchantsLimerick City
Irish American Oil Co69 O'Connell stMotor Spirit DistributorsLimerick City
Irish American Oil Co69 O'Connell stOil Spirit DistributersLimerick City
Irish B.P. Co. Ltd.104 Henry stPetroleum Product DistributorsLimerick City
Irish B.P. Oil CoHenry streetMotor Spirit DistributorsLimerick City
Irish B.P. Oil CoHenry streetOil Spirit DistributersLimerick City
Irish Co-Operative Agency Society Ltd.Roxborough RdButter & Egg MerchantsLimerick City
J. & G. Boyd12 William StreetIronmongersLimerick City
J. & G. Boyd , Ltd.12 William StreetBuilders' IronmongeryLimerick City
J. & G. Boyd , Ltd.12 William StreetGrocersLimerick City
J. & Sons BannatyneRoche's streetMillersLimerick City
J. A. Doyle56 O'Connell stSolicitorsLimerick City
J. B. BarringtonBarrington stHouse & Land AgentsLimerick City
J. BarrettLeens Hotel, Main stMotor Engineers & GaragesAbbeyfeale
J. Barry6 Up William stVictuallerLimerick City
J. BoltonSarsfield StreetHairdresserKilmallock
J. ByrneLord Edward streetBoot WarehouseKilmallock
J. CahaneArdnagrenaBuilderKilmallock
J. Casey5 Roche's stPoulterersLimerick City
J. D. Hannon32 O'Connell stBooksellers & StationersLimerick City
J. D. HarnettMain streetAuctioneerAbbeyfeale
J. D. HarnettMain streetGrocerAbbeyfeale
J. D. HarnettMain streetSpirit & Wine DealerAbbeyfeale
J. D. HarnettMain streetTobacconistAbbeyfeale
J. Dilworth128 O'Connell stCycle AgentLimerick City
J. DineenSarsfield StreetTailorKilmallock
J. DoodyNew StreetSaddlerAbbeyfeale
J. Dooley (Prop. Dainty dairy)25 O'Connell stDairy ProduceLimerick City
J. F. BourkeLr. Mallow stFlour ImportersLimerick City
J. FeoreSarsfield StreetWine & Spirit MerchantKilmallock
J. FraserLord Edward streetBakerKilmallock
J. Geary & Son7 Thomas stPainters & DecoratorsLimerick City
J. Good4 Up. William st.Auctioneers & ValuersLimerick City
J. Griffin , & SonsLr. Gerald Griffin stUndertakersLimerick City
J. HigginsEmmett StreetBlacksmithKilmallock
J. Irwin 6 Patrick stJewellers, WatchmakersLimerick City
J. J. DoranDublin HouseDraperAbbeyfeale
J. J. Dundon101 O'Connell stSolicitorsLimerick City
J. J. Fitzgibbon114 O'Connell stOpticiansLimerick City
J. John Long , M.D.1 Landsdowne VillasPhysicians & SurgeonsLimerick City
J. Kavanagh15 Upper Gerald Griffin St.Bookbinder & Account book makerLimerick City
J. Kivlehan2 O'Connell stBooksellers & StationersLimerick City
J. LynchSheares streetPainter & DecoratorKilmallock
J. McCarthyMain streetSaddlerAbbeyfeale
J. O'SullivanWolfe Tone streetBoot MakerKilmallock
J. P. LavinMain streetSolicitorAbbeyfeale
J. P. Walsh & SonSarsfield StreetHardware MerchantKilmallock
J. R. McGrathSarsfield StreetGrocerKilmallock
J. R. McGrathSarsfield StreetVictuallerKilmallock
J. R. McGrathSarsfield StreetWine & Spirit MerchantKilmallock
J. S. Gaffney86 O'Connell stSolicitorsLimerick City
J. T. Conway7 BoherbuoyMotor Engineers & GaragesLimerick City
J. V Coogan ., L.D.S.11 Upper Mallow stDentistsLimerick City
J., Mrs CrottySarsfield StreetWine & Spirit MerchantKilmallock
J.G. Holmes28 Mallow stPhysicians & SurgeonsLimerick City
J.J. CrottySarsfield StreetGrocerKilmallock
J.J. Power , B.A.Lord Edward streetSolicitorKilmallock
James Harris & Sons44 William stFlour MerchantsLimerick City
James Horgan, M.P.S.I.The Pharmacy, Lord Edward StChemistKilmallock
James Long54 William stGrocersLimerick City
James O'RourkeLord Edward streetVictuallerKilmallock
James WhiteAbbeyfealeButter & Egg MerchantsAbbeyfeale
John & Sons KennyUpper Cecil streetBuilders' ProvidersLimerick City
John Barrett2 Roche's stPoulterersLimerick City
John BurkeThe SquareGrocerAbbeyfeale
John Carew55 William stTanners & Leather MerchantsLimerick City
John Casey5 Roche's stPotato MerchantsLimerick City
John Clune59 William stTobacco ManufacturersLimerick City
John F., M.D. DevaneUpper Hartstonge stPhysicians & SurgeonsLimerick City
John HayesSarsfield StreetGrocerKilmallock
John HayesSarsfield StreetTobacconist, Wine & Spirit MerchantKilmallock

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.