1931 Trade Directory, Co. Louth

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Davis A., & Co.West streetClothiersDrogheda
Davis A., & Co.West streetDrapersDrogheda
Davis G.P.37 Park StreetChemistDundalk
Dawe Michael24 Church StreetGrocersDundalk
Dearey H.99 Bridge StreetGrocersDundalk
Deery Patrick15 Church StreetGrocersDundalk
Dick R. & J., Ltd.90 Clanbrassil St.Boot & Shoe MerchantDundalk
Dickie, Coulter & HamillFrancis StreetSolicitorsDundalk
Dolan & Co.Castle streetCarrierArdee
Dolan JamesBlackstaff InniskeenPhysicians & SurgeonsDundalk
Dolan JohnSundays GateGrocersDrogheda
Dolan M. R. B.Lawrence streetSolicitorsDrogheda
Dolan T.Castle streetIronmongersArdee
Dolan ThomasCastle streetGrocer & Spirit MerchantArdee
Donegan J. & Co.Shop streetBasket MakersDrogheda
Donegan J. & Co.Shop streetSack MakersDrogheda
Donnelly & Co.99 Park StreetChemistDundalk
Donnelly A. A.West streetVeterinary SurgeonsDrogheda
Donnelly M.Lawrence streetVictuallersDrogheda
Donnelly MissMarket streetDraperArdee
Donnelly P.Church StreetCycle AgentsDundalk
Donnelly Peter10 Church StreetIron MongersDundalk
Douglas BrothersMarket streetPosting EstablishmentArdee
Dowd J.Lawrence streetGrocersDrogheda
Dowd J.Lawrence streetWine & Spirit MerchantsDrogheda
Downes BrothersPeter streetPainters & DecoratorsDrogheda
Drogheda AdvertiserPeter streetPrintersDrogheda
Drogheda Argus Printing Co.Peter streetPrintersDrogheda
Drogheda Chemical Manure Co. Ltd.Marsh roadManure (Artificial) ManufacturersDrogheda
Drogheda Coal Co.South quayCoal MerchantsDrogheda
Drogheda Independent Co., Ltd.Shop streetPrintersDrogheda
Drogheda Oatmeal Milling Co.Merchants QuayMillersDrogheda
Drogheda Steam Laundry Ltd.West streetLaundriesDrogheda
Drogheda Wool Co.Steam Packet QuayWool MerchantsDrogheda
Drum PatrickChurch HillBootmakerArdee
Duffner BrothersShop streetPhotographersDrogheda
Duffner BrothersShop streetWatch & Clock MakersDrogheda
Duffy BernardQuay StreetBuilderDundalk
Duffy F.M.-SolicitorsDundalk
Duffy J.35 Clanbrassil St.GrocersDundalk
Duffy J.RampartsVictuallersDundalk
Dundalk & Newry Steampacket Co., Ltd.Quay StreetShipownersDundalk
Dundalk Examiner68 Clanbrassil St.Printers & PublishersDundalk
Dundalk Laundry Co.St. Helena QuayLaunderiesDundalk
Dundalk Mineral Water Co.25 Church StreetMineral Water ManufacturersDundalk
Dundalk Weaving Co. Ltd.-Linen ManufacturersDundalk
Dwyer JosephBull RingGrocersDrogheda
Dwyer JosephBull RingVictuallersDrogheda
Dwyer P.Bull RingVictuallersDrogheda
Eakins W. & S.9 Clanbrassil St.Boot & Shoe MerchantDundalk
Eakins W. & S.Clanbrassil St.Iron MongersDundalk
Elcock Luke J.Lawrence streetAuctioneersDrogheda
Elcock Luke J.Lawrence streetWool MerchantsDrogheda
Eustace Peter & SonsDyer streetPainters & DecoratorsDrogheda
Fagan & Co.60 Clanbrassil St.GrocersDundalk
Fairview HotelWest streetHotelsDrogheda
Farnon J. L.Roden PlaceDentistDundalk
Farrell D.West streetTobacconistsDrogheda
Farrell JohnBoat TrenchCarrierArdee
Farrell M.James streetVictuallersDrogheda
Farrell Mary, Mrs.Stockwell laneUndertakersDrogheda
Farrelly BrothersBridge StreetBoot & Shoe MerchantDundalk
Farrelly J.54 Broughton StreetTailorsDundalk
Faulkner & SonsClanbrassil St.Cycle AgentsDundalk
Fay John36 Park StreetTobacconistsDundalk
Fegan Bros.32 Bridge StreetUndertakersDundalk
Fegan BrothersBridge StreetGrocersDundalk
Fennell T.Ladywell HouseCattle DealerDundalk
Finegan BrothersMerchants QuayCoal MerchantsDrogheda
Finegan BrothersMerchants QuayShip ChandlersDrogheda
Finegan J. J. & SonsSouth quayShip ChandlersDrogheda
Finnegan B.Linenhall StreetGrocersDundalk
Fitzgerald E.25 Jocelyn StreetPhysicians & SurgeonsDundalk
Flood E. F.Francis St.ChemistDundalk
Flynn James1 Bridge StreetPainters & DecoratorsDundalk
Flynn P.J.Quay StreetPainters & DecoratorsDundalk
Gaelic Hotel Mrs. McGuinnessPark StreetHotelsDundalk
Galbraith Ltd.Shop streetBakersDrogheda
Galbraith Ltd.Shop streetConfectionersDrogheda
Gallagher & Co.Shop streetDrapersDrogheda
Gallagher & Co.Shop streetTailorsDrogheda
Gallagher & HarnettShop streetClothiersDrogheda
Gallagher B.Clanbrassil St.Cycle AgentsDundalk
Gallagher B.Clanbrassil St.Iron MongersDundalk
Gaskin BrothersPark StreetIron FoundersDundalk
Gaskin Joseph P.Park StreetPlumbersDundalk
Gaynor GeorgeMerchants QuayBoot & Shoe MakersDrogheda
Gerrard Thomas & Co.Lawrence streetSolicitorsDrogheda
Gilbey W. & A., Ltd.West streetWine & Spirit MerchantsDrogheda
Gill John HenryJocelyn PlacePhysicians & SurgeonsDundalk
Gilmore P.Castletown roadTailorsDundalk
Gogarty FrancisWest streetBuildersDrogheda
Gogarty OwenFrancis St.Coach & CarriageDundalk
Gogarty V. J.West streetDentistsDrogheda
Goodman L.Park StreetCattle DealerDundalk
Gorman FrankMarket streetPosting EstablishmentArdee
Gorman J.25 Park StreetTobacconistsDundalk
Gorman Mrs.25 Park StreetLadies' Tailors, Milliners & OutfittersDundalk
Gray Ltd.Market SquareSeed MerchantsDundalk
Great Northern Brewery Company-BrewersDundalk
Greenmount & Boyne Linen Co. Ltd.Boyne MillsLinen ManufacturersDrogheda
Grey R. & G.Market SquareCorn merchantsDundalk
Grey R. & G.Market SquareMillersDundalk
Griffith & Co (wholesale)25 Church StreetWine & Spirit MerchantsDundalk
Griffith & Co.Church StreetGrocersDundalk
Grimes J.Lawrence streetVictuallersDrogheda
Gunne P.19 Bridge StreetVictuallersDundalk
Hagan BrothersMarket streetSaddlersArdee
Hakenjos T.8 Clanbrassil St.Watch & ClockmakersDundalk
Hall S.7 Park StreetPhotographersDundalk
Hall Simon9 Jocelyn StreetTailorsDundalk
Halliday & Sons of Leeds Dundalk Boot FactoryQuay StreetBoot FactoryDundalk
Hamill & Co.Bridge streetGrocer & Spirit MerchantArdee
Hamill & Co.Bridge streetIronmongersArdee
Hamill George, L.R.C.P. & S.I.Lawrence streetPhysicians & SurgeonsDrogheda
Hamill J.Lawrence streetChemists & DruggistsDrogheda
Hamill John B.Market streetSolicitorsArdee
Hamilton Charles K. J.The RectoryPhysicians & SurgeonsDundalk
Hand P.Shop streetVictuallersDrogheda
Hand P.Stockwell laneRestaurantsDrogheda
Hanly HerbertWest streetBuildersDrogheda
Hanly S. & SonFair streetBuildersDrogheda
Hanratty Brothers10A Clanbrassil St.Boot & Shoe MerchantDundalk
Hanratty P.47 Clanbrassil St.GrocersDundalk
Harbinson H.West streetPlumbersDrogheda
Harbinson H. & Sons Ltd.West streetBuilders ProvidersDrogheda
Harbinson H. & Sons Ltd.West streetCement MerchantsDrogheda
Harbinson H. & Sons Ltd.West streetIronmongersDrogheda
Harbinson H. & Sons Ltd.West streetSeedsmenDrogheda
Hardy N. & Co. Ltd.LisdooShipownersDundalk
Hardy N. & Co., Ltd.LisdooCorn merchantsDundalk
Hardy Nicholas & Co., Ltd.72 Park StreetAuctioneer & ValuerDundalk
Harman JohnTrinity streetCorn MerchantsDrogheda
Harmon M.Market streetGrocer & Spirit MerchantArdee
Harnett R.West streetClothiersDrogheda
Harnett R.West streetTailorsDrogheda
Hart J. & N.Lawrence streetConfectionersDrogheda
Hart J. & N.Lawrence streetRestaurantsDrogheda
Haslett J. & J. Ltd.(Home & Colonial Stores Ltd.)1 Earl StreetGrocersDundalk
Healy & Co.Castle streetDraperArdee
Healy Luke J.West streetChemists & DruggistsDrogheda
Healy Luke J.West streetGrocersDrogheda
Healy Luke J.West streetWine & Spirit MerchantsDrogheda
Hetherington Thomas88 Clanbrassil St.DraperDundalk
Hibernian Bank-BanksDrogheda
Hibernian Bank Ltd.Castle streetBanksArdee
Hipps & Co.Shop streetTailorsDrogheda
Hodges P.Francis StreetHairdressersDundalk
Holden T.Dublin GateMotor Engineers & GaragesDrogheda
Hughes J.Roden PlaceVictuallersDundalk
Hughes JohnMarket streetCarpenterArdee
Hughes JohnThe CrescentCattle DealerDundalk
Hughes Peter24 Park StreetGrocersDundalk
Hughes PeterMarsh HouseGrocersDrogheda
Hughes PeterMarsh HouseWine & Spirit MerchantsDrogheda
Hughes S.1 Jocelyn StreetLadies' Tailors, Milliners & OutfittersDundalk
Hughes WilliamMarsh HouseCattle DealersDrogheda
Hunt L. V., M.D.Fair streetPhysicians & SurgeonsDrogheda
Hynes EdwardAsh WalkCarrierArdee
Imperial HotelPark StreetHotelsDundalk
Irish Hide & Skin Co. Ltd. 34 Park StreetHide & Skin MerchantsDundalk
Johnston F.P.Francis StreetSolicitorsDundalk
Johnston K.Park StreetLadies' Tailors, Milliners & OutfittersDundalk
Jordan Simon & Sons, Ltd.West GateEgg MerchantsDrogheda
Jordan Simon & Sons, Ltd.West GateSack Hiring MerchantsDrogheda
Kane DanielPalace streetCattle DealersDrogheda
Keane F.West streetHairdressersDrogheda
Kearney Owen31 Church StreetGrocersDundalk
Kearney ThomasCastle streetBoot WarehouseArdee
Kearney ThomasCastle streetGrocer & Spirit MerchantArdee
Kearney ThomasCastle streetPublicansArdee
Keelan BrothersClanbrassil St.DraperDundalk
Keeley JosephShop streetGrocersDrogheda
Keenan M.Bridge StreetTobacconistsDundalk
Kelly BrothersChurch StreetBakerDundalk
Kelly L.West streetSack MakersDrogheda
Kelly P. J.James streetHairdressersDrogheda
Kennedy P.J.-SolicitorsDundalk
Kenny D. & Co.20 Clanbrassil St.Ladies' Tailors, Milliners & OutfittersDundalk
Kerr J.Bridge streetSlatersArdee
Kerr P.Castle streetSlatersArdee
Kieran & Magee MessrsMarket streetAuctioneersArdee
Kieran E.93 Clanbrassil St.DentistDundalk
Kieran M.11 Park StreetGrocersDundalk
Kieran PeterFrancis St.DentistDundalk
Kierans T.West streetVictuallersDrogheda
Kiernan J. J.Steam Packet QuayGrocersDrogheda
King M. B.10 Park StreetAuctioneer & ValuerDundalk
King T.Barrack StreetGrocersDundalk
Kirkpatrick W.Lawrence streetStationersDrogheda
Lait & Son2 Clanbrassil St.Boot & Shoe MerchantDundalk
Lait John62 Clanbrassil St.Physicians & SurgeonsDundalk
Larkin Patrick D.West streetChemists & DruggistsDrogheda
Laverty Felix & Co.Jocelyn StreetWine & Spirit MerchantsDundalk
Lavery CharlesIrish streetHairdressersArdee
Lavery JamesRoden PlacePhysicians & SurgeonsDundalk
Law G.E.Jocelyn StreetFishmongersDundalk
Le Worthy MadameShop streetStationersDrogheda
Le Worthy MadameShop streetTobacconistsDrogheda
Leavy D.85 Clanbrassil St.Cycle AgentsDundalk

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.