1931 Trade Directory, Co. Mayo

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Cosgrave M., Mrs.Proprietress, Crescent hotelHotelsBallina
Cosgrove MichaelCornmarketGrocersBallinrobe
Costello M.Abbey streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
Courell Mrs.Arran streetPublicansBallina
Coyne JohnCherryfieldAuctioneerBallyhaunis
Coyne ThomasBridge streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Coyne ThomasBridge streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Coyne ThomasBridge streetWine MerchantsBallyhaunis
Crean Austin J. C.Bridge streetSolicitorsBallyhaunis
Crean Charles, M.D.-Physicians & SurgeonsBallyhaunis
Crescent, TheJohn streetHotelsBallina
Cullen T.Rush streetVintnersCastlebar
Cullen T.The BridgeGrocersCastlebar
Cummins & Co.New streetGrocersBallinrobe
Cunningham E., Mrs.Abbey streetEgg MerchantsBallyhaunis
Cunningham Ellen, Mrs.Abbey streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Cunningham Ellen, Mrs.Abbey streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Cunningham J. J.Bridge streetAuctioneerBallyhaunis
Cunningham MissArran streetHair Dressing SaloonsBallina
Cunningham Mrs.Bridge streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
Curley & SonsMain streetDrapersBallinrobe
Curley ??Clare streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Curry EdwardBrooklandsCattle & Pig DealersBallina
Curry JohnKing streetVictuallers (Butchers)Ballina
Daly CharlesCoachfieldAuctioneersCastlebar
Daly Peter-Physicians & SurgeonsBallinrobe
Davis M.King streetGeneral MerchantsBallina
Davis M.King streetPublicansBallina
Davis MichaelKing streetWine & Spirit MerchantsBallina
Delaney GeorgeAbbey streetBakersBallyhaunis
Delaney GeorgeAbbey streetHardware & Ironmongery MerchtsBallyhaunis
Delaney GeorgeAbbey streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Delaney JohnMain streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Delaney JohnMain streetHardware & Ironmongery MerchtsBallyhaunis
Devers Terence(Western People)Arran st. ( & Francis st.)PrintersBallina
Diamond M.Shamble streetTailorsBallina
Dillon GarrettMain streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Dillon GarrettMain streetProvision DealersBallyhaunis
Dillon GarrettMain streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Dillon GarrettMain streetWine MerchantsBallyhaunis
Dillon Mary, Mrs.Abbey streetGlass & China MerchantsBallyhaunis
Dillon Mary, Mrs.Abbey streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Dillon Mary, Mrs.Abbey streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Dillon Mary, Mrs.Main streetProvision DealersBallyhaunis
Dodd LukeBridge streetVictuallers (Butchers)Ballina
Doherty C. J.Bridge streetGrocersBallina
Dolphin Mrs.Prop. Dolphin HotelHotelsBallina
Donelan Mary, Mrs.Clare streetGlass & China MerchantsBallyhaunis
Donelan Mary, Mrs.Clare streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Donelan Mary, Mrs.Clare streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Donnellon & SonMain streetGrocersBallinrobe
Donohue MichaelBowgate streetDrapersBallinrobe
Doyle Josephine, Mrs.Spencer streetVintnersCastlebar
Duffy B.Garden streetGlass & China MerchantsBallina
Duffy BridgetGarden streetBakersBallina
Duffy MartinArdnareeBuilding ContractorsBallina
Duffy MartinArdnareeUndertakersBallina
Duffy N., Mrs.Linenhall streetVintnersCastlebar
Duffy P. J.Hill streetBakersBallina
Duncan J.Knox streetFancy GoodsBallina
Duncan J.Knox streetStationersBallina
Dungan J.(Ballina Herald)Knox streetPrintersBallina
Dunne M.Main streetWatchmakers & JewellersCastlebar
Dunne M., Mrs.Castle streetGrocersCastlebar
Dunne M., Mrs.Linenhall streetVintnersCastlebar
Durcan P. J.Ellison streetSolicitorsCastlebar
Durcan T.Main streetAuctioneersCastlebar
Durcan ThomasMain streetHardware & IronmongersCastlebar
Durkan JohnAbbey streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Durkan JohnAbbey streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Durkan JohnAbbey streetWine MerchantsBallyhaunis
Dwyer J.Ellison streetCar & CoachbuildersCastlebar
Earl GeorgeHigh streetDrapersBallinrobe
Eaton WilliamMain streetDrapersBallyhaunis
Egan JohnArran streetMineral Water ManufacturersBallina
Egan John & SonArran streetWine & Spirit MerchantsBallina
Elliott J. J.Castle streetWatchmakers & JewellersCastlebar
Elliott M., Mrs.Castle streetVintnersCastlebar
Ellison Cinema-CinemasCastlebar
English E. F.King streetSolicitorsBallina
English P.ArdnareePublicansBallina
Erris Hotel (M. Tierney, Prop.)Castle streetHotelsCastlebar
Fahy MichaelClare streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Fahy Michael J.Bridge streetGrocersBallinrobe
Fahy Michael J.Bridge streetWine & Spirit MerchantsBallinrobe
Farragher W.Bowgate streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
Faulkner A. J.Main streetPhysicians & SurgeonsCastlebar
Feerick Margaret, MissMain streetWine & Spirit MerchantsBallinrobe
Feerick Mrs.Abbey streetGrocersBallinrobe
Fergus F.Linenhall streetVintnersCastlebar
Ferguson M.ArdnareeTailorsBallina
Fitzgerald EdwardBallinrobeSolicitorsBallinrobe
FitzGerald N., MissNewantrim streetVintnersCastlebar
Fitzmaurice J. C.Bridge streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Fitzmaurice PeterBridge streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Fitzpatrick ThomasCornmarketWool MerchantsBallinrobe
Fitzpatrick ThomasMain streetGrocersBallinrobe
Flanagan P.Knox streetGrocersBallina
Flannelly M.Main streetVictuallersCastlebar
Flannelly MatthewLinenhall streetVictuallersCastlebar
Flannelly P.Castle streetVictuallersCastlebar
Flannery JohnBowgate streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
Flannery MartinCornmarketWool MerchantsBallinrobe
Flannery MichaelMain streetVictuallers (Butchers)Ballinrobe
Flately JamesMain streetTailorsBallyhaunis
Flynn ConnorMain streetDrapersBallyhaunis
Forde PatrickCornmarketGrocersBallinrobe
Forde RichardGarden streetCoach BuildersBallina
Forde ThomasKnox streetBoot & Shoe makersBallyhaunis
Forde ThomasThe SquareDrapersBallyhaunis
Forde ThomasThe SquarePublicansBallyhaunis
Foudy MichaelBridge streetEgg MerchantsBallyhaunis
Foudy MichaelBridge streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Foudy MichaelBridge streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Foudy MichaelBridge streetWine MerchantsBallyhaunis
Fox JohnMain streetGrocersCastlebar
Frazer WilliamArran streetHair Dressing SaloonsBallina
Freeley JohnMain streetDrapersBallyhaunis
Freeley JohnMain streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Freeley MichaelMain streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Freeley MichaelMain streetWine MerchantsBallyhaunis
Freeley PatrickMain streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Freely MichaelMain streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Freely PatrickMain streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Gainly J.Mill streetHorseshoersBallina
Gallagher JohnMain streetDrapersBallyhaunis
Gallagher JohnMain streetHardware & Ironmongery MerchtsBallyhaunis
Gallagher JohnMain streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Ganly MichaelAbbey streetTailorsBallyhaunis
Garavan S.The BridgeGrocersCastlebar
Garavan S.The BridgeVintnersCastlebar
Garry H.Tucker streetCoal MerchantsCastlebar
Garvey & SmithBallinrobeSolicitorsBallinrobe
Garvey & SmithEllison streetSolicitorsCastlebar
Garvey C.Castle streetBakersCastlebar
Garvey J. C., LL.BGarvey & SmithSolicitorsCastlebar
Garvey JohnKing streetBakersBallina
Gavin Brothers (P.)Spencer streetBakersCastlebar
Gavin Brothers (P.)Spencer streetEgg MerchantsCastlebar
Gavin CharlesArran streetDrapersBallina
Gavin J.KnockthomasBakersCastlebar
Geraghty J.Glebe streetPoultry DealersBallinrobe
Geraghty M.Spencer streetGrocersCastlebar
Geraghty M.Spencer streetVintnersCastlebar
Geraghty MichaelGlebe streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
Gibbons MichaelHigh streetGrocersBallinrobe
Gibbons P.Abbey streetGrocersBallinrobe
Gibbons W.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
Gibbons WilliamMain streetCoal MerchantsCastlebar
Gibbons WilliamMain streetGrocersCastlebar
Gilbey W. & A.,Ltd.Knox streetWine & Spirit MerchantsBallina
Gildea BrothersThomas streetVictuallersCastlebar
Gillespie-Printers & PublishersCastlebar
Gilmore JohnKnox streetCar & CoachbuildersBallyhaunis
Gilmore JohnKnox streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Gilmore JohnKnox streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Glavey B., MissKnox streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Glavey B., MissKnox streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Glynn & TobinJames streetBuilding ContractorsBallina
Glynn BrothersUpper Main streetVictuallersBallyhaunis
Greally A. J., MissMain streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Greally D., MissKnox streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Greally Delia, MissKnox streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Greally MichaelUpper Main streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Griffin MichaelClare streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Grimes T.Castle streetBootmakersCastlebar
Guinan J.Main streetHardware & IronmongersCastlebar
Guinan J. & Tierney, P.Main streetGrocersCastlebar
Guinan's Mrs.Garden streetRestaurantsBallina
Halpin JohnAbbey streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Hanley PeterKnox st. & King st.DrapersBallina
Hannick J. J.ArdnareePublicansBallina
Hannon PeterAbbey streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Hannon PeterAbbey streetHardware & Ironmongery MerchantsBallyhaunis
Hannon PeterAbbey streetProvision DealersBallyhaunis
Hannon PeterAbbey streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Hannon PeterMain streetWine MerchantsBallyhaunis
Haugh PatrickClare streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Haughey J.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
Hawkshaw Michael-Physicians & SurgeonsBallinrobe
Hawson George C., R.D., M.P.S.I.Arran streetChemists & PharmacistsBallina
Heffernan JamesBridge streetVeterinary SurgeonsBallina
Heffernan JamesBridge streetVictuallers (Butchers)Ballina
Heffernan P.Bridge streetPublicansBallina
Heneghan J.Ellison streetPhysicians & SurgeonsCastlebar
Henneghan's Mrs.Knox streetRestaurantsBallina
Hession CharlesGlebe streetWatchmakers & JewellersBallinrobe
Heverin JamesEllison streetDrapersCastlebar
Heverin JamesEllison streetMillinersCastlebar
Hewitt J. G.Prop: Lough Mask HotelHotelsBallinrobe
Hewson M., Mrs.Knox streetUndertakersBallina
Higgins ??Clare streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Hoban BrothersLinenhall streetCycle & Motor AgentsCastlebar
Hoban J.Main streetGrocersCastlebar
Hoban J.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
Hoban T.Rush streetVintnersCastlebar
Holeran T.Glebe streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
Holleran ThomasGlebe streetVictuallers (Butchers)Ballinrobe
Holme's Commercial HotelBridge streetHotelsBallyhaunis

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.