1931 Trade Directory, Co. Meath

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Lyons JamesTown ViewVeterinary SurgeonsNavan
MacDonnell M.Cross streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
MacDonnell R. J., LL.BCross streetSolicitorsKells
Mackey & SonsBective squareBuilders & ContractorsKells
MacMenamin P.Farrell streetFruit MerchantsKells
MacQuillan (sic) PeterTrimgate streetGrocersNavan
Magee E. P.Farrell streetChemistsKells
Maguire JamesTrimgate streetPainters & DecoratorsNavan
Maguire JamesTrimgate streetRestaurantsNavan
Maguire JamesTrimgate streetTobacconistsNavan
Maguire'sTrimgate streetNewsagents & TobacconistsNavan
Malone A. J.Market streetSolicitorsTrim
Malone JohnRailway streetElectrical & Mechanical EngineersNavan
Malone JohnRailway streetMotor EngineersNavan
Mangan MissLudlow streetRestaurantsNavan
Markey J.Newmarket streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
Marks R. J.Watergate streetCycle AgentsNavan
Marmion E., Mrs.Market squareDrapersTrim
Marron B.Watergate streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsNavan
Martin J.Farrell streetDrapersKells
Martin J.Market streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
Martin J. J., Mrs.Bridge HouseGrocers & Spirit DealersTrim
Martin M.Cross streetTobacconists & NewsagentsKells
Matthews GeorgeChapel streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsOldcastle
Matthews H.BellinacreeWoolen ManufacturerOldcastle
McCabe Francis JosephWatergate streetGrocersNavan
McCabe Francis JosephWatergate streetWine & Spirit MerchantsNavan
McCabe R.Trimgate streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsNavan
McCauley RichardMarket SquareBoot & Shoe MerchantsNavan
McCauley RichardWatergate streetBoot & Shoe MerchantsNavan
McConn J.Lennox streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsOldcastle
McConn J.Lennox streetIronmongersOldcastle
McConville & LeonardMarket streetDrapersTrim
McConville & LeonardMarket streetGrocers & Spirit DealersTrim
McCormickMarket streetIronmongersTrim
McCullough P.Emmett streetDrapersTrim
McCullough P.Emmett streetTailorsTrim
McDonnell BrothersCastle streetTailorsTrim
McEnroe P.Cannon streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
McEntaggartBrew's HillTailorsNavan
McEntee C.Newmarket streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
McEvoy & SonChapel streetBakersOldcastle
McEvoy & SonChapel streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsOldcastle
McEvoy JohnMarket squareGrocersNavan
McEvoy P.Market squareWine & Spirit MerchantsNavan
McGarry'sChurch streetTobacconists & NewsagentsKells
McKeever J.Market squareDrapersNavan
McKeever JamesWatergate streetChemistsNavan
McKeever Mrs.Market squareBoot & Shoe MerchantsNavan
McKenna B.Ludlow streetGrocersNavan
McKenna Justin C.Newmarket streetSolicitorsKells
McManus PatrickCastle streetDrapersOldcastle
McManus PatrickChapel streetIronmongersOldcastle
McNally J.Cannon RowGrocersNavan
McNally J.Emmett streetSaddlersTrim
McNally JohnCannon RowCoal MerchantsNavan
M'Cobe (sic) B., MissCastle streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsOldcastle
McQuillan MissChurch HillDrapersNavan
McQuillan P. J.Trimgate streetGeneral MerchantsNavan
Meath ChronicleMarket SquarePrinters & NewspapersNavan
Meehan PatrickEmmett streetVictuallersTrim
Meehan PeterEmmett streetGrocers & Spirit DealersTrim
Meehan PeterEmmett streetVictuallersTrim
Melady ThomasTrimgate streetSaddlers & Harness MakersNavan
M'Evoy JeremiahHigh streetGeneral MerchantsTrim
M'Evoy's Commercial Temperance HotelHigh streetHotelsTrim
Miggins J.Market streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
M'Manus Dr.Market streetChemistsTrim
Monaghan JohnCarrick streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
Monaghan MichaelChapel streetBuilders & ContractorsOldcastle
Monahan R. V., M.B., B.A.O.Brew's HillPhysiciansNavan
Mooney P. A.Kenlis placeSolicitorsKells
Mooney P. A.The SquareSolicitorsOldcastle
Moore F. J., L.R.C.P., & S.I.Academy streetPhysiciansNavan
Morgan MichaelWatergate streetGrocersNavan
Mullen W.Railway streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
Murdock S. J. & SonBaltrasnaAuctioneerOldcastle
Murphy B., MissTrimgate streetNewsagents & TobacconistsNavan
Murray J. & Co.Cross streetDrapersKells
Murray JohnWatergate streetCoal MerchantsNavan
Myles PhilipBarrack streetBootmakersOldcastle
Napier ArmsThe SquareHotelsOldcastle
National Bank Ltd.-BanksKells
Navan Engineering WorksAcademy streetCycle AgentsNavan
Navan Engineering WorksAcademy streetMotor EngineersNavan
Noonan ThomasLudlow streetSolicitorsNavan
Northern Bank Ltd-BanksKells
Northern Banking Co. Ltd. Lennox streetBanksOldcastle
Nulty J.Newmarket streetTobacconists & NewsagentsKells
O'Byrne D. J.Academy streetVeterinary SurgeonsNavan
O'Connell E.Cavan streetChemistsOldcastle
O'Connor EugeneAcademy streetGeneral MerchantsNavan
O'Connor EugeneAcademy streetGrocersNavan
O'Connor J. J.Market squareTurf AccountantsNavan
O'Ferral Ltd.Castle streetTea & Wine ImportersKells
O'Ferrall Ltd.Castle streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
O'Hagan A.Trimgate streetFish & Fruit MerchantsNavan
O'Hagan OwenTrimgate streetFruiterersNavan
O'Hagan OwenTrimgate streetGrocersNavan
O'Hara J. F.High streetChemistsTrim
O'Hea CharlesChurch streetDrapersKells
O'Neill E. & Co.Cavan streetCoachbuildersOldcastle
O'Neill E. & Co.Cavan streetMotor AgentsOldcastle
O'Reilly & SonsTrimgate streetCabinetmakersNavan
O'Reilly AnneLennox streetDrapersOldcastle
O'Reilly B.Church ViewVictuallersNavan
O'Reilly D.The SquareVeterinary SurgeonTrim
O'Reilly James & Co.Farrell streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
O'Reilly M.Chapel streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsOldcastle
O'Reilly PatrickCastle streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsOldcastle
O'Shea W.The SquareGrocers & Spirit MerchantsOldcastle
Owens JamesLudlow streetCorn MerchantsNavan
Owens Mrs.Market squareGrocersNavan
Picture House-CinemaNavan
Porter G.The SquareIronmongersOldcastle
Porter Sons & Co.The SquareBakersOldcastle
Porter Sons & Co.The SquareCoal MerchantsOldcastle
Porter Sons & Co.The SquareCycle AgentsOldcastle
Porter William & SonGlenboyAuctioneerOldcastle
Potterton F. T.Market streetSolicitorsTrim
Powell W. R.Market streetDrapersTrim
Pratt F.High streetCycle AgentsTrim
Pratt F.High streetMotor Engineer & GarageTrim
Preston, Fox & Co. The SquareAuctioneerOldcastle
Railway HotelHigh streetHotelsTrim
Reilly BernardTrimgate streetGrocersNavan
Reilly DanielEmmett streetSolicitorsTrim
Reilly EllenEmmett streetGrocers & Spirit DealersTrim
Reilly JohnCarrick streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
Reilly JohnKenlis placeCoachbuilderKells
Reilly K. & M.Cavan streetDrapersOldcastle
Reilly M.The SquareDrapersOldcastle
Reilly MichaelChapel streetConfectioners, Tea Rooms &c.Oldcastle
Reilly O. C., M.D.Mornington HousePhysicians & SurgeonsTrim
Reilly ThomasLudlow streetVictuallersNavan
Reynolds C. M.DalystownAuctioneersTrim
Reynolds JamesMarket streetVictuallersTrim
Rice MissTrimgate streetRestaurantsNavan
Rlys G. S. - see ShellG.S. Ryls. Co. YardMotor Spirits DistributorsNavan
Ross C. H. G., M.B.Bedford PlacePhysiciansNavan
Ross Elizabeth, Miss (sic)Watergate streetWine & Spirit MerchantsNavan
Ross Elizabeth, Mrs. (sic)Watergate streetGrocersNavan
Rourke B.Farrell streetVictuallersKells
Royal Meath HotelMarket streetHotelsKells
Russell J.Trimgate streetPlumbers & GasfittersNavan
Russell S.Market streetSaddlersKells
Shell-Mex (Dublin) LtdG.S. Ryls. Co. YardMotor Spirits DistributorsNavan
Shell-Mex (Dublin) LtdG.S. Ryls. Co. YardPetroleum Product DistributorsNavan
Sheridan A., Dr.Chapel streetPhysicians & SurgeonsOldcastle
Sheridan JamesMarket squareSeedsmenNavan
Sheridan James & Co.Market squareIronmongersNavan
Sheridan James & Co., Ltd.Market squareGeneral MerchantsNavan
Sheridan James & Co., Ltd.Market squareGrocersNavan
Sheridan James & Co., Ltd.Market squareHardware MerchantsNavan
Sheridan James & Co., Ltd.Market squareHotelsNavan
Sheridan JohnMaudlin streetMotor & Cycle AgentsKells
Sheridan K.Farrell streetSaddlersKells
Sheridan M.Trimgate streetSaddlers & Harness MakersNavan
Sheridan P.Watergate streetCycle AgentsNavan
Sheridan PatrickWatergate streetCorn MerchantsNavan
Sheridan PatrickWatergate streetHardware MerchantsNavan
Sheridan PatrickWatergate streetHotelsNavan
Sheridan PatrickWatergate streetIronmongersNavan
Sheridan PatrickWatergate streetSeedsmenNavan
Smith & CullenCavan streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsOldcastle
Smith C.Market streetVictuallersKells
Smith J.Church ViewTailorsKells
Smith J.Farrell streetVictuallersKells
Smith J. & E., & Co.Market streetGrocers & Spirit DealersTrim
Smith J. E., & Co.Market streetBakersTrim
Smith JamesTubridMillersOldcastle
Smith P.Market streetDrapersKells
Smith P.Suffolk streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
Smith P. & SonChurch ViewAuctioneersNavan
Smith PatrickMarket squareGrocersNavan
Smyth BrothersCanal BridgePainters & DecoratorsNavan
Smyth GeorgeTrimgate streetFruiterersNavan
Smyth J. & E.Market streetGeneral MerchantsTrim
Smyth Patrick & SonLudlow streetPainters & DecoratorsNavan
Spicer & Co., Ltd.Trimgate streetGrocersNavan
Spicer John & Co., Ltd.Blackwater, Boyne Mills & Market sq.MillersNavan
Spicer John & Co., Ltd.Maudlin streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
Spicer John & Co., Ltd.The SquareBakersNavan
Spicer John & Co., Ltd.The SquareCorn MerchantsNavan
Steen AmbroseTrimgate streetSolicitorsNavan
Stenson T. W.High streetCycle AgentsTrim
Stewart ThomasCavan streetCycle AgentsOldcastle
Stewart ThomasCavan streetMotor GaragesOldcastle
Sullivan W. D.Bedford PlaceSolicitorsNavan
Sweeny WilliamCastle streetGrocers & Spirit DealersTrim
Taaffe J.Mill streetCoach BuildersTrim
Tallan PatrickLudlow streetSolicitorsNavan
Tease H.Farrell streetDentistsKells
Tease H. H.Chapel streetDentistsOldcastle
Terney (sic) JosephTrimgate streetNewsagents & TobacconistsNavan
Tesbury? BrothersAthlumney MillsFurniture ManufacturersNavan
Tevlin Jas.Carrick streetBlacksmithsKells
Tevlin M. & SonsHeadfort placeAuctioneersKells
The Meath PharmacyHeadfort placeChemistsKells
Thornton J.Market streetDentistsTrim
Tiernan ThomasCavan streetSolicitorsOldcastle
Tierney JosephTrimgate streetTobacconistsNavan
Timmon Wm. P., L.R.C.P. & S.Ed.Boyne VillaPhysiciansNavan
Timon MissLudlow streetDrapersNavan
Tobin ThomasBridge streetMotor EngineersNavan
Toomey L. H.Barrack streetHairdresserOldcastle
Tuite J. P.Cavan streetDrapersOldcastle
Tuite PatrickWatergate streetVictuallersNavan
Tuite W. & E.The SquareButchersOldcastle
Tuite W. & E.The SquareConfectioners, Tea Rooms &c.Oldcastle
Tuite W. & E.The SquareEgg MerchantsOldcastle
Tully JohnLudlow streetGrocersNavan
Turner'sTrimgate streetGrocersNavan
Ulster Bank Ltd. -BankTrim
Wade W. J., M.P.S.I.Castle streetChemistsOldcastle
Wade WilliamCastle streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsOldcastle
Walsh Joseph & SonsWatergate streetWatchmakers & JewellersNavan
Walsh Joseph, M.B.Watergate streetPhysiciansNavan
Walsh W.Black Castle MillsCabinetmakersNavan
Walsh W.Black Castle MillsFurniture ManufacturersNavan
Walsh's Medical HallLudlow streetChemistsNavan
Ward PatrickWatergate streetGrocersNavan
Ward see Cunningham &Farrell streetGrocers & Spirit DealersKells
Williams J.Trimgate streetTailorsNavan
Wilson F. X.Market squareChemistsNavan
Woods see Loughran &Market Square & Trimgate stBoot & Shoe MerchantsNavan

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.