1931 Trade Directory, Co. Monaghan

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Higgins B.Main streetPosting EstablishmentsCarrickmacross
Higgins B.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCarrickmacross
Higgins BernardMain streetGrocersCarrickmacross
Higgins G.Market squareVictuallersCastleblayney
Higgins Mrs.Muckno streetConfectionersCastleblayney
Hoey M.Main streetChina & Glass DealersCarrickmacross
Hoey M.Main streetHardware MerchantsCarrickmacross
Hoey Miss-ChemistsBallybay
Hope Arms HotelMain streetHotelsCastleblayney
Hughes J.York streetSaddlersCastleblayney
Hughes Miss-FruiterersBallybay
Hughes T., Mrs.Main streetSpirit DealersBallybay
Hughes ThomasYork streetCycle AgentCastleblayney
Irwin E. H., M.D.Market squarePhysicians & SurgeonsCastleblayney
Irwin GeorgeMain streetGrocersBallybay
Irwin GeorgeMain streetHardware MerchantsBallybay
Irwin GeorgeMain streetIronmongersBallybay
Irwin Mrs.Main streetHotelsBallybay
Jackson & Duncan - Miss JeffsMain streetDentistsBallybay
Johnston MaryMain streetConfectionersBallybay
Kane A.Cuchulain terraceMonumental SculptorsCarrickmacross
Keane P.O'Neill streetCoal MerchantsCarrickmacross
Kearns ThomasBridge streetHairdressersBallybay
Keegan J.Main streetTobacconistsCarrickmacross
Keegan JohnMain streetBooksellers & StationersCarrickmacross
Keelaghan BrothersMain streetBoot WarehousesBallybay
Keelaghan BrothersMain streetDrapersBallybay
Keelaghan BrothersMain streetMilliners & DressmakersBallybay
Keelaghan EdwardMain streetAuctioneersBallybay
Keelaghan EdwardMain streetSpirit DealersBallybay
Keelaghan F. & Co.Main streetGrocersBallybay
Keelaghan F. & Co.Main streetHardware MerchantsBallybay
Keelaghan F. & Co.Main streetIronmongersBallybay
Keely JohnMuckno streetVictuallersCastleblayney
Keenan JamesMain streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCarrickmacross
Keenan Jas.Main streetGrocersCarrickmacross
Kelly A.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCastleblayney
Kelly ArthurWest streetGrocersCastleblayney
Kelly BernardSt. Patrick streetBoot MakersBallybay
Kelly BrothersThe SquareTailorsCastleblayney
Kerr JamesMain streetGrocersBallybay
Kerr JamesMain streetSpirit DealersBallybay
Lambe MissWest EndDrapersCastleblayney
Lardner & Co.BallybaySolicitorsBallybay
Laverty ThomasMarket squareSolicitorsCastleblayney
Leanon E.Main streetBooksellers & StationersCastleblayney
Leathem JamesMuckno streetCoach & Cart MerchantsCastleblayney
Leavy James, L.P.S.I.The Drug Hall, Market sq.ChemistsCastleblayney
Lenagh & Co.Muckno streetTailorsCastleblayney
Lennon MissMain streetDrapersBallybay
Leonard WilliamCorrybrennan streetPosting EstablishmentsBallybay
Linden HughMain streetVictuallersBallybay
Livingston M.Henry streetGrocersCastleblayney
Livingstone J.Market squareWatchmakers & JewellersCastleblayney
Lonergan P.Shirley Arms Hotel, Main stCoal MerchantsCarrickmacross
Lonergan P.Shirley Arms Hotel, Main stSeed, Manure &c., MerchantsCarrickmacross
Lonergan P.Shirley Arms Hotel, Main stUndertakers & Posting establishmentsCarrickmacross
Lonergan P.Shirley Arms Hotel, Main stWine & Spirit MerchantsCarrickmacross
Lonergan P.Shirley Hotel, Main stGrocersCarrickmacross
Lonergan P., M.I.A.A.Shirley Arms Hotel, Main stAuctioneersCarrickmacross
Lynch B., Mrs., A.L.C.M.York streetEducational EstablishmentsCastleblayney
Lynch P.Main streetGrocersBallybay
MacArdle MissMarket squareGrocersCastleblayney
MacCudden P.Main streetTailorsBallybay
MacGarity J.Main streetTobacconistsCarrickmacross
Macklin BernardMain streetSpirit DealersBallybay
Macquillen ThomasWest streetMotor Engineers & GaragesCastleblayney
Magee JohnMain streetGrocersCarrickmacross
Mallon JamesMain streetVictuallersCastleblayney
Malone HughWest streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCastleblayney
Malone P.Main streetButter & Egg MerchantsCastleblayney
Malone'sMain streetGrocersCastleblayney
Markey E. J.Main streetGrocersCarrickmacross
Markey L., MissArdee roadGrocersCarrickmacross
Marray JohnMain streetUndertakersCastleblayney
Marray JohnMuckno streetGrocersCastleblayney
Marray JohnWest streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCastleblayney
Marray OwenMuckno streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCastleblayney
Marron M.Main streetChina & Glass DealersCarrickmacross
Marron M.Main streetCoal MerchantsCarrickmacross
Marron M.Main streetHardware MerchantsCarrickmacross
Marron M. (late of O'Byrne's)Main streetIronmongersCarrickmacross
Marron M., Mrs.Market squareGrocersCastleblayney
Marron P.Main streetSolicitorsCarrickmacross
Martin Bernard J.O'Neill streetBooksellers & StationersCarrickmacross
Martin L.O'Neill streetPainters & DecoratorCarrickmacross
Martin P.Main streetMotor Engineers & GaragesCarrickmacross
Martin P.O'Neill streetChemistsCarrickmacross
Maxwell JamesMarket squareBoot MakersCastleblayney
M'Caffrey ThomasSt. Enda streetGrocersCarrickmacross
McAnea JohnWest EndDrapersCastleblayney
McArdle B.Market squareWine & Spirit MerchantsCastleblayney
McArdle CharlesYork streetPoultry MerchantsCastleblayney
McArdle H.MullinaryBootmakersCarrickmacross
McArdle M.St. Enda streetMilliners & DressmakersCarrickmacross
McArdle M. J.O'Neill streetMilliners & DressmakersCarrickmacross
McArdle M. J.O'Neill streetTailorsCarrickmacross
McArdle M., MissSt. Enda streetDrapersCarrickmacross
McArdle Michael J.O'Neill streetDrapersCarrickmacross
McAree T.Muckno streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCastleblayney
M'Caul BernardMain streetGrocersCarrickmacross
McBennett JamesKinnegan, CastleblayneyAuctioneersCastleblayney
McBride E.West streetGrocersCastleblayney
McBride EdwardMain streetBakersCastleblayney
McCabe P.MagherossGrocersCarrickmacross
McCabe P. J.Market House streetSpirit DealersBallybay
McCaffrey ThomasSt. Enda streetCoal MerchantsCarrickmacross
McCaul B., M.D.Shirley HousePhysicians & SurgeonsCarrickmacross
McCaul BernardMain streetSeed, Manure &c., MerchantsCarrickmacross
McCluskey L.Main streetGrocersCarrickmacross
McCluskey L.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCarrickmacross
McCluskey P.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCarrickmacross
McCudden P.Main streetBoot WarehousesBallybay
McCullagh Mrs.The SquareGrocersBallybay
McCullagh Mrs.The SquareHardware MerchantsBallybay
McCullagh Mrs.The SquareNewsagentsBallybay
McDermott JohnBath streetBakersCarrickmacross
McDonnell BrothersMain streetBakersBallybay
McDonnell Mrs.West streetGrocersCastleblayney
McEnaney J.Railway terraceTailorsCastleblayney
McEneaney P.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCarrickmacross
McEneaney P.Parnell streetCycle AgentsCarrickmacross
McEneaney PeterMain streetBakersCarrickmacross
McEneaney T.Cuchulain terraceTailorsCarrickmacross
McEntee PatrickDrumrooskeBuildersBallybay
McEntegart P.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCarrickmacross
McGahan P. & Co.West streetDrapersCastleblayney
McGahan Vincent P.Main streetSolicitorsCastleblayney
McGee J.Main streetSeed, Manure &c., MerchantsCarrickmacross
McGeough BernardMain streetDrapersBallybay
McGeough FrasMain streetHardware MerchantsBallybay
McGeough JamesLake ViewCoal MerchantsCastleblayney
McGeough M. J., Mrs.Main streetNewsagentsBallybay
McGinn JamesMain streetBuildersCastleblayney
McGinn PatrickRailway terraceBoot MakersCastleblayney
McGough J.Market squareWine & Spirit MerchantsCastleblayney
McGough JamesMain streetGrocersCastleblayney
McGrath Mrs.West streetDrapersCastleblayney
McGrath P.Main streetPosting EstablishmentsCastleblayney
McGroder M.Monaghan streetBootmakersCarrickmacross
McKee JohnMuckno streetBoot MakersCastleblayney
McKendryThe SquareMilliners & DressmakersCastleblayney
McKenna T. F., M.R.C.V.S.-Veterinary SurgeonCastleblayney
McKenna WilliamMain streetSpirit DealersBallybay
McKey JohnMonaghan streetCoal MerchantsCarrickmacross
McMahon & Co.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCastleblayney
McMahon & Co.Muckno streetTobacconistsCastleblayney
McMahon B., Mrs.Main streetBooksellers & StationersCastleblayney
McMahon B., Mrs.Muckno streetHairdressersCastleblayney
McMahon JamesMain streetDrapersCastleblayney
McMahon L.Main streetGrocersCarrickmacross
McMahon L.Main streetUndertakers & Posting establishmentsCarrickmacross
McMahon L.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCarrickmacross
McMahon Mrs.Main streetChina & Glass DealersBallybay
McMahon P. & Co.Main streetGrocersCastleblayney
McMurray C. L., Mrs.Main streetGrocersBallybay
McMurray C. L., Mrs.-DrapersBallybay
McNally PeterBridge streetPigs & Sheep DealerCarrickmacross
McSherry BrothersThe SquareNewsagentsBallybay
McSkean ThomasAlbert stSaddlersBallybay
McWilliams see Parke &BallybaySolicitorsBallybay
Meighan FrancisChapel streetCycle AgentsBallybay
M'Eneaney P.Main streetGrocersCarrickmacross
Moffett RobertMain streetVictuallersBallybay
Mohan GeorgeMain streetSaddlersBallybay
Molloy JohnChurch streetAuctioneersCastleblayney
Monaghan M. J.-ChemistsBallybay
Monahan M.Main streetMotor Engineers & GaragesCarrickmacross
Monans John-FruiterersBallybay
Mooney MissMain streetChina & Glass DealersCastleblayney
Morgan Mrs.CorrybrennanMilliners & DressmakersBallybay
Morrison WilliamNoble streetDrapersCastleblayney
Mulholland & SonsBath streetBuildersCarrickmacross
Mullan WilliamParnell streetHairdressersCarrickmacross
Mulligan & Co.Main streetBooksellers & StationersCastleblayney
Mulligan & Co.Main streetChina & Glass DealersCastleblayney
Mulligan & Co.Main streetTobacconistsCastleblayney
Mulligan JohnWest streetSaddlersCastleblayney
Munster & Leinster Bank Ltd.Main streetBanksCarrickmacross
Munster & Leinster Bank Ltd.-BanksCastleblayney
Murnane Mrs.Main streetDrapersBallybay
Murnane Mrs.Main streetMilliners & DressmakersBallybay
Murphy A.O'Neill streetDrapersCarrickmacross
Murphy JosephMain streetTailorsBallybay
Murray BenMuckno streetCoal MerchantsCastleblayney
Murtagh ThomasO'Neill streetBootmakersCarrickmacross
National Bank Ltd.Main streetBanksCarrickmacross
Nolan DenisO'Neill streetVictuallersCarrickmacross
Nolan Dr.-Physicians & SurgeonsBallybay
Nolan J.O'Neill streetVictuallersCarrickmacross
Nolan J. P.Main streetChemistsCarrickmacross
Northern Bank Ltd.Main streetBanksCarrickmacross
Northern Bank LtsMain streetBanksBallybay
Nugent A.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCastleblayney
O'Brien J.The BridgeButter & Egg MerchantsCarrickmacross
O'Brien J.The BridgeDrapersCarrickmacross
O'Brien JohnMain streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCastleblayney
O'Daly P. J., C.E.CluanoranArchitectCarrickmacross
O'Hagan J.Main streetGrocersCarrickmacross
O'Hagan J.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCarrickmacross
O'Keeffe M. A.Main streetConfectionersCastleblayney
O'Keeffe'sMain streetGrocersCastleblayney
O'Neill J.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCarrickmacross
O'Neill JamesMain streetGrocersCarrickmacross
O'Neill Mrs.Muckno streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCastleblayney
O'Neill's Hotel Co., Ltd.Main streetCoach FactoryCarrickmacross
O'Neill's Hotel Co., Ltd.Main streetHotelsCarrickmacross
O'Neill's Hotel Co., Ltd.Main streetPosting EstablishmentsCarrickmacross
O'Reilly EdwardBowelkCorn & Flour MerchantsBallybay
O'Reilly EdwardBowelkMillersBallybay
O'Reilly J.West streetWatchmakers & JewellersCastleblayney
O'Reilly MichaelMain streetHairdressersCastleblayney
O'Reilly P.Bath streetBootmakersCarrickmacross
O'Rourke B.InniskeenMillersCarrickmacross
Osborne MissYork streetMilliners & DressmakersCastleblayney
Parke & McWilliamsBallybaySolicitorsBallybay
Pedlow T. G.West streetDrapersCastleblayney
Phelan & Co.Main streetSolicitorsCarrickmacross
Piktura Co.Main streetPicture Frame Makers & Moulding ImportersCarrickmacross
Quigley MaryWest streetGrocersCastleblayney
Quin (sic) Mrs.Main streetChina & Glass DealersBallybay
Quinn JohnMain streetBakersBallybay
Quinn M. A.West EndConfectionersCastleblayney
Quinn'sMain streetTobacconistsCastleblayney
Reburn R.Main streetGrocersCarrickmacross
Reburn R.Main streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCarrickmacross
Redmond P.Monaghan streetBootmakersCarrickmacross
Reid J. G.Main streetSolicitorsCastleblayney
Reid Miss-FruiterersBallybay
Reilly T.Chapel laneBootmakersCarrickmacross
Rogers M.Bath streetMotor Engineers & GaragesCarrickmacross
Rooney JamesMain streetUndertakersCastleblayney
Rooney K.West streetGrocersCastleblayney
Ross P.O'Neill streetCycle AgentsCarrickmacross
Royal Bank of Ireland Ltd.Main streetBanksCarrickmacross
Royal Bank of Ireland, Ltd.Main streetBanksBallybay
Royal Bank of Ireland, Ltd.-BanksCastleblayney
Rudden Mrs.West streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCastleblayney
Rutledge HenryCorrybrennanCycle AgentsBallybay
Scanlon J. E.The Post OfficeOpticianBallybay
Scott ThomasMain streetAuctioneersBallybay
Shannon J.Main streetChina & Glass DealersCarrickmacross
Shannon J.Main streetDrapersCarrickmacross
Shannon J.Main streetHardware MerchantsCarrickmacross
Shannon J.Main streetIronmongersCarrickmacross
Shannon JohnMain streetMotor Engineers & GaragesCarrickmacross
Sherry J.Main streetDrapersCarrickmacross
Sherry O.O'Neill streetSaddlersCarrickmacross
Shevlin C.Thomas streetWine & Spirit MerchantsCastleblayney
Shevlin J. J.Main streetGrocersCarrickmacross

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.