1931 Trade Directory, Co. Roscommon

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Gordon J. P.The SquarePublicansBallaghaderreen
Graham R.Main streetStationersBallaghaderreen
Gray JohnMain StreetBlacksmithsCastlerea
Greene J.St. Patrick's St.PublicansBoyle
Grogan SarahMain StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Hallinan FrancisMain StreetVictuallersCastlerea
Hanily M. J.Main StreetDrapersCastlerea
Hanily M. J.Main StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Hanley J.Barrack streetBlacksmithsBallaghaderreen
Hanley J.Main streetPublicansBallaghaderreen
Hanley P. J.St. Patrick's St.DrapersCastlerea
Hans R., M.R.C.V.S.Termon HouseAuctioneersBoyle
Hans RobertBridge streetVeterinary SurgeonsBoyle
Hanson A. J.St. Patrick's St.VictuallersCastlerea
Hanson JohnMain StreetAuctioneers & ValuersCastlerea
Harte M., Rev. Canon, P.P.-ClergymenCastlerea
Harvey CharlesMain StreetAuctioneers & ValuersCastlerea
Haugh M.Main StreetTailorsCastlerea
Hawthorn Ml.St. Patrick's St.Monumental WorksCastlerea
Hayes E. J.Main StreetChemistsCastlerea
Heran JamesSt. Patrick's St.GrocersBoyle
Heran JamesThe Palace BarPublicansBoyle
Hever JamesBridge streetPublicansBoyle
Hever M. J.*Bridge streetHotelsBoyle
Heydon R. J.**-Civic GuardsBoyle
Hibernian BankMain streetBanksBallaghaderreen
Hosford J. ***-BanksBoyle
Hunt T.New streetDrapersBallaghaderreen
James J.-BanksBoyle
Johnston M.Main streetPublicansBallaghaderreen
Johnston WilliamMain streetDrapersBoyle
Judge M.Main streetDrapersBoyle
Kane A., Mrs.New streetConfectionersBallaghaderreen
Keamp M., Mrs.Bridge streetGrocersBoyle
Keane A., Mrs.Main streetGrocersBallaghaderreen
Keane E. J.St. Patrick's St.SolicitorsCastlerea
Keane M.New streetPublicansBallaghaderreen
Kearns T.Green streetTailorsBoyle
Keating M. J.Main streetChemistsBallaghaderreen
Keavey Mary (Mrs.)Bridge streetConfectionerBoyle
Keenan M.Church streetStationersBallaghaderreen
Keenan MichaelChurch streetConfectionersBallaghaderreen
Keilty UnaMain streetDrapersBoyle
Kelly A.Main StreetBooksellersCastlerea
Kelly J.BallintobberGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Kelly M.Elphin streetPeace CommissionersBoyle
Kelly MissMain StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Kelly Mrs.Main StreetDrapersCastlerea
Kelly PeterSt. Patrick's St.Grocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Kennedy AndrewMain StreetMonumental WorksCastlerea
Kennedy E.Bridge streetPublicansBoyle
Kenny JamesBallintobberGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Kenny Mary, Mrs.Main streetStationersBoyle
Kiernan P.Pound streetPainters & DecoratorsBallaghaderreen
Kilcorse JohnBallaghaderreenCoach BuilderBallaghaderreen
Kilcourse JohnStation roadMotor EngineersBallaghaderreen
Kilcoyne P. J.Main streetPublicansBallaghaderreen
Kilgallen T.The AbbeyPhysicians & SurgeonsBoyle
Kilgarriff John L.Market streetGrocersBallaghaderreen
Larkin Mrs.Main StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Lavelle P.Main StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Lavin K., Mrs.St. Patrick's St.PublicansBoyle
Lavin Mrs.St. Patrick's St.GrocersBoyle
Leharvy K., MissSt. Patrick's St.PublicansBoyle
Lewis ChristieGreen streetTailorsBoyle
Lewis H.Main streetTailorsBoyle
Leyden JoeDrumPainters & DecoratorsBoyle
Leyland F. P.The CrescentPhysicians & SurgeonsBoyle
Leyland F. P. M.B.The CrescentPeace CommissionersBoyle
Leyland JohnBridge streetGrocersBoyle
Leyland JohnBridge streetPublicansBoyle
Lindsay C.Bridge streetPublicansBoyle
Lindsay C.Elphin streetGrocersBoyle
Little A.Carrick RoadButchersBoyle
Little AlfredCarrick RoadVictuallersBoyle
Loftus Mrs.St. Patrick's St.Grocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Loftus T.Main StreetIronmongersCastlerea
Logan CharlesNew streetGrocersBallaghaderreen
Lynch's Hotel Miss LynchMain streetHotelsBoyle
Lynott P.Barrack streetHairdressersBallaghaderreen
Lyons AlfMain StreetTailorsCastlerea
MacDermot DermotMain streetSolicitorsBoyle
MacSherry F. G.Main StreetSolicitorsCastlerea
Madden J. J. *-BanksBoyle
Madden R. B. J.TangierPhysicians & SurgeonsBoyle
Mannion Thos.The BridgeGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Marist Bros.-SchoolsCastlerea
Martin J.St. Patrick's St.DrapersBoyle
Mattinoe P.St. Patrick's St.GrocersBoyle
Mattinroe (sic) Mrs.St. Patrick's St.PublicansBoyle
M'Carrick P. J.Main streetDrapersBoyle
McCaffrey J.Main streetDentistsBallaghaderreen
McCann A., Mrs.Main streetGrocersBallaghaderreen
McCormack M.Main StreetBooksellersCastlerea
McCormack MarkMain StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
McCormack's HotelMain StreetHotelsCastlerea
McDermott E. J.Main StreetDrapersCastlerea
McDermott E. J.Main StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
McDermott M. J.St. Patrick's St.PublicansBoyle
McDermott MichaelMain StreetChina & Glass DealersCastlerea
McDermott MissBridge streetGrocersBoyle
McDermott Ml.The BridgeGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
McDermott N. J.St. Patrick's St.GrocersBoyle
McDermott's HotelMain streetHotelsBallaghaderreen
McDonagh MissesSt. Patrick's St.GrocersBoyle
McDonagh Mrs.Bridge streetGrocersBoyle
McDonagh Patk.Main StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
McDonnell see FarrellMain StreetSolicitorsCastlerea
McGoldrick Mrs.Main StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
McGowan M. A.Main StreetPublicansCastlerea
McGowan Mrs.Main StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
McGreevy BrothersNew streetFruiterersBallaghaderreen
McHugh M.Main streetDrapersBallaghaderreen
McKenna JohnBridge streetSaddlersBoyle
McKeon JohnMain streetDentistBoyle
McKeon M. J.Main streetDentistsBallaghaderreen
McLoughlin J.St. Patrick's St.Egg MerchantsBoyle
McLoughlin PeterMain StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
McManus M.St. Patrick's St.PublicansBoyle
McQuillan M.Main streetHairdressersBallaghaderreen
M'DonaghBridge streetStationersBoyle
Meighan J. J.Main streetDrapersBallaghaderreen
Moloney T.Barrack streetPublicansBallaghaderreen
Monson's Royal HotelBridge streetHotelsBoyle
Montgomery J. F.Main StreetBarbersCastlerea
Moran MaryMain StreetChina & Glass DealersCastlerea
Moran MaryMain StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Moran PatkMain StreetBlacksmithsCastlerea
Moriarty A., Mrs.Bridge streetPublicansBoyle
Morley J. F.Main streetGrocersBallaghaderreen
Morris P.Main StreetVictuallersCastlerea
Morris R., Rev. C.C.-ClergymenCastlerea
Muldoon M., M.A.Barrack streetSolicitorsBallaghaderreen
Mulhall John**-BanksBoyle
Mullarkey Mrs.Main StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Mulligan J. Rev., C.C.-ClergymenCastlerea
Murphy Jas.Main StreetBarbersCastlerea
Murphy MartinPound streetPublicansBallaghaderreen
Murray Bros.Elphin streetCoach BuildersBoyle
Nally JohnMockmoynePainters & DecoratorsBoyle
Nally Richard M.Market squareSaddlerCastlerea
Nash P.Post Office HousePostmasterBoyle
National BankThe SquareBanksBallaghaderreen
National Bank Ltd-BanksBoyle
National Bank Ltd.Main StreetBanksCastlerea
No. 2 National School-SchoolsCastlerea
Nolan JohnMain streetDrapersBoyle
Northern Banking Co.-BanksBoyle
Nugent-Motor EngineersCastlerea
O'Connor B.Bridge streetBakersBoyle
O'Donnell J. P.Main streetGrocersBallaghaderreen
O'Donohoe F. G., *-Physicians & SurgeonsCastlerea
O'Dowd G.The SquarePublicansBallaghaderreen
O'Dowd J.Barrack streetCycle AgentsBallaghaderreen
O'Dowd J.Barrack streetIronmongersBallaghaderreen
O'Dowd JosephElphin streetGrocersBoyle
O'Gara MaryBridge streetGrocersBoyle
O'Gara MissThe CrescentDressmakersBoyle
O'Gara Ml.Main StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
O'Grady T. P.Main streetGrocersBallaghaderreen
O'Hara A., Mrs.Bridge streetPublicansBoyle
O'Kelly E.Barrack streetPublicansBallaghaderreen
O'Kelly EamonBarrack streetGrocersBallaghaderreen
O'Kelly J.Pound streetPublicansBallaghaderreen
O'Kelly JosephChurch streetGrocersBallaghaderreen
O'Leary Murtagh C.Main streetChemistsBoyle
O'Rourke M. J.Main streetConfectionersBallaghaderreen
O'Rourke P. J.Main streetDrapersBoyle
Picture House-CinemaBoyle
Pilkington J.-DentistCastlerea
Power Esmonde A. (sic)CastlereaSolicitorsCastlerea
Princess HotelGreen streetHotelsBoyle
Quinn EdwardNew streetGrocersBallaghaderreen
Quinn J.Market streetCycle AgentsBallaghaderreen
Raftery P.Main StreetIronmongersCastlerea
Raftery PatrickMain StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Regan JohnNew streetGrocersBallaghaderreen
Regan JohnNew streetMill OwnerBallaghaderreen
Regan JohnNew streetSaw Mills & Timber MerchantBallaghaderreen
Regan John J.The SquareGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Regan JosephMain streetButchersBallaghaderreen
Regan M.New streetEgg MerchantsBallaghaderreen
Regan P.Bridge streetPublicansBoyle
Reilly M. EMarket squareGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Rice RobertElphin streetButchersBoyle
Rice RobertElphin streetVictuallersBoyle
Robertson G.E.*-BanksBoyle
RocheMain StreetWatchmaker & JewellerCastlerea
Rockingham Arms HotelBridge streetHotelsBoyle
Roddy M.Main StreetVictuallersCastlerea
Rodgers T.Market streetEgg MerchantsBallaghaderreen
Roe WilliamMain st. & Elphin st.Motor EngineersBoyle
Roe WilliamMain streetCycle AgentsBoyle
Rooney J.Main StreetPublicansCastlerea
Rooney Patk.Main StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Rooney Peter J.St. Patrick's St.VictuallersCastlerea
Ryan MissMain StreetChina & Glass DealersCastlerea
Ryan MissMain StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Salmon GeorgeGreen streetHairdressersBoyle
Sandford Arms HotelMain StreetHotelsCastlerea
Scally MichaelBarrack streetGrocersBallaghaderreen
Shanagher Patk.Main StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Sharkey JohnElphin streetBakersBoyle
Sharkey SistersMain streetConfectionersBallaghaderreen
Sharkey*St. Joseph'sReligious DenominationsBoyle
Sheehan Patk.Main StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Sheil PatrickBridge streetGrocersBoyle
Sheil PatrickBridge streetPublicansBoyle
Sheils M.New streetPublicansBallaghaderreen
Sherlock J. J.Bridge streetGrocersBoyle
Shouldice H.Church streetDrapersBallaghaderreen
Shryane K., Mrs.New streetGrocersBallaghaderreen
Shryane T.New streetPublicansBallaghaderreen
Silke see Fannon &CastlereaAuctioneers & ValuersCastlerea
Sloan W. J.Main streetIronmongersBoyle
Sloan William J.Main streetCycle AgentsBoyle
Sloan William J.Main streetGrocersBoyle
Smith A.OaklandsVeterinary SurgeonsBoyle
Smyth ThomasMarket streetMotor EngineersBallaghaderreen
Solan M.Main streetPublicansBallaghaderreen
Spellman J.St. Patrick's St.GrocersBoyle
Spellman J.St. Patrick's St.PublicansBoyle
Spellman JosephNew streetIronmongersBallaghaderreen
Spellman JosephNew streetPublicansBallaghaderreen
Spellman W.Barrack streetCycle AgentsBallaghaderreen
Spellman W.Barrack streetMotor EngineersBallaghaderreen
Staunton E. P.Church streetChemistsBallaghaderreen
Staunton JohnBarrack streetMotor EngineersBallaghaderreen
Staunton MauriceMain StreetSolicitorsCastlerea
Stewart G. A.Abbey terraceElectriclal & Refrigeration EngineersBoyle
Stewart G. A.Abbey terracePeace CommissionersBoyle
Stewart JosephAbbeyviewMillerBoyle
Stewart RobertSawmillsSawmills & Timber merchantBoyle
Tansey Bros.Market sq. & St. Patrick stMotor EngineersCastlerea
Tansey DanielGreen streetBakersBoyle
Tansey Jas.The SquareCycle AgentsCastlerea
Tansey MartinBridge streetPublicansBoyle
Tarpey AustinThe CrescentPeace CommissionersBoyle
Taylor J. S.The GarageMotor EngineersBoyle
Taylor S. B.Bridge streetJewellerBoyle
The Cinema-CinemaCastlerea
Tiernan ThomasSt. Patrick's St.DrapersBoyle
Tiernan Thos.St. Patrick's St.PublicansBoyle
Towey PatkMain StreetChina & Glass DealersCastlerea
Tuite MaudeElphin streetPublicansBoyle
Tully J. & SonsMain StreetPainters & DecoratorsCastlerea
Tully M., Mrs.*-HotelsBoyle
Tuohy Patk.Main StreetGrocers & Spirit DealersCastlerea
Turran T.St. Patrick's St.GrocersBoyle
Ulster Bank LtdSt. Patrick's St.BanksCastlerea

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.