1931 Trade Directory, Co. Sligo

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Curran B.Quay streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Currie JamesCastle streetBakersSligo Town
Currie JamesCastle streetConfectionersSligo Town
Daly DanielBridge streetBootmakersSligo Town
Daly Robert P.John streetProvision MerchantsSligo Town
Davey ThomasEmmett streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsBallymote
De Mangeat AlbertO'Connell streetOpticiansSligo Town
De Pew HenryJohn streetBuildersSligo Town
Derham S. H.Teeling streetSolicitorsSligo Town
Devine N. H., L.D.S.O'Connell streetDentistsSligo Town
Diamond J.O'Connell streetMonumental WorksSligo Town
Dockry John A.O'Connell streetBakersBallymote
Dockry John A.O'Connell streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsBallymote
Dockry Mrs. (junr.)O'Connell streetChina & Glass DealersBallymote
Dockry Patk., Mrs.O'Connell streetChina & Glass DealersBallymote
Dockry PatrickO'Connell streetEgg MerchantsBallymote
Donohoe Jas.Wolf Tone streetPaintersBallymote
Downs T. & SonsKnox streetTobacconistsSligo Town
Downs Thomas & SonO'Connell streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Doyle C.John streetBootmakersSligo Town
Doyle C.Thomas streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Dunne JamesO'Connell streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Dwyer BrothersWolf Tone streetButchersBallymote
Eadie-Woolen ManufacturersSligo Town
Eason & SonThe Book Stall, Railway StationStationers, Booksellers etcSligo Town
East BrothersO'Connell streetDrapersSligo Town
EganCastle streetMilliners, Dressmakers etc.Sligo Town
Egan F. & E.Castle streetDrapersSligo Town
Egan John & SonLord Edward streetBottlersSligo Town
Egan John & SonLord Edward streetTea, Wine & Spirit MerchantsSligo Town
Egan T.Abbey Tavern, Thomas stGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchantsSligo Town
Electricity Supply BoardCastle streetElectrical EngineersSligo Town
Elsinore HotelRosses PointHotelsSligo Town
Erin RestaurantMarket streetConfectionersSligo Town
Erin Restaurant Market streetFruiterersSligo Town
Farrell M.Teeling streetPainters & DecoratorsSligo Town
Farrell PatrickHigh streetBakersSligo Town
Farry M.O'Connell streetEgg MerchantsBallymote
Farry MichaelNewtownGrocers & Spirit MerchantsBallymote
Farry Mrs.O'Connell streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsBallymote
Farry ThomasHigh streetCutlersSligo Town
Farry ThomasHigh streetIronmongersSligo Town
Farry ThomasHigh streetLeather MerchantsSligo Town
Feeney JohnCastle streetDrapersSligo Town
Feeney MartinStephen streetCutlersSligo Town
Feeney MartinStephen streetIronmongersSligo Town
Feeney T. J.Market streetButchersSligo Town
Feeney W. J., M.I.A.A.Teeling streetAuctioneers & ValuersSligo Town
Fenton Lyons & KyleTeeling streetSolicitorsSligo Town
Fitzgerald & McCormickTeeling streetSolicitorsSligo Town
Fitzpatrick T. H.O'Connell streetChemists & DruggistsSligo Town
Flanagan J.-ButchersBallymote
Flanagan Jas. A.O'Connell streetAuctioneersBallymote
Flanagan P. J.High streetCoal MerchantsSligo Town
Flanagan P. J.High streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Flanagan P. J.High streetProvision MerchantsSligo Town
Flanagan ThomasHigh streetCoal MerchantsSligo Town
Flanagan ThomasHigh streetProvision MerchantsSligo Town
Flannery M. E., Mrs.O'Connell streetButchersSligo Town
Flannery Mary, MissWine streetMusical Instrument DealersSligo Town
Flannery PatrickMarket streetTea, Wine & Spirit MerchantsSligo Town
Flynn BridgetO'Connell streetFishmongersSligo Town
Foley & Co.The Brewery, Bridge stBottlersSligo Town
Foley & Co. (Sligo) Ltd.The Brewery, Bridge stTea, Wine & Spirit MerchantsSligo Town
Foley E. S.Bridge streetPhysicians & SurgeonsSligo Town
Foley JohnCastle streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchantsSligo Town
Foley Michael & Co.Water laneBacon CurersSligo Town
Foley Michael & Co.Water laneButter MerchantsSligo Town
Foley Michael & Co.Water laneLard RefinersSligo Town
Foley Michael & Co.Water laneProvision MerchantsSligo Town
Foley ThadyJohn streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Fowler C. A.Teeling streetCivil Engineers & SurveyorsSligo Town
G.S. Railways HotelKnappagh roadHotelsSligo Town
Gallagher & KellWine streetCutlersSligo Town
Gallagher & KellWine streetIronmongersSligo Town
Gallagher & KellWine streetOil & Colour DistributorsSligo Town
Gallagher J.Pound streetSaddlers & Harness MakersSligo Town
Gallagher LawrenceHigh streetDrapersSligo Town
Gallagher M.Market streetDrapersBallymote
Gallagher M. A., Mrs.Market streetEmigration AgentsBallymote
Gallagher ThomasTeeling streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsBallymote
Gallagher'sPound streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Galloway James & SonsCastle streetPlumbersSligo Town
Gilbride J.Bridge streetMotor EngineersSligo Town
Gillan's BakeryHolborn streetBakersSligo Town
Gillen J.John streetBootmakersSligo Town
Gillen P.John streetBootmakersSligo Town
Gillmartin JamesO'Connell streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsBallymote
Gilmartin P. Church HillTailorsSligo Town
Golf Links HotelRosses PointHotelsSligo Town
Good J. & R.O'Connell streetDrapersSligo Town
Good J. & R.O'Connell streetMilliners, Dressmakers etc.Sligo Town
Gorman J. R.Main streetIronmongersBallymote
Gorman J. R.Main streetOil & Colour MerchantsBallymote
Gorman John R.Teeling streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsBallymote
Gorman R. & R.Corn & Flour MillsMillersBallymote
Gorman R. & R.Union streetMillersSligo Town
Grand HotelTeeling streetHotelsSligo Town
Grant P. J.Bridge streetPainters & DecoratorsSligo Town
Gray's InnStephen streetHotelsSligo Town
Green D.O'Connell st & Wine st.HairdressersSligo Town
Greenlands HotelRosses PointHotelsSligo Town
Gunning M.Pound streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Hairdressing SaloonWine streetHairdressersSligo Town
Hamilton J.Grattan streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Hamilton PatrickPound streetFarriersSligo Town
Hanley D. M.Old Market streetBuilders ProvidersSligo Town
Hanley D. M.Old Market streetCement ImportersSligo Town
Hanley D. M.Old Market streetCoal MerchantsSligo Town
Hanley D. M.Old Market streetIronmongersSligo Town
Hanley D. M.Old Market streetOil & Colour DistributorsSligo Town
Hanley D. M.Old Market streetSeed & Agric. Implement MerchtsSligo Town
Hannan & Co.Teeling streetDrapersBallymote
Hannan J.Market streetWine & Spirit MerchantsBallymote
Hannon JohnO'Connell streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsBallymote
Haran & HoggeGrattan streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchantsSligo Town
Hargadon BrothersO'Connell streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Harp & Shamrock HotelStephen streetHotelsSligo Town
Harper Campbell, Ltd.Union streetCoal MerchantsSligo Town
Harper Campbell, Ltd.Union streetMillersSligo Town
Harte & SheerinWine streetProvision MerchantsSligo Town
Harte HughMarket streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Harte T.The Café CairoConfectionersSligo Town
Hayden L.Market streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsBallymote
Hayden L.Market streetOil & Colour MerchantsBallymote
Healy & Co.Main streetDrapersBallymote
Healy B.Teeling streetTailorsBallymote
Healy Jas.CarrownantyTailorsBallymote
Healy JohnGrattan streetFishmongersSligo Town
Healy P. J.The MallPlumbersSligo Town
Henderson & EadieCollooneyWoolen ManufacturersSligo Town
Henderson's Motor & Engin.Works Wine st. & Union st.Motor EngineersSligo Town
Henry P.Harmony HillTailorsSligo Town
Heraghty MissCastle streetTobacconistsSligo Town
Herrity MissCastle streetStationers, Booksellers etcSligo Town
Hibernian Bank Ltd.-BanksBallymote
Hickey C., Mrs.Pound streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Higgins & KeighronThe MallBakersSligo Town
Higgins & KeighronThe MallProvision MerchantsSligo Town
Higgins & Keighron, Ltd.Grattan streetBottlersSligo Town
Higgins & Keighron, Ltd.Grattan streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Higgins & Keighron, Ltd.Grattan streetTea, Wine & Spirit MerchantsSligo Town
Higgins D. I.O'Connell streetDrapersSligo Town
Higgins D. I. & Co.O'Connell streetMilliners, Dressmakers etc.Sligo Town
Higgins M. D., L.D.S.Wine streetDentistsSligo Town
HippsO'Connell streetTailorsSligo Town
Hogge-Grocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town
Houston Jas.Wolf Tone streetPaintersBallymote
Howley M. J.Teeling streetSolicitorsSligo Town
Howley WilliamCastle streetGrocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit MerchtsSligo Town

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.