1931 Trade Directory, Co. Westmeath

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Ebsworth Mrs.Mount streetPhotographersMullingar
Edwards P. J.-Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMoate
Egan J.17 Mardyke stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Egan J.2 Mardyke stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Egan P.28 King st.DrapersAthlone
Egan P. & SonsMain stBakerMoate
Egan P. & SonsMain stBootmakers & WarehousesMoate
Egan P. & SonsMain stChina & Glass DealersMoate
Egan P. & SonsMain stHardware Merchants & IronmongersMoate
Egan PeterMain stBootmakers & WarehousesMoate
Egan* P. & SonsMain stGrocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMoate
Egan* PeterMain stGrocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMoate
Electricity Supply Board8 Church stElectrical TradersAthlone
English R. S.Northgate streetAuctioneers & ValuersAthlone
Fagan J.Patrick streetBlacksmithsMullingar
Fahy J.ArcadiaCarrying AgentsAthlone
Fair & MurtaghNorthgate streetSolicitorsAthlone
Fairview HotelFair GreenHotelsMullingar
Falkner & SonsAustin Friars streetCoachbuildersMullingar
Falkner E. & SonsAustin Friars streetBlacksmithsMullingar
Fallon & SonsGreville streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Fallon H., M.P.S.I.Mount streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Fallon P.Main stBootmakers & WarehousesMoate
Fallon P.Main stDrapersMoate
Farrell & SonMoyvoreGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Farrell E.41 Church stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Farrell P.Patrick streetWine & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Farrell PatrickPatrick streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Feeley J. J.Greville streetBooksellers & StationersMullingar
Feely J. J.Greville streetFancy Ware DealersMullingar
Feely J. J.Greville streetWatchmakers & JewellersMullingar
Fetherston Bros.13 Church stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Finnerty B.9 Castle St.General MerchantsAthlone
Fitzgerald B.2 Connaught stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Fitzgibbon P. J.Main stBootmakers & WarehousesMoate
Fitzgibbon P. J.Main stDrapersMoate
Flanagan Bros.Shannon GarageMotor Engineers & Motor GaragesAthlone
Flanagan F. A.35 Mardyke st.ConfectionersAthlone
Flanagan Patrick & SonsSteam Saw MillsSaddlersMullingar
Flanagan Patrick & SonsSteam SawmillsMillersMoate
Flannery K., Miss9 Irishtown stGreen GrocersAthlone
Fleming J.Medical Hall, 12 Church st.ChemistsAthlone
Flynn E.Earl streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Flynn M.Main stBootmakers & WarehousesMoate
Flynn M.Main stButter & Egg MerchantsMoate
Flynn M.Main stChina & Glass DealersMoate
Flynn M.Main stHardware Merchants & IronmongersMoate
Flynn M.Main stUndertakerMoate
Flynn* M.Main stGrocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMoate
Foley MIchaelPatrick streetTurf AccountantsMullingar
Foley MissMain stMilliners & DressmakersMoate
Foster A. V.Earl streetPhysicians & SurgeonsMullingar
Foy M. H.31 Church stMotor Engineers & Motor GaragesAthlone
Gallagher B.Green BridgeHairdressersMullingar
Gallagher BryanGreen BridgeTurf AccountantsMullingar
Gallagher JamesGreville streetDrapersMullingar
Gallagher L., Mrs.Earl streetVictuallersMullingar
Garden Vale Cinema-CinemasAthlone
Gaynor JamesGreville streetDrapersMullingar
Geoghegan M., & SonsBallymahon roadCoach BuildersAthlone
Geoghegan see Prince of Wales-HotelsAthlone
Gibney WilliamDominick streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Gill B.32-34 King stMotor Engineers & Motor GaragesAthlone
Gillan P.Dominick streetVictuallersMullingar
Gilligan P.Mount streetTailorsMullingar
Gilligan's HotelMount streetHotelsMullingar
Gillivan PeterMain stVictuallersMoate
Gilmmor JohnGreville streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Ginnelly J.Auburn avenueBuilders & ContractorsMullingar
Gogarty P.Millmount roadMonumental SculptorMullingar
Goodbody A. & L.Main stSolicitorsMoate
Goodbody M. J.Main stBootmakers & WarehousesMoate
Goodbody M. J. & L.Main stMillersMoate
Govers C.Bishopsgate streetHairdressersMullingar
Greally J. C.King & Queen stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Grenham J.1 Connaught stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Greville Arms HotelEarl streetHotelsMullingar
Grimes & SonsHarbour streetBlacksmithsMullingar
Grimes JamesGreville streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Guinan Mrs.33 Church stDrapersAthlone
Hand N. & SonsAustin Friars streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Hannon Denis J.Northgate streetSolicitorsAthlone
Hannon M. J.Main stBootmakers & WarehousesMoate
Hannon M. J.Main stChina & Glass DealersMoate
Hannon M. J.Main stHardware Merchants & IronmongersMoate
Hannon T.49 Connaught stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Hannon* M. J.Main stGrocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMoate
Harford D., MissHotel, MoatePosting EstablishmentsMoate
Harford's HotelMain stHotelsMoate
Hayden J. P., M.P.Dominick streetPrintersMullingar
Healy T.Dominick streetBoot MerchantsMullingar
Healy T.Dominick streetSaddlersMullingar
Heaton Bros.Canal BanksDrapersAthlone
Heaton Samuel & Sons Ltd.Lock MillsWoolen ManufacturersAthlone
Heavey W.3 Mardyke stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Heffernan M.TurnpikePaintersMoate
Heffernan PatrickMain stCarpentersMoate
Hibernian Bank LtdMain stBanksMoate
Hibernian Bank Ltd.Earl streetBanksMullingar
Hickey & SonsMount streetVictuallersMullingar
Hickey J., Mrs.Mount streetDrapersMullingar
Hoey B.Main stFish MerchantsMoate
Hoey B.Main stFruiterers & Green GrocersMoate
Hoey BernardMain stBakerMoate
Hoey J.10 Irishtown stFish MerchantsAthlone
Hoey J.10 Irishtown stGreen GrocersAthlone
Hogan T., Miss25 Church stStationersAthlone
Holden W.Main stTailorsMoate
Hope BrothersDominick streetCycle AgentsMullingar
Hope BrothersDominick streetMotor EngineersMullingar
Horan J.4 Dublin Gate stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Horan* M.-Grocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMoate
Huban J. M., P.C.The Pharmacy, Connaught stChemistsAthlone
Hughes M.9 Dublin Gate stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Hunt Agnes, MissMain stMilliners & DressmakersMoate
Hutchinson T. L.Greville streetBoot MerchantsMullingar
Hutchinson T. L.Greville streetDrapersMullingar
Hynds G.23 Mardyke stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Hynes T.Sheep MarketGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Imperial Hotel (F. Cox)-HotelsAthlone
Irish B.P. Co., Ltd.Coosan roadOil & Petroleum Product DistributorsAthlone
Irish-American Oil Co. Ltd.Gallows HillOil & Petroleum Product DistributorsAthlone
Jennings OwenAustin Friars streetBooksellers & StationersMullingar
Jennings OwenAustin Friars streetFancy Ware DealersMullingar
Jennings OwenAustin Friars streetIronmongersMullingar
Johnson (sic) M. J.Main stNewsagentsMoate
Johnson H.11 Dublin-Gate st.DrapersAthlone
Johnson M. J.Main stBootmakers & WarehousesMoate
Johnson* M. J.Main stGrocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMoate
Johnston (sic) M. J.Main stCycle AgentsMoate
Keane & SonsMount streetPainters & ContractorsMullingar
Keane M. J. C.11 Mardyke st.SolicitorsAthlone
Kearney A. J., M.D.Harbour streetPhysicians & SurgeonsMullingar
Kearney JamesExcise streetCoach BuildersAthlone
Keating's Temperance HotelEarl streetHotelsMullingar
Keegan P.Lyster streetCarrying AgentsAthlone
Keelan P. J., M.D.Church viewPhysicians & SurgeonsMullingar
Keelans Ltd.Greville streetBoot MerchantsMullingar
Keelans Ltd.Greville streetDrapersMullingar
Keenan B., Mrs.Dominick streetConfectionersMullingar
Keenan T.Dominick streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Keenan ThomasDominick streetRestaurantsMullingar
Keeny* B.Main stGrocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMoate
Kelly & Walker14 King stSolicitorsAthlone
Kelly Frank-AuctioneersMullingar
Kelly J. F.Austin Friars streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Kelly J. F.Austin Friars streetLivery StablesMullingar
Kelly N., Miss6 Barrack stDrapersAthlone
Kelly S.5 Mardyke st.General MerchantsAthlone
Kemp J.Mount streetWatchmakers & JewellersMullingar
Keneavey P.Brick IslandBoat BuildersAthlone
Kennedy J.20 Mardyke stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Kennedy J.High st. & Main stFurniture, Timber & Iron MerchantsAthlone
Kennedy JosephMain stBakerMoate
Kenny J.4 Connaught stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Kenny ThomasDominick streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Kerley P.Garden ValePhysicians & SurgeonsAthlone
Kerrigan D. M., M.P.S.I.Greville streetChemists & DruggistsMullingar
Kerrigan M.22 O'Connell stMerchant TailorsAthlone
Kilkelly M.6 Bastion st.DrapersAthlone
Killian BrothersDominick streetMotor EngineersMullingar
Killian P.52 Connaught stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
King & Co.Earl streetAuctioneersMullingar
King P.Dominick streetVictuallersMullingar
King see Macken &Dominick streetAuctioneersMullingar
Kirby J.62 Connaught stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Lally J.Main stFish MerchantsMoate
Lally J.Main stFruiterers & Green GrocersMoate
Lally J.Main stNewsagentsMoate
Lally JohnMain stVictuallersMoate
Leary W.Earl streetVictuallersMullingar
Leavy DanielDominick streetAuctioneersMullingar
Leevy MissMary streetDressmakersMullingar
Lennon J.8 & 10 Barrack stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Lennon M.10 Connaught stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Lennon P.7 Custume placeGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Lennon P. J.1 Bastion stGeneral MerchantsAthlone
Leonard M.Earl streetConfectionersMullingar
Leonard M., MissEarl streetRestaurantsMullingar
Lett Richard C.Earl streetSolicitorsMullingar
Lewis Hotel & RestaurantUpper IrishtownHotelsAthlone
Lipton Ltd.15 Custume placeGrocersAthlone
Lipton Ltd.Greville streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Lowe J.Hotel, MoatePosting EstablishmentsMoate
Lowe see RoyalMain stHotelsMoate
Lowe T.Court DevenishMerchant TailorsAthlone
Lowe* MissMain stGrocers, Wine & Spirit MerchantsMoate
Lynam M.Mount streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Lynam'sAustin Friars streetConfectionersMullingar
Lynch P.Church avenueCoal MerchantsMullingar
Lynch PeterDominick streetGrocers & Spirit MerchantsMullingar
Lynch's Castle streetHairdressersMullingar
Lyster P. & Sons18 King stCoal MerchantsAthlone
Lyster P. & Sons18 King stFurniture, Timber & Iron MerchantsAthlone
Macken & KingDominick streetAuctioneersMullingar
Macken J.26 King stBoot MerchantsAthlone
Macken J.7 Mardyke stGrocersAthlone
Macken John J.Dominick streetSolicitorsMullingar
Macken P.14 Church stDrapersAthlone
Maguire L.37 Mardyke stGeneral MerchantsAthlone

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.