Transportation of the Irish

Permission is granted to Colonel Fealan to transport 1,000 Irish for the service of the King of Spain (such as have been in Armes against the Parliament) from the ports of Wexford, Youghal. Waterford, Cork, and Kinsale.

Dublin, 29 Nov. 1653.A 84, 796. Mr. Miller to transport Vagrants.
It is ordered that ye Comrs appointed Overseers for ye Relief of ye poore in ye Counties of Waterford, Kilkenny, Clonmell, and Wexford, or any 2 or more of them doe deliver, or cause to be delivered to Erasmus Miller, or such agents as he shall appoint to receive them, such Vagrants, idle, and incorrigible persons, bothe men and women, as shalbee apprehended and brought before them, and by them or any 2 or more of them adjudged to be Vagrants, &c. and shall not be willing to betake themselves to some honest calling or course of Life without being burthensome to ye Country. The said Miller first giving good security in £500 that he will make or cause to be made provision for them at his own charge from the time of his first receiving them into his Custody, and not to discharge any of the so received without
Speciale Lycensce from ye Comrs of Parliament, or ye said Overseers,
of any 2 or more of them.
Dublin, 5 Dec. 1653.A 84, 824. James Cary, the Priest at Waterford, sentenced to death for not transplanting is to be reprieved.

15 Dec. 1653. A 85, 13. Sellick and Leader to transport Rogues and Vagabonds.
Ordered that ye Lord of Broghill and ye respective Governors of Kilkenny, Rosse, Wexford, and Waterford, &c. bee, and are hereby authorized within their respective governments to apprehend and deliver or cause to be apprehended and delivered unto Mr. David Sellick and Mr. Richard Leader, English Merchants, or their agents or servants, all such Rogues, Beggars, Idlers and Wanderers, either men or women, and also such other Irish persons not having articles, as shall not by good testimony make it appeare that they have gotten their Livelyhood for a twelve month’s past by their honest labour and Industry, or have meanes to maintaine them from Idlenes and Beggary within ye severale Precincts mentioned. And also such Irish children or other Irish as are in any Hospitalls or Workhouses in ye abovesaid Townes respectively, provided that no person, being one apprehended by vertue of this order, bee discharged, but upon good proof made before such of ye Governors abovementioned by whose order they were apprehended, but they are not persons under any of ye aforesaid qualifications, and upon such proof shalbee discharged by Special Order in writing under ye hand of ye said Governor. And it is hereby further ordered that ye said Governors respectively bee and are hereby authorized and required to deliver or cause to bee delivered unto ye said Mr. Sellick and Mr. Leader, or their agents or servants, such Irish men and women as are now prisoners in any of ye Goales or prisons in ye said Garrisons or Townes, respectively, other than such who are guilty or charged with blood, and other then such who are prisoners for debt, or Upon suits defending betwixt party and party, provided that due Care be taken by ye said respective Governors for ye safe conveying of such prisoners from Garrison to Garrison unto ye Ports where shipping are ready for ye transporting ye said Prisoners for New England. And also provided that ye said Mr. Sellick and Mr. Leader bee at all ye charges of maynteyning and providing for all ye Irish persons before and after they are once apprehended by vertue of this order for ye purpose aforesaid, and that ye Comon wealth bee freed from all charge herein, other than necessary Convoys from Garrison to Garrison, unto ye place where they are to take Shipping.

Dublin 28 Dec, 1653A 85, 66. Ordered that ye respective Governors of Catherlogh, Kilkenny, Clonmell, Wexford, Rosse and Waterford bee and are hereby authorized in their respective Governments to apprehend or deliver, or cause to be apprehended and delivered unto Captain Thos, Morgan, Dudley North, and John Johnson of Waterford, English Merchants, or their agents or servants, all such Rogues, Beggars, Idlers and Wanderers, either men or women and also such other Irish persons within ye said respective Precints (not having Articles) as shall not by good Testimony make it appeare that they are settled in such an honest and lawful Course of Life as yields them subsistence by their Labour and Industry, or have meanes of their own to maintaine them from Idleness and beggary; and also all such Irish children or other Irish as are in any Hospitals or Workhouses in ye aforesaid Townes respectively.
Provided that no person bee apprehended by vertue of this Order who is inlisted as a Member of any ffamily for whose good behavior ye Master of ye ffamily will answer, according to ye Tenor of ye Declaration for Tickets, except such person be known to bee of evill fame, and his name inserted in ye Warrant, &c. &c. (The remainder is much the same as that of A 85, 13)
Dublin, 20 Jany 1653 A 85, 380. 3000 Irish natives transported into Flanders from the Southern Counties by Colonel Daniel Treswell.

18 May 1654.A 75, 387. Committees appointed for transplantable persons.
Upon consideration had of the multiplicity of petitions presented by persons that are transplantable into Conaught and Clare from all parts of this Nation, and considering that ye time limited for they stay in the places of their present aboad is neare expired. It is thought fitt and ordered that Coll. Sankey, Coll. Lawrence, Quarter Mr. Genn. Verbob and St. Cole Warren, or any 2 of them bee, and are hereby appointed a Committee for the Precincts of Typperary, Waterford, Wexford, &c. to heare such petitions and to peruse the Certificates and the Returns made thereupon from the said respective Precincts, and to make such Orders thereupon by granting unto such of them as deserve the same, such dispensations as they shall judge fitt, and proportionable to their respective deserts. Provided that noe dispensation so by them to be granted as aforesaid be for any longer terme than to ye 1st day of May next 1655: and that every such dispensation soe to be granted the description of such person, soe to be dispensed with, by name, age, place of aboad, stature, complexion, Color of Haire, or such markes of Distinction as they shall think fitt bee inserted, and the said Committee are desired to meet from day to day to appoint one of theire owne number to have the care of this service, that the same may be more effectually carryed on, and are authorized to make use of such Clearkes as they shall judge necessary for the better dispatch of ye said service, and to appoint them such reasonable and moderate Sallary- as they shall think fitt for their paines therein, and to certify the same to ye said Comrs. of the Comonwealth.
Dublin 19 May 1654A 85, 413. 1500 Irish Natives transported for the service of the Prince of Condé by Coll. Treswell.

26 May 1654A 85, 471 The Officers Commanding in Chief and Comrs of Revenue or any 3 or more within the Precincts of Waterford and Wexford are to deliver all prisoners except “”those charged with blood “” to John Mylam Merchant, or his agent, for transportation. (As in former)
Dublin 5 July 1654.A 9, 205. Captain John Morris obtains leave to transport men, women, and young women not under 18, Vagrants, Idlers and Beggars to the plantations in America.
Out of Dublin 100. Limerick and Killmallock 100, Wexford, Ross, and Kilkenny 100. Waterford 50 and Clonmel 50.

25 Oct, 1655A 9 295, Marshall Peak to deliver prisoners to Capt. Coleman.
Ordered that Philip Peak Esq. Marshal of ye 4 Courts at Dublin doe forthwith deliver or cause to be delivered unto Capt. Robert Coleman, Commander of the Wexford Frigate, all Popish priests (other then such as are committed for murder) as also ye persons brought out of ye County of Kildare and committed to his custody for suspition of being privy to ye Murther lately done at ye Towne of Lackagh in ye said County (except ye 2 that are condemned to be hanged for ye same) together with the reputed wife of Donnogh Derrick, alias blind Donnogh, in ye custody of him ye said Marshall, to ye end hee, ye said Coleman may (with ye first opportunity of wind and weather) convey them with his Ship and deliver them in safe custody to ye Governor of Waterford, to bee by him delivered unto Capt. Norris, merchant there, who is safely to keep ye said priests and others the Prisoners abovesaid at his owne charge untill he shall transport them for ye Barbadoes. List of Priests, &c. to be sent to the Clerk of the Council.
Dublin Castle, 27 Nov. 1655 List furnished 4 Dec.
4 Priests. 16 men. 19 women and children.

Comment: Transportation of the Irish from counties Carlow, Cork, Kildare, Kilkenny, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford & Wexford

Extracts from :
“”Some Commonwealth Orders and References on Petitions relating to Waterford””
Contributed by Philip Herbert Hore, late of Pole-Hore, Co. Wexford, M.R.I.A.
published in The Journal of the Waterford & South East of Ireland Archaeological Society

Source: “More than 100 volumes, folio, in the Birmingham Tower, Ulster Office, Dublin Castle” “They appear to contain copies of letters relating generally to the settlement of Ireland, references to the petitions of the landed gentry and others who were ordered to transplant, and the orders of the Lord Deputy and Council. The period is from 1650 to 1659. The orders are generally signed by Edward Suttrell, Miles Corbet, Chas. Fleetwood, John Jeffries, and Thos. Herbert, Clerk to the Council.” “all marked A, and a number below (here beside) the letter indicates each separate volume. Thus A 82 5, is vol. 82, page 5 of the collection.”A 84, 805.