Waterford During the Civil War: C – CX

Waterford during the Civil War (1641-1653)
Traits and Stories from the T.C.D. Depositions
Edited by Thomas Fitzpatrick, LL.D.
Published in the Journal of the Waterford Archaeological & Historical Society

Amos Godsell, late of grange in the County of Waterford. Husbandman.
And he said his goods were taken away by Sir Nicholas Welsh his son & John Ffarnane of Ballyellelane in the said county, gentlemen (as this deponent is credibly informed)
The deponent further saith that when the said rebels took away his (this deponents) cattle, among others’ cattle, he – this deponent, demanded Wherefore they took them away. They answered that they had aurthority for to doe it, and that they had the Kings broad seale to show for it.
He lastly saith that John Adams, his wife & children and his siter in law, Richard Henisy, Robert Marlin, his wife and all his family, John Stutely & his wife & family and the widow Whitelock and her son James Whitelock, John lacy, James Cooper, Wm. Tobin, James Brannagh, Edward Newtown & his wife Ellen Tobin. All formerly Protestants, but since this rebellion turned papists, all parishioners of the severall parishes of Lisgenin, Armore & Kinsale.

The deponent further saith that the undernamed persons are indebted to this deponent.
Signed Amos Godsell
Jurat & c. 15 Junii 1642
Tho. Badnedge
Phil Bisse

Edmond Bagg, late of Bowley, yeoman

Hee saith that he was robbed by the Lord of Mountgarrett, Theobald Purcell, baron of Loghmoe, in the county of Tipperary, Esquire, Sir Nicholas Welsh of Ballykeroge, Knight; Phillip McCragh, high Sheriff of the said county of Waterford (at that time) John Roch of Cur?? His two sons Peerce Roch and Tibbot Roch; XXX O’Conery of Ballyhanebegg, gent; John McThomas fitz Gerrald of ffarnan, gent; John Butler, Thomas oge Macragh (of Dromany) in the said county, gent; & George Russell (an English Papist) of Aglis, gent, Edmond ffennell of Duingarvan, gent; Richard Butler, Esquire, brother of th e late Earle of Ormond, the Lord of Dunboyne & divers others and their forces…… he lastly saith that one Allis Bywater, wife to Robert Bywater of Dromany was murthared by the rebels whose names he knoweth not.
Edmond Bagg
Jurat &c. 16 junii 1642
Tho. Badnedge
Phil Bisse

John Bicknor of Dromor, in the parish of Aglis, gentleman.
The deponent further saith that Edward butler of Clare in the county of Tipperary, Esquire, Peerce Cantwell of Muckarky in the same county, gent, James butler son of Edward, together with the elder son of the said Cantwell, did about the xxiiiith of January last, publish, declare and aver that the Lord Mountgarrett, Theobald Purcell als. Baron Loghmoe & Richard butler of Kilgash (sic) and all their commanders, had a Commission from His Majestie, under the great Seale of England, for authorising their actions & for the extirpation & other rooting out of all the English Protestants in this Kingdom of Ireland that would not conform themselves to the Church of Rome. He likewise saith that James Hay and Roger McDonell of Coolhastie, County Waterford, Mahowne o Lyne of Aglis, & divers others, upon the xiith of February did strip and take away the clothes of Ann Bicknor of the adge of two years, and Wm. Bicknor of the adge of one year (this deponent’s children), whereby the said Wm. & Ann languished (as this deponent concieveth) & both dyed thereof aboute two moneths after.
The deponent further saith, that Phillip Hill of Kilmalesh, County of Waterford did relate to this deponent in the presence of Rowland Davenporte, an English Protestant, that Owen O Feely of Dromany did say that the Lord president of Munster was a greater rebel than thos he had burned and killed in the County of Tipperary.
He lastly saith that he was offred (and the message sent by Terragh Bren…..a Domican Friar) from Richard Butler of Kilcash, Esquire, that if this deponent would put away his English servants and keep none but the Roman Catholiques & yeeld up unto him his arms, & take his oath to doe noe detriment to their army (as the said Therlagh termed it) that the deponent would dwell safely in his house nad place, & plowe & sowe till Easter following: All which the deponent utterly refuseing to doe, the said rebels robbed him of all…
John Bicknor
Jurat &c. 17 Junii 1642
Tho. Badnedge
Phil Bisse

John Horton, parish of Clashmore, yeoman
……Hee lastly saith that Henry Linkhorne and his wife of Kilmore, in the parish of Clashmore. English Protestants, were killed by rebels in those parts), as this deponent is credibly informed.
His Mark
Jurat &c 15 June 1642
Tho. Badnedge
Phil Bisse
John Smith, the younger, late of the parish of St. Patrick’s, in the city of Waterford. Gentleman

…by the means of James Lincolne of the said cittie, Peirce Butler, out of the county of Wexford, gent, Paul Waddinge fitz Richard of Pembrokestowne in the County of Waterford & their companies, stripped this deponent’s childe Michall Smith of 7 yeres of adge & Sara Smith of 4 yeres of adge, & his (this deponent’s) mother, who, through their cruel usadge of her, shee spitted blood & thereupon dyed.
John Smith
Jurat &c 17 Junii 1642
Tho. Badnedge
Phil Bisse

Elizabeth ffleming, late of Ballybrowse, County of Waterford
……..by the means and hands of James Welsh (Sir Nicholas Welsh his son) a captaine among the rebels, captaine Edmond ffennell, James fitzGerald, & divers others in their company. She was stripped by the said parties, & divers others English Protestants, viz. John ffleming, Thomas Richards, George ffleming, John Cox, James Lowden & his wife, Richard ffleming & Wm. Ffleming, yeoman. And that one Peeter Harris, nee Ardmore, an English protestant was killed at the siege of Ardmore. Robert Marlin of Ardmore, formerly a protestant, but since this rebellion turned papist.
Her mark.
Jurat &c. 25 Junii 1642
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell.

Thomas Carter, the elder, of Macollop, county of Waterford
……by means of John & Richard Condon of Ballymcdurgan and one Captain Grace of Cloghleah Co. Cork, with their followers & tenants, & John McDonogh of Dungalene, Cloghleah, gent., James McMorris, Teige Odagh, servant to the deponent…… He also saith yet one Tho Corran (taylor), James Dover (potter) of Mackollop Castle, English Protestants & Phillip Andrews gardner, & Edmund Gibbon Labourer, of Mackollop, were all murdered by the Condons of BallymcPatrick & Ballydurgan. The said Condons company cutt ff the said Dover’s nose after he was killed, and the said Gibbon was enforced by them to dig his own grave, and then that don they murdered him.
He also saith yet by the rebels aforesaid, the deponent and his son Thomas carter, had no lesse than thirteene houses, of dwelling and outhouses, burned down to the ground (by the said Rebells).
He lastly saith, yet Morris, Count of Mackollop, & Edward Mahone, same parish, husbandman, formerly reputed Protestants and since this rebellion turned Papists.
His Mark
Jurat & c. 15 June 1642
Phil Bisse
Tho Badnedge

CVII – Thomas Carter, the younger – similar evidence.

John Godsell of Granyry – carpenter
The deponent saith that (as he is credibly informed) Sir Nicholas Welsh, his son and one ffennell 9a supposed captaine of the rebells) with others and their company, carried away this deponent’s cattle. He lastly saith that Thomas Adams (formerly) an English Protestant, & James Branagh of the same parish, as Irish Protestant (are) both now since this rebellion turned Papists
His mark
Jurat &c. 13 Junii 1642
Tho Badnedge
Phil Bisse
Elizabeth Hathway, parish of Athmean, widow
The deponent saith that her husband James Hathway, was killed by the rebells in the county of Kerry, as she is informed; likewise Alse Baywater, the deponents sister, was murthered at Dromany in the county of Waterford, by some of Captaine ffennells’ company, as this deponent was credibly informed.
Her Mark
Jurat &c. 21 July 1642
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell.

Edmond Rixon of Cappoquin
And he further saith that at capoquin, on or aboute the 28th day of May, there were murthered Margrett Nance & her childe (wife to Henry Nance), Richard a glover, Goodwife Sanders (& his child) Alce browne her mayde, all being murthered at Cappoquene………. And he further saith that hee was robbed by the rebells of those parts.
His Mark
Jurat &c. 18 Junii 1642
Phil Bisse
Hen Rugge.