Waterford During the Civil War: LXXV – LXXX

Waterford during the Civil War (1641-1653)
Traits and Stories from the T.C.D. Depositions
Edited by Thomas Fitzpatrick, LL.D.
Published in the Journal of the Waterford Archaeological & Historical Society

f. = folio
sd = said
Placenames in brackets are those suggested by editor of article for the names as spelled in the documents
wch = which

Henry Howell, late of Dungarvan, husbandman, (f.171)
(Losses, value 93li)
by Edward Hore of Dungarvan masse-priest. Anstace White of the same widdowe. And saith he was present when the Castle of Dungarvan was surprised and taken by the rebels, vizt, John Butler, living neere the same, John Hore of Shandon in the said county, Esquire, John Clancy of the same, gent, John Hore fiitz Michaell of the same, gent, Matthew Hore of the same, gent, [Tho. Morrin of the same. merchant], and divers others whose names he knoweth not.

The said Castle was taken after this manner: John Hore of Shandon aforest, pretending (a mater of a fortnight before the castle was taken that the rooffe of his house wanted reparation and slateing. borowed a lather (sic) out of the said Castle, and the same morning it was taken the sd Hore sent word to the sd castle to fetch home the sd ladder, For, saith he, the enemy is neere at hand, and it is to (be) feared they will scale [with it] the walls, except it were brought in by times, And withall sent six men with the ladder to the Castle gate; & presently noe sooner were the gates opened to receive in sd ladder but the parties that carried same stood in the middest of the sd gate with the one half of the ladder within doores & th’ other half without, Whereby the rebells instantly rushed in a greate number and tooke the said Castle, where they stripped a matter of fortie persons young and ould, English & Protestants. **
Jurat &c 2 die Julii 1642
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell

William Masters, on behalf of Henry Masters, (f.172)
Hugh Masters, & Ursula Masters, three orphants,
the children of Hugh Masters – of Currakeale, taylor, deposeth and saith :
That upon the first of January 1641, or thereabouts, the said Hugh Masters in his life time lost, was robbed, and forceably despoiled of his goods and chattles to the value of 20li…..
The deponent saith that the said Hugh Masters left his castle & household stuffe in the custody of Pierce Edward of Cloghine, whoe is now in open and actuall rebellion. And likewise the said orphants’ sheepe were taken away by James White neere Everard’s Castle, gent.
Jurat &c 17 Martii 1642
Phil Bisse
Ric Williamson :

** For another account of the re-capture of Dungarvan Castle by the Irish, see deposition of Walter Bartram of Dungarvan (No. cxii.)

Walter Power, late of Ballymalloe, parish of (f. 174)
Whitechurch, gent, (Losses, 200li)
The deponent saith, that John fitz Gerald of ffarnan, gent, Captain Edmond ffennell & Henry Dowdall of Clashmore, gentlemen, were the parlies that took away this deponents cattle & goods. And further saith, that one Richard Halloway of Knockmone with six others English and protestants, & divers women and children were murthered neere Knockmone, by the said Captaine Edmond ffenneJl and his company
Jurat &c 17 Aug. 1642 Phil Bisse
Jam. Wallis

James Burne of Dungarvan, yeoman . .. (f.176)
(Losses, 591i 7s 10d)
The deponent saith) that he heard Walter Roch, of Wexford say, That he hoped [to see] the English goe to Masse or made to run into the sea. He further saith, that he was robbed by Captaine Edmond ffennell, Sr Nicholas Welsh his eldest son, Will Murphy of Dungarvan, husb., Captaine Welsh of Slievebrayagh, county of Kilkenny.
Jurat &c 12 Aug, 1642
Phil. Bisse
Jam. Wallis

Richard Prudderagh, late of Whitechurch, Cordyner, (f.177)
(Losses117li 10s.)
The deponent saith that Teige Laghten of Ballylemon, husb.,
robbed this deponent of his garden fruits, & that David Pruderagh his father, and Mary Prudderragh his mother, were murthered at Golden bridge in the County.of Tipperary, as he is informed.
Jurat &c 16 Aug. 1642
Phil. Bisse
jam. Wallis

James Curry, late of the towne & parish of (f. 178)
Affane, husbandman (Loss,’s, 39li)
He sayth that he was stript at Affane aforsd by Tibbot Butler of Knockanamony in the County of Tipperary, & his followers, And yt Donell mc David, late of Ballyhanebegg, parish of Whitechurch,. gent, did say, in this deponent’s hearing, when he was prisoner about Candlemass last, that the protestants were trayterous English doggs, and that they knew no god yt they had.
Jurat &c 15 Aug. 1642
Phil Bisse
Jam Wallis