Waterford During the Civil War: XC – XCVII

Waterford during the Civil War (1641-1653)
Traits and Stories from the T.C.D. Depositions
Edited by Thomas Fitzpatrick, LL.D.
Published in the Journal of the Waterford Archaeological & Historical Society

f. = folio
sd = said
Placenames in brackets are those suggested by editor of article for the names as spelled in the documents
wch = which

Sr Richard Osborne of Knockmonne (f.221)
(Losses, including debts, 3,38li. . Among those indebted to him – James Hore ffitzjohn of Dungarvan …… )
Lastly this depont saith, that the howse of Cappagh in the said county (wherin the Lord of Ikerrin, & the Lord of Dunboyne, with their forces, lately encampt themselves) belonging to this depont, by means of this rebellion was burned and utterly ruinated together with to his loss of five hundred pounds. he was robbed of his goods by the hands and means of Captaine ffennell of Clonmel1. He likewise saith that upon the tenth of March last, the reblls killed in the County of Waterford, upon the lands of Knockmone, the undernamed persons English and protestants, viz, Richard Holloway, yeoman, Thomas Bayley, yeoman, William Shea, Ralph Bennett, yeoman, Thomas fforane, Robt True th’ elder, Robt True th’ younger, then of the garrison soulders of Knockmone Castle in the parish of Whitechurch, County of Waterford. He sayth that they were killed by John fitz Thomas of Wood house, in the sd County, gent, (a reputed Captaine of the rebells), John fitz Tibbot of Clonea in the sd countie, gent, John fitz Gerrald of ffarna,in the said countie, gent, & divers others
Jurat &c 22 July 1642
Pcrcyc Smyth
Phil Bisse

Henry Cliffe of Lisnekilie, County of Waterford, ( f. 229) gent,
(Losses, 202li)
by the means of Thomas Wadding Esqre and James Lincol1, gent, of the (torn) of Waterford in chiefe of the sd farms of Clones and Broad . ……And further saith that one Paul Cary of Waterford, vintner, spake the…. words in the presence of this deponent & Mr. Kidly of Carrick in the county of Tipperary, clarke, that “the puritant parliament of England was the cause of all these troubles”, And furthermore that they had made a match between the Lady of England, the Kinges eldest daughter, and a traytour’s son that had never a foote of land.
Jurat &c 18 June 1642
Tho. Badnedge
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell

Roger Greene, late of Ballyhambles, husbandman deposeth and saith : , ( f. 230)
That on or about the first of October last, this deponent together with the number of eleven men and women vizt., Alexander Crase, Garret Barry, Rich. West, Wm. Watts, Wm o Hea, Ann Merryville the wife of John Merryville, Ursula Gullyferr. & others, were sent by direction from sejieant-major Apleyard, governor of the town of Youghall. over the ferry of Youghall, into the County of Waterford, “to reape & bind some of the rebells’ corrne”. But the enemy, consisting of the number of forty horse & three score foote, or thereabouts, came and assaulted this deponent & the rest, & being apprehended by them, they carryed them prisoners to Dungarvan a place of theenemys randevous, And being there comitted a long time. then & there they observed two barques come in to Dungarvan aforesd., one whereof came out of Spayne laden with armes and amunition, comanded by one Captain John Donnell a native of this kingdom, & th’ other laden with salt, powder and armes newly come out of ffrance. but what quantity of armes & other amunition they brought into the said harhour this deponent know not.
Hee likewise deposeth that they then observed one Bourke (his christian name he knoweth not) to come thither out of the County Clare, Whoe bought from the said Captain Donnell three hundred musketts, sixteen barrels of powder, and five thousd weight of match, & carried the same away, being guarded with a convoy of twelve musketteers sent with him by John Butler of Ballycloghey, in the county of Tipperary, then Captain & cheefe comander of the Castle of Dungarvan aforesd
Garrett Barry of Youghall, in the County of Cork, yeoman, this day came before us, and deposed that the premises were true in all particulars.
These deponents lastly doe severally say. That they sawe at Dungarvan, John Roch of Ballyfinsoge, in the County of Waterford, gent, bearing arms in the company of the said John Butler. And likewise they saw then & there James Butler, late of the Grange, in the sd county, gent, then in company with the rebells. And further they depose that, then & there, they heard the rebells at Dungarvan cursing the puritants, & saying they were the cause of all these mischeefs, &c
Jur. &c 12 Decembris, 1642
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell

John Andrews, late of the parish of Lismore, (f.234) gent,
(Losses. 189li)
Further saith that John Murphy of Carrick in the County of Tipperary told this deponent that he himself had killed seaven women at Cappoquine, this deponent being prisoner, and in company with all the rest.
He also saith that Edmond Unssin of the barony of Inchequin,in the County at Clare, was killed by Captaine ffennell, being accompanied with all the rest: All wch rebells told this deponent that they had the Kings broade seale of England to warrant them for what they did, And further said that all the English in Ireland were rebellious Rogues and were worthy to be hanged, And that they fought for the King, and moreover wished that, in the deponent’s room, they had had the Lord President, the Earle of Corke the Earle of Barrymore, the Lord of Dungarvan, the Lord of Kynallmeaky, the Lord of Broghill **, and Sr John Browne, whoe they said were all traytours and rebells. And that they fought for the King (sic, repeated). And further saith that if the English wholly in generrall did not leave the kingdom, they would kill them or hang them all.
He also saith that they stripped this deponent, saying, that there was never a (‘man’ cancelled) [souldierJ come over out of England but such as the Earle of Cork had raised in England upon his owne landes : but they would make him glad to carry them back againe as fast as they came over.
Jurat &c 29 die Septembrls, 1642.
Jam. Wallis
Hen. Rugge

** Lords Dungarvan, Kinalmeaky and Broghill, three of the seven sons of Richard Boyle, first Earl of Cork

Christopher Choreton, late of Dungarvan, yeoman, deposeth & saith : ( f. 237)
That on or about Christmas last, he was robbed of his goods & chattels, to the vallue of 84li 15s…….
The deponent saith he was robbed by the means and hands of Edward Hore of Dungarvan, gent, Tibbot fitz John, nere Dungarvan, gent, & Thomas Morley of the same, merchant.
He further saith that this deponent, William ffarmer, Henry Davy, Walter Bactra, John Allen, Thomas Gadsell, their wives & children, all English protestants, were stripped about ten o’clock at night by the rebells
Jurat &c 25 June 1642
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell

Jeremy Wyse, late of Loghdolim, gent, ( f. 239)
(Losses, 257li 16s 8d)
…… By the hands and means of one Grant living neere the Three-mile bridge, a reputed captaine of the rebells, & his forces The deponent saith that, Thomas Coote, ffrancis Powell [smith, who made halberds & pikes for the rebells], John Collins, sadler, [who makes sadles likewise for them] Lawrence Ward, inkeeper, Thomas Rogers, ffarmer, Mathew Johnson, carpenter [who makes cariadges for the ordnance of the rebells], John Hudson joiner, Richard Sherett. cooper, Ralph Mullineux, smith, Joseph the hatter. [all of Waterford, were] English protestants formerly, but since this rebellion turned papist
Jurat &c 16 July, ,1642
Phil Bisse
Thomas Ellwell

Richard Shepard, late of Ballycollane, parish of Aglish . ( f. 243)
(Losses 42li 10s.)
Hee further saith, that one Henerie Lyncoll of the parish of Clash more, husbandman, together with his wife, were murthered by Owen o Comery, of the parish of Clashmore, the said Henerie o Nealle & his company. Hee also saith that he was stript, with his wyfe and ffive children by Capt”” Edmond ffennell.
Jur. &c 17 Junii 1642
Tho. Badnedge,
Phil Bisse

Roger Boyle of Kilnaparke, in the County of Waterford (f.246)
(Losses, 2701i
The parties so robbed were the following [by the deposition of Ann Boyle, wife to the said Roger] : Margrett Smith, Judith Richmond, Michaell Smith, Mr Dinn, his wife and three elder children, Joan Llewellin, John Sterne, his wife, son & servant, John Smith & his wife, Goody Smith & her children, Mrs Rookes & her two children, Ge … Morgan her daughter & her children, & divers others whose names she cannot remember, to the number of (between) 3 or 400 persons, ‘as she conceives’. She also saith that there was nine children & one old woman buried on the day which she [verily conceives] was occasioned by the vnhuman vsage of those Irish rebells there vpon them

She further (torn) that there is Thomas Atkins & his wife living on Passage Hill neere Waterford, a weaver, Ralph Mullineux & his wife, at Killure, smith, Lawrence Wade at the Kinges Head [in Waterford, inkeeperl. Thomas Rogers & his wife of Woodestowne, ffrancis Powell of the Citty of Waterford, [smith ]& his wife, Thomas Dobson & his wife [husbandman], Joseph Ellis & his wife of Waterford, hatter, old Nicholas the miller, without Sct Patrick’s gate in Waterford & his wife, Evan Welsh of Killauline, ffisherman, his wife & daughters, Mathew Johnson of Ballyhow, carpenter, Mr Williams of the Cathedrall church of Waterford organist, one other Mr Williams who professes himself to be a drainer of Bogge & engineer, All wch were known protestants, & now gone to Masse with the Iris.
Jurat &c 17 June1642
Tho. Badnedge (No other signature)