Will Abstracts, Co. Armagh

These are some examples of abstracts of wills and deeds. The pre 1800 are taken from the abstracts made by P.Beryl Eustace from wills and deeds held in the Registry Office in Dublin. Each abstract contains the names of people and places that are mentioned. Those with post 1858 dates are from the abstract books held in the National Archives in Dublin. The wills for which the post 1858 abstracts were created were amongst those that were destroyed in the fire in the Four Courts in 1922.

Pre 1858 abstracts can be helpful even for those whose ancestors did not make wills – here we have domestic servants mentioned, there are placenames which may or may not be phonetic variations on those we find in the 1851 Townland Directory. Connections can be seen from one county to another – here, William Clinch was from Dublin, but Simon Clinch from Co. Antrim is mentioned and Christian a widow in Newcastle.

ROBERT WILSON,Bukcomera, parish of Sego [Seagoe), Co. Armagh.
14 Dec. 1714. Précis, ¾ p., 16 Nov. 1715.
Wife Elizabeth Wilson: Son Robert Wilson. Sons Thomas and Ralph. Daughter Judith. 5/ – each to sons William and Francis, daughters Margaret, Ann and Elizabeth. 6/2 each to son John’s three children. Brother-in-law Wm. Mathers.
Bukcomra [Bocombra], Parish Sego (Seagoe), and An(n)agh, parish Dromnee [?Drumcree], Co. Armagh.
Witnesses : Thos. Mashers, Lylow, Francis Mathers, Edenderry, deceased Miles Reilly, Lurgan, and John David, Bukcomra, all in Co. Armagh.
Memorial witnessed by : John David, Richard Robinson.
16, 58 6894
Robert Wilson (seal)

JOHN McCARTNEY Dromsavage, parish of Mullaghbrack, Co. Armagh. 21 May 1716. Précis, ½ p., 18 Nov. 1718.
Wife Marrion. Sons James and Hugh McCartney. Lands of Dromsavage, Co. Armagh.
Witnesses: Thomas Johnston, Armagh town, Daniel Madowell, Derrynaught, parish of Mullabrack, and Arthur Graham, Ballyherriland, Co. Armagh.
Memorial witnessed by: Arthur Graham, Jn. Brennand.
21, 483, 12207
James McCartney (seal)

CHARLES ROE, Ballantaget, parish of Kilmore, Co. Armagh. 23 Feb. 1716. Narrate, ½ p., 17 Feb. 1718.
His wife. His two sons William and Thomas Roe. Daughter Anne, widow, late wife of Wm. Marcer, deceased. Daughter Mary, wife of John Workman.
ClonMcKate [Clonmakate), Canonease, Tinilkiney, Aghanelan and Richmond [? Co. Armagh), Carvily and Rossnaglogh, B. Dartroo, Co. Monaghan. Faultagh, Aughillagh and Ballantaget [Co. Armagh].
Witnesses: Thomas Lawson, Killmarearty, Co. Meath, gent., Thos. Cusins, Clare, gent., Chas. Atkison, Bellanagown, Thomas Dobson, Mannor of Richmond, weaver and Edwd. Ceany, Ballantagert, farmer, all in Co. Armagh.
Memorial witnessed by: John Atkinson, Drumeree, Co. Armagh, gent., Bruen Worthington.
22, 524, 12734 Thos. Roe (seal)

Anthony COPE, Dean of Armagh. (copies to Dublin and Armagh files)
7 June 1760. Codicil 26 March 1764. Full 8 pp. 5 May 1764.
My wife Sarah. My brother Arthur Cope exor. My brother Barclay Cope. My brother John Cope. My brother Robert Cope; Wm. Viscount Grimston, Harbottle Luckyn, Esq., brother to said Lord Grimston and Samuel Wegg, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Middlesex, Esq.
My estates in Co. Armagh, in city of Dublin and elsewhere in Ireland. My manor of Mount Norris, Co. Armagh being the town and lands of Killcarraneightra, Killcarranoughtra, Macknavarry, Moytoone Cornure, Cullentra, Drmner, Dromero, Kiddebegg, Tullallin, Tullyharrin, Kiddimore, Ballygorman, Derryclincan, Derrychucan,
and mill, Mount Norris, Two Shesraghs, the moiety of Kiercon. Kinkon, Dunclaire and Drumclarre; 4,300 acres. Also the town and lands of Granges of O’Neillan [? Grange Lower and Grange Upper, Barony Oneilland West] otherwise the Grange of O’Neiland otherwise the Grange of Oneland, Barony O’Neland, Co. Armagh, 586 acres. My douse at Hoghill in Dublin in which I now live(mentioned in codicil).
Witnesses: Frances Austen, Thomas Gregory, John Mockcallah, London, gents.
Codicil witnessed by : Rev. William Tisdall, Rev. Henry Blacker, clerks, Denis Doran, gent., all of Dublin,
Memorial witnessed by: David Buttle, Dublin, gent., Talbot Forde, Dublin, gent.
223, 610, 150365
Artr. Cope (seal)