Will Abstracts, Co. Cavan

The following list has been complied from articles that appeared in a number of volumes of the Irish Ancestor. Thearticles themselves are simply titled ‘Will Abstracts’ – no note was taken of the volume that the name was found in or the year of the will. The list is given here simply as a guide – even though incomplete it may be of help to someone. Where a surname was mentioned in a will that differed from the surname of the person who made the will, then both surnames are given e.g. Armstrong/Waugh.

Surname & Name

Armstrong Robert
Armstrong/Waugh James
Armstrong/Waugh Margaret
Armstrong/Waugh Robert
Armstrong/Waugh WIlliam
Begly Thomas
Bell Caleb
Bern/Reynolds Bridget
Birchall Hugh
Boon Thomas
Bredy John
Bryan John jun
Bustard John
Cain James
Carroll Michael
Catcheside Robert
Clements Nathaniel, Hon.
Connell Elizabeth
Connell Hugh
Connell John
Connell Laurence
Conry Michael
Costello Myles
Creedigan Mary
Creedigan Michael
Creedigan Michael, Rev.
Crofton Arthur
Crofton Chidley
Crofton Mary
Cuffy Thomas
Cunningham Archibald
Cunningham Bryan
Cunningham Richard
Daveys/Sandys Jane
Davys Dudley
Deers William Henry
Duigenan John
Duigenan Laurence
Duigenan Peter
Ellis Ann
Ellis Charles
Ellis Eleanor
Ellis Henry
Ellis Hopton
Ellis John
Ellis Letitia
Ellis Lettice
Ellis Roger
Ellis Sydney
Ellis Widow
Ellis William
Elllis Ann
Faughan Bryan
Ferrell George
Ferrell James
Ferrell Mary
Fleming Catherine
Fleming George
Fleming George Hickes
Fleming Richard
Fleming William
Fleming/Hickes Katherine
Gallagher Charles
Gilhuly James
Gilhuly Sarah
Gilmor/Conry Jane
Gouldsbury Francis
Grumley John
Guadly/Hickes Ann
Hanley Thomas
Hanly Mary
Hanly William
Hickes Catherine
Hickes George
Hickes George Henry
Hickes George, Rev
Hickes Jane
Hickes John
Hickes John, Rev
HIckes Jospeh
Hickes Margaret
Hickes Mary
Hickes Peter
Hickes Richard
HIckes Sarah
Hickes Thomas
Hickes William John
Hill Thomas
Hogg Mary Ann
Holmes/McCauly/Peyton Catherine
Hopkins Susanna
Howard George Edmond
Irwin Acheson
James ? Jones Peyton Toby
Johnson John
Johnston James
Johnston Jospeh
Johnston Robert
Jones Lewis Captain
Jones Theophilus
Jones Walter
Jones/Peyton Jane
Keen ????
Kelly Thomas
Kelly/Dowling Mary
Keon Ambrose
Keon Ferdi.
Keon Ferdinand
Keon Frederick
Keon Garrett
Keon George
Keon Gerald
Keon Miles
Keon Robert
Keon William
Killen Daniel
Kinnear Thomas
Kinnear William
Kinnear William jun
Lawder Elizabeth
Lawder Lancelot
Lawder Susanna
Fleming/Hickes catherine
Lloyd William
Lynch Francis
Lyon Robert
Lyons Elinor
Lyons Miles
Lyons Myles
Lyons Robert
Lyons Rose
Magauran John
Magauran Thomas
Magennis Widow
Maguire Hugh
Major William
Maley John
Mccabe Patrick
McCauly Mary
McCauly/Peyton Catherine
McComas Andrew
McComas Robert
McDonald Martin
McDonogh Patrick
McDonough Patrick
McGarry Daniel
McHugh Elizabeth
Mckeon Ferdinand
Mckeon Owen
Mclaughlin John
McManus Owen
Monaghan Laurence
Moragh Mary
Moreton John
Moreton Johnston
Moreton Sydney
Morgagh Bridget
Morgan John
Mullins Cornelius
Mullins Thady
Nisbitt John
Nixon Andrew, Rev.
O\’Brien John
O\’Ferrall James
O\’Hara Cormick
Padin Bryan
Peyton Charles
Peyton Dorothy
Peyton George
Peyton Hamilton
Peyton Henry
Peyton James
Oeyton John
Peyton Mary Yeadon
Peyton Reynolds
Peyton Toby
Peyton Walter
Peyton William
Peyton Yedan
Peyton/Gray Bridget
Phibbs Robert
Phibbs/Peyton Margaret
Piers William Henry
Reynnolds George
Reynolds Ann
Reynolds Bartholomew
Reynolds Beck
Reynolds Benjamin, jun
Reynolds Bridget
Reynolds Bryan
Reynolds Catherine
Reynolds Catherine Levonia
Reynolds Cecilia
Reynolds Charles
Reynolds Christopher
Reynolds Cornelius
Reynolds Dorothy
Reynolds Edwain Sandys
Reynolds Edward
Reynolds Eleanor
Reynolds Elizabeth
Reynolds Frances
Reynolds Francis
Reynolds George
Reynolds George jun.
Reynolds George sen.
Reynolds Hugh
Reynolds Ire??
Reynolds James
Reynolds John
Reynolds Laughlin
Reynolds Letitia
Reynolds Mabel
Reynolds Margaret
Reynolds Margritt
Reynolds Mary
Reynolds Michael
Reynolds Michael, Rev.
Reynolds Nancy
Reynolds Owen
Reynolds Paul
Reynolds Phelim
Reynolds Richard
Reynolds Robert Sandys
Reynolds Sarah
Reynolds Stephen
Reynolds Susanna
Reynolds Thady
Reynolds Thomas
Reynolds Timothy
Reynolds William
Reynolds Winnifred
Reynolds/Egan Margery
Reynolds/Ellis Dorothy
Reynolds/Ferrall Bridget
Reynolds/Kinnear Sarah
Reynolds/Waugh Mary
Rorke Hugh
Rorke Roger
Rorke/Kean Mary
Sandys Nehemiah
Sandys Robert
Shanly William
Sharpleys Mary
Sharpleys William
Sharpleys/Kean or Rorke? Frances
Shepheard Honora, Mrs.
Simpson James
Stafford Hugh
Talbot William
Tallon or Fallon James
Talyor Mary Ann
Taylor Francis
Taylor William
Thompson John
Twaddle John
Tyrell Adam
Tyrell/Reynolds Margaret
Walsh Frank
Waugh(?) Elizabeth
Whitelaw James
Whitelaw Newcomen
Whitelaw Robert
Whitelaw William
Young Richard