Will Abstracts, Co. Donegal

These are some examples of abstracts of wills and deeds. The pre-1800 are taken from the abstracts made by P. Beryl Eustace from wills and deeds held in the Registry Office in Dublin. Each abstract contains the names of people and places that are mentioned. Those with post 1858 dates are from the abstract books held in the National Archives in Dublin. The wills for which the post 1858 abstracts were created were amongst those that were destroyed in the fire in the Four Courts in 1922.

Pre 1858 abstracts can be helpful even for those whose ancestors did not make wills – here we have domestic servants mentioned, there are placenames which may or may not be phonetic variations on those we find in the 1851 Townland Directory. Connections can be seen from one county to another – here, William Clinch was from Dublin, but Simon Clinch from Co. Antrim is mentioned and Christian a widow in Newcastle.

M’KLEWAINE, James of Dunclea, parish of Taboyne, Co. Donegal. Dated 15th September 1731, proved 11th of July 1732 at Raphoe.
Sons James M’Klewaine, Joseph M’Klewaine, John M’Klewaine, Thomas M’Klweaine and Joseph BREDIN. Son Mathew. Son Robert M’Klewaine to have a legacy of £20 if he returns to this Kingdom. Wife Elizabeth. Dau Martha (unmarried). Debts owing to testator by John DAVIS of Magavlin and John COWAN of Londonderry.
Executors: Sons James and Joseph M’Klewaine and John COLHOUN junior of Corncannon.
Overseer: John COLHOUN senior of Cornacannon.
Witnesses: Matthew PINKERTON, James PINKERTON, Thomas WILSON.

315 VAUGHAN, GEORGE,- Buncranagh, Co. Donegal. (Registry of Deeds abstract)
23 June 1753. Precis 1 1/2 p. 23 Nov. 1763.
Nephew Basil BROOKE, Esq., Gustavus BROOKE, nephew of testator, brother of said Basil Brooke.
George, Lord Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of all Ireland, William, Bishop of Derry, the Bishop of Clogher, the Bishop of Raphoe, Edward, Bishop of Elphin, Joseph, Bishop of Kilmore, Henry, Bishop of Meath, St. George Caulfield, Esq., Lord Chief Justice of H.M. Court of King’s Bench, Henry SINGLETON, Lord Chief Justice of H.M. Court of Common Pleas, Rev. Thos. BARNARD, clerk, rector of Magheral,
Rev. Edward GOLDING, clerk, Archdeacon of Diocese of Derry, Rev. Richard LEAKE of Londonderry, Anthony FOSTER, Dublin, Esq., and Andrew KNOX, Prehen, Co. Londonderry, Esq., trustees. His estates in Co. Fermanagh and all other lands.
Witnesses: Henry BARTLY and Thomas BARTLY both of BUNCRANAGH, smiths, George GILLASPHY, Buncranagh, wheelwright, Rev. Richard LESLIE, Londonderry, Edward GILLASPHY the younger, Buncranagh, yeoman.
Memorial witnessed by: Thos. BARTLY, Richd. COWEN, Lifford, Co. Donegal, gent.
Gustavus Brooke (seal)
221, 432, 148461

592 CALDWELL, ROBERT, Ballybogan, Co. Donegal, gent. (Registry of Deeds Abstract)
18 April 1774. Precis 3/4 p. 11 Aug. 1778.
Benjamin FENTON, Strabane, Co. Tyrone, apothecary, Richd. COWAN, Lifford, Co. Donegal, Esq., trustees
Town and lands of Legnaneil and Gortindoragh, held in fee farm in manor of Lifford, and part of Ballybogan held under See of Derry, called Cames (Camus)then in occupation of Miles McTEHER, Daniel McTEAGUE and Will. KEARNEY, and his third part of the corn mill on lands of Ballybogan aforesaid, and the holding occupied by the miller thereof.
Witnesses: Geo. LEATHERN, innkeeper, John CLARKE, parish clerk, Robt. SMITH, innkeeper, all of Lifford.
Memorial witnessed by: Robt. SMITH, Samuel SHORTT, Lifford, gent.
Richd. Cowan (seal)
319, 546, 216927

593 COGHRAN, JOHN, Edenmore, Co. Donegal, gent. (Registry of Deeds abstract)
18 Nov. 1776. Narrate 1/2 p. 22 Sept. 1770.
His brother Zacherius Cochran, exor. All his estate in Edenmore in manor of Stranorlar, Co. Donegal, and all other his real and personal estate.
Witnesses: Gust. HENDERSON, Isaac ARMSTRONG, Alexr. PURVIANCE,
all of Lifford, Co. Donegal, gents.
Memorial witnessed by: Gust. Henderson, Alexr. Purviance.
Zachs. Coghran(seal)

MURRAY, David (Administrations)
Effects Under £200
20 December 1860
Letters of Administration of the personal Effects of David Murray late of Aughahull in the County of Donegal, Farme,r a Bachelor deceased who died 12 December 1859 at same place were granted at Londonderry to Mary Anne Murray of Ramelton in said County of Donegal Spinster the Sister one of the next of kin of said deceased.

6th February 1860
Letters of Administration (with the will annexed) of the Personal Estate of Neal Boyle late of Minnimore in the County of Donegal, Farmer, deceased who died 28th November 1859 at same place were granted at Londonderry to Mary Boyle of Minnimore aforesaid Widow the principal Legatee.

TORRENS, David. (34) 18th March 1896
Letters of Administration of the Personal Estate of David Torrens, late of Trainbeg, Co. Donegal. Farmer, who died 25 May 1894 were granted at Londonderry to Fanny Torrens of Trainbeg, the Widow. Effects £109.18s.9d.

TORRENS, John (277) 4th December 1900
Letters of Administration (with the will) of the Personal Estate of John Torrens, late of Dooen’s Glebe, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Farmer, who died 8th March 1900 were granted at Londonderry to Richard Torrens and Francis Torrens, Farmers. Effects £584

TORRENS, Thomas (659) 18th October 1907
Probate of the Will of Thomas Torrens late of the Grove, Co. Donegal, Farmer, who died 14th July 1907, at the Infirmary, Omagh, Co. Tyrone were granted at Dublin to John Quigg, Solicitor and James Quigg, Schoolteacher. Effects £1,650.13s.2d.

TORRENS, Moses (98) 20th February 1911
Probate of the Will of Moses Torrens late of Glenleary, Ramelton, Co. Donegal Farmer, who died 13th November 1910, were granted at Dublin to Georgiana S. Torrens and Margaret F. Torrens, Spinsters. Effects £890.18s.4d.