Will Abstracts, Co. Westmeath

The following abstracts of wills and deeds were either written by people from Co. Westmeath or contain mention of Westmeath people.
BROCK Aungier, of Battstown, Co. Westmeath, dat. 5 Dec 1781, proved Prerogative 6 Feb. 1783 by James Brock, the son, the executors having renounced.
To my only son James Brock all real and personal estate, goods and chattels subject to hereafter mentioned legacies, also lease of Gallstown alias Ballymagall for 3 lives held under Thomas Smith of Drumcree, Co. Westmeath Esq, lease of my part of Fenner, Co. Westmeath, for 3 lives held under John Nugent of Clonlost Esq, lease of Knewbawn alias Kinnebawn for 3 lives held under Right Hon. Hercules Langford Rowley Esq, lease of Battstown and part of Dryderstown, Co. Westmeath for 3 lives held under Robert Ogle Esq, lease of Harberstown and part of Allentown for 21 years held under William Walker of Allentown Esq, lease of Glookstown for 31 years held under Lewis Monfort Esq, lease of part of Gartlandstown for 3 lives held under Stern Tighe Esq. To niece Margaret Levingstone £10 a year charged to Battstown and Fenner for her life, if she marry her husband to have no say therein. To my niece the only dau. of the said Margaret Levingstone £20 if she marries with consent. To nephew James Brock only son of Arthur Brock of Kilbride, Co. Longford £30. To niece Frances Brock dau. of said Arthur Brock £30. To nephew James Brock eldest son of Alexander Brock of Cartirincard, Co. Longford £30. To nephew Aungier Brock 2nd son of said Alexander £30. To nephew Linegar Brock 3rd son of said Alexander £30. To niece Margaret Adams eldest dau. of said Alexander Brock £30. To niece Frances Nicholls 2nd. dau of said Alexander Brock £30. To niece Anne Brock youngest dau. of my said brother Alexander £30. To nephew William Livingston (sic) only son of Thomas Livingston of ?ally, Co. Longford £30. All residue to my son James, but if he die unmarried and without issue my executors to sell my estate and divide proceeds equally among the aforesaid legatees.
Executors: Thornas Smith of Drumcree, Co. Westmeath Esq, Henry Cusack of Lara Co. Kildare Esq, John Martlv of Athboy, Co. Meath Esq.
Wits: William Hickie, John Hamill, Charles Swindell.

BROCK Lenigar, of Drumcohil, Co. Cavan, dat. 12 June 1816, proved Prerogative 6 May 1817 by Ernelia Brock sole executrix of Linegar Brock late of Johnstown, Co. Westmeath, Farmer.
All my property equally among my children male and female. My dear and loving wife Amelia is provided for by our marriage settlement but in addition thereto in token of my affection I leave her all my household furniture and farm stock and appoint her sole executrix.
Wits: Henry Bevin Wilson, Francis Smith Burrowes, John Mullen.

GEOGHEGAN, Mary, now living at Conlinstown, Co. Westmeath, widow, dated 10 August 1807.
My just Debts and funeral Expenses to be paid by my Executors. To my Nephew Francis Isdell £100. To Oliver Isdell son of my said Nephew Francis Isdell £200. To Patrick Isdell, another son of my said nephew Francis Isdell, £200. To Oliver Isdell son of my Nephew Thomas Isdell, 7 Grand Canal Debentures for £100 each, bearing an Interest of 6%, and I order that the Interest of same shall from time to time be paid unto my said Nephew Thomas Isdell for his Life, and on his decease the said £700 shall be paid unto the said Oliver Isdell for his own use and benefit. To the two sons of my Niece Ann Minchin £300, and I direct that the Interest of same shall from time to time be paid her for her life and on her decease the said sum to be paid unto her said two sons in equal shares. To the said Ann Minchin my best Black Gown and Petticoat, my best lace Handkerchief, my Mantielles Petticoat, two Shawls, Six Caps and four double Handkerchiefs. To my Grand Nephew Oliver Minchin £200. To my Niece Mary Ann Morton 5 Grand Canal Debentures for £100 each bearing an Interst of 6%, and also my Gold Watch and all my Rings and Trinkets not hereafter otherwise bequeathed. To my Niece Mrs. Sarah Magrath one Grand canal Debenture for £100 bearing an interest at 6% and all Interest thereon for her own use, also my best Diamond Ring. To my Niece Mrs Ann Doran £300 and my best long Cloak, my Riding Coat, 6 Shifts and two Black quilted Petticoats. To the Children of Mrs Honor Graves £200 to be placed out at Interest for their use until they shall respectively attain the age of 21 or be Married, when said £200 shall be divided equally amongst them, and in case either of the Children shall die, under age and unmarried then the share to the survivor and if both so die then said £200 unto Mary Morton and Susanna Morton Daus. of Doctor John Morton equally. To Lucy Wilson £20. To Mrs Ann Gardiner £20. To my Grand Nephews Patrick Ryan and Thomas Ryan sons of my Nephew Thomas Ryan and unto my Grand Nieces Frances and Ann Ryan daus. of the said Thornas Ryan £100 each to be paid at age of 21 or marriage, meanwhile said sums to be placed at Interest, and in case any of them die under 21 and unmarried then the Legacy equally among the survivors. To Elizabeth Isdell wife of said Thomas Isdell a Diamond Ring, my Chintze Coat and Petticoat, 6 Shifts, my Bed, Bedstead and Curtains, my Press, 2 pair of streets and 1 Quilt,, and all the rest of my wearing apparel not before bequeathed to be divided and disposed of by Mary Arm Morton as I shall direct. To my Executors 6 Guineas to be given to 6 poor Widows in equal shares. To Miss Hanna Meares, Miss Mary Meares, Miss Arm Meares and Miss Elenior West £5 each. The residue (save such property real and personal as I am or may be Entitled to in Right of my Brother Robert Ahoell deceased and which I have disposed of by Codicil to this my Will) to my Grand Nephews Oliver Minchin, Oliver Isdell and Patrick Isdell sons of my Nephew Thornas Isdell equally.

Executors: My said Nephew Thomas Isdell, James Middleton Berry of Middletown Co. Westmeath and John Berry of Ann Street in the city of Dublin.
Signed: Mary Geoghegan.
Wits: James West, W. H. West, H. Meares.
In addition to the above Legacies I leave the further sum of £50 to Mrs Elizabeth Isdell wife of my above named Nephew Thomas Isdell and to Willm Morton son to Doct. John Morton £100.
Wits: same as will.

White, Abraham. Dublin, Gent.
11th June 1717. Narrate, 1 1/2 p. 10th Aug 1717.
Wife Anne. His mother. Son Thomas White, second son Abraham, third son William White. Daughter Mary, second daughter Honoria, third daughter Anna, fifth daughter Frances, sixth daughter Elizabeth, daughter Martha Betty Anna Maria. Sister Elizabeth White. “Brother” Paul Howell. Trustees his wife, John usher Esq., Doctor of Laws and Paul howell Gent.
Land in Co. Kilkenny. Ardrass in B. of Salt Co. Kildare. Inheritances in city and Liberties of Dublin, leases in co. Dublin. Tincurry, Co. Wexford. Aghavana and the rest of his concerns in Co. Wicklow. Lands bought from patr. White in Co. Galway.
Witnesses: Rev. Stafford Lightburn, Dublin, Clerk. Moses Cahill, Dublin, Surgeon. Elizabeth Piers, wife of Thomas Piers of Commonstown, Co. Westmeath, Esq.
Memorial Witnessed by: Francis Glascock, Dublin, Gent; Hugh Maguire.
18, 463, 9546
Anna White (seal)