Wilson’s 1820 Dublin Directory

Almanacs and street directories are an invaluable resource for researchers into 18th and 19th century Dublin. The earliest directory collected is from 1636. Pigot’s Directory 1820, 1821, 1822 and 1824 are the earliest directories in the collection to cover all of Ireland. Wilson’s Dublin Directories came between 1751-1753 and 1761-1837. Here is Wilson’s 1820 Dublin Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

Woods Andrew;Builder;Baggot StreetView
Woods Blennerhasset;Agent;Dorset StreetView
Woods John;Painter & GlazierMarlborough StreetView
Woods M. A. & Co.;Tallow chandlersFishamble StreetView
Woods S. & Co.;MillinersSuffolk StreetView
Woods Thomas;Boot & Shoe MakerCapel StreetView
Woods & SonsCabinet Makers;Abbey StreetView
WoodwardH. A.;Agent for Irish Half Pay Officers;Ellis's QuayView
WoodwardJ.;Mrs.Mid. Gardiner StreetView
WoodwardMary;HaberdasherChatham StreetView
WoodwardMrs.;Up. Pembroke StreetView
WooldridgeHugh;Carpenter;North StrandView
WornWilliam;Perfumer Dawson StreetView
WornallRich.;Esq.Richmond StreetView
WorthingtonA.;Esq.Fitzgibbon StreetView
WorthingtonJ. R.;Revd.Low. Gardiner StreetView
WorthingtonLady;LadyBlackhall PlaceView
WorthingtonLady;LadyIsland BridgeView
WorthingtonMrs.;N. Cumberland StreetView
WorthingtonT.;Esq.Temple StreetView
WrayH.;Revd.Ely PlaceView
WreaWilliam;Brass Founder;Pill LaneView
WrightEdw.;Esq.Mecklenburgh StreetView
WrightG. N., Revd.;Principal of the SeminaryGt. Denmark StreetView
WrightJohn;Woolen draperSkinner RowView
WrightJos., Rd. & Rob.Hat manuf.Essex StreetView
WrightJos., Rd. & Rob.Hat manuf.Low. Ormond QuayView
WrightNehemiah;Linen draperSkinner RowView
WrightRd.;See: Wright, Jos., Rd. & Rob.View
WrightRob.;See: Wright, Jos., Rd. & Rob.View
WrightThomas;Hat manufacturerWestmorland StreetView
WrightWilliam;Gold beaterS. Gt. George's st.View
WrightsonRich.;Esq.Gt. Ship StreetView
WulffGeo.;GeneralIsland BridgeView
WybrantsA.;MissGranby RowView
WybrantsGeorge;Builder;Peter StreetView
WybrantsP.;Mrs.Gt. Britain StreetView
WybrantsRob.;Esq.Rutland Square, W.View
WyliePaul;Club House keeperCollege GreenView
WylseHenry;Cotton ManufacturerCork StreetView
WylyThomas T.;Corn, Flour & Commission factorJame's StreetView
WynneFrancis;Paper & Starch manufacturerPill LaneView
WynneRob.;Esq.Rathmines castleView
WyonJames;Iron mongerLow. Ormond QuayView
YatesJames;Timber merchantRogerson's QuayView
YeatesAndrew;Brass Founder;N. King StreetView
YeatesKendrick;Optician & General Brass manufacturerStafford StreetView
YeatesM.;Mrs.S. Cumberland StreetView
YeatesRichard;Knife & sword CutlerParliament StreetView
YeatesSamuel;OpticianDame StreetView
YelvertonJohn;Corn chandlerN. Earl StreetView
YelvertonW. A.;Hon.Gloucester StreetView
YenreakSee: Kearney & YenreakView
YorkPatrick;Leather cutterKevin StreetView
YoungC.;Merchant tailorCrow StreetView
YoungCas.;Mrs.Portland PlaceView
YoungCharles;Linen draperCuffe streetView
YoungCharles;Esq.Temple StreetView
YoungDrelincourt;Ship Chandler & Cotton manufGeorge's QuayView
YoungDrelincourt;Cotton manufacturerSkinner's AlleyView
YoungGeorge & Son;HattersTemple BarView
YoungJohn;Broker;Bride's AlleyView
YoungJohn;Navy Agent & Card makerEustace St.View
YoungJohn;Cabinet Maker;Gt. Ship StreetView
YoungMiss;Portland PlaceView
YoungMrs.;Hardwicke PlaceView
YoungSee: Drelincourt & YoungView
YoungSee: Lynch & YoungView
YoungThomas;House painterFade StreetView
YoungWilliam;TailorCrow StreetView
YoungeA.;Mrs.Up. Pembroke StreetView