Wilson’s 1820 Dublin Directory

Almanacs and street directories are an invaluable resource for researchers into 18th and 19th century Dublin. The earliest directory collected is from 1636. Pigot’s Directory 1820, 1821, 1822 and 1824 are the earliest directories in the collection to cover all of Ireland. Wilson’s Dublin Directories came between 1751-1753 and 1761-1837. Here is Wilson’s 1820 Dublin Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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Arnold,Jas.;EsqUpper Rutland St.View
Arnold,Peter;Baker;S. Gt. Georges St.View
Arran,Dowager Countess of;CountessKildare St.View
Arthure,B. Esq.;No OccupationDominick St.View
Arthure,J. Mrs.;No OccupationGloucester Str.View
Arthure,Mrs.;No OccupationCharlemont St.View
Arthus,James;Baker;Ardee St.View
Ash,William;Baker;Henry St.View
Ashe,Major;MajorUpper Rutland St.View
Ashe,Mrs.;No OccupationMount St.View
Ashe,W., Mrs.;No OccupationLeeson St.View
Ashley,Joseph;Timber MerchntQueen St.View
Ashley,William;Delf SellerFrancis St.View
Ashmore,Richard;Woolen DraperFrancis St.View
Ash-Rainey,John;ConfectionerCapel St.View
Ashworth,J. Esq.;No OccupationS. Cumb. St.View
Ashworth,R. Esq.;No OccupationMer. Sq. N.View
Askam,Charles;Basket Maker;42, Fishamble St.View
Asken,Anne;Grocer32, Meath St.View
Asken,Elizabeth;Haberdashe4, S. Anne StView
Askin,John;Plumber71, Queen StView
Aston,Richard;Apothecary;45 Meath St.View
Atkin,Jane;Haberdasher50 Stephen StreetView
Atkinson & Manhood;Apothecaries;26, Low. Bridge StView
Atkinson,D.M.;Stationer69 Marlborough StreetView
Atkinson,Edward;Sail Cloth Manufacturer49 Cork StView
Atkinson,J.;Accountant;56, Up. Dorset StView
Atkinson,John Esq.;No Occupation1, Ely placeView
Atkinson,John Esq.;No Occupation3, Blessington St.View
Atkinson,Jos. Esq.;No Occupation34, Gt. Ship St.View
Atkinson,Joseph & John;Army Agents; Ely PlaceView
Atkinson,Miss;Drawing AcademyDorset StView
Atkinson,Robert;Apothecary;22,Mecklenburgh StreetView
Atkinson,Samuel;Spirit Dealer53, Liffey St.View
Atkinson,Thomas;Worsted Manufacturer15, Mark's AlleyView
Atkinson,W & Co.;Livery Lace & Fringe Manuf.14, Werburgh St.View
Atkinson,William;Tallow Chandler32, Ushers QuayView
Atwell,Sarah;Hibernian Coffee House Keeper41, Dame St.View
Atwood,Eliza;Music & musical Instrument Warehouse4, Nassau St.View
Auden,James;Smith & Iron Monger34, Abbey St.View
Austin & Co.; Merchants47, Bishop St.View
Austin,Colonel;No OccupationDublin CastleView
Austin,James;Smith & Iron Monger13, South Great Georges St.View
Austin,John;Mathematical Instrument Maker2, Essex QuayView
Austin,Richard;Painter & glazier17 Molesworth St.View
Aylmer,Cath. Mrs.;No Occupation1, Eccles St.View
Aylmer,E. Mrs.;No OccupationQueen StreetView
Aylmer,John;Drug, Oil & Colour MerchantMary St.View
Aylmer,Lord;No OccupationRoyal HospitalView
Aylmer,Mrs. Cath.;No OccupationEccle's StreetView
Aylward,Nicholas, Esq;No OccupationTemple StreetView
Ayre,John;Carpenter;24, Purdon St.View
Ayre,Martin;Merchant & grocer28, Francis St.View
BabingtonMrs.T.;No Occupation14, Blessington Sq.View
BaconJames C.;Esq27, Temple St.View
BaconJohn;Cheese Monger;4, Little Ship St.View
BaconJohn;Goldsmith, Jeweller & watchmaker80, Dame StView
BaconMargaret;Haberdasher14 Mary St.View
BaconMary;Stamp-stationer11, Aungier St.View
BaconS.;Miss8, Gt. Ship St.View
BadgeThomas;Engraver2, Trinity PlaceView
BaggotE & S.;Stationers99 James St.View
BagleyAustin;Linen Draper & Haberdasher5, Thomas St.View
BagnalJohn;Saddler7, Redmopnd's HillView
Bagnall Jonathan;Boot & Shoe Maker24, Westmorland St.View
BagotD.;Mrs.36, Leeson St.View
BaileyT.;Mrs.10, Hardwick St.View
BailieRobert;Carver, Gilder & Looking Glass Manuf.;Henry St.View
BainAgnes;Hatter9, Skinner RowView
BairdSam. & Thos.;Wh. Woolen-drapers & Snuff Manuf. &c.64, Pill LaneView
BakerHenry A.;Architect;Mecklenburgh St.View
BakerHenry, Esq.;Treasurer, Co. DublinMalahow, Co. DublinView
BakerJames;Merchant Tailor18 Fleet St.View
BakerJohn;Woolen Draper3, Parliament St.View
BakerMrs.;No Occupation12 Merrion Sq. SView
BakerMrs.;No Occupation36 Lower Mount St.View
BakerR & J.;Merchant Tailors11, Dawson St.View
BakerSarah;Embroideress6, Pembroke QuayView
BakerThomas;Feather merchant1, Capel St.View
BakerThomas;Esq.Richmond AveView
BakerW.;Dep. Treas.. to the Navy & Grenwich Hosp65, L. Dorset StView
BakerWm.;Esq.27 Up. Rutland StView
BaldwinEliza;Whip Maker93, Thomas St.View
BaldwinJohn;Merchants & boat owners20, gd. Canal harb.View
BaldwinRobert;Scrivener8, Mary's AbbeyView
BalfThomas;Dyer15, Gt. Ship St.View
BalfeJames;Rope Maker25, Pill LaneView
BalfeJohn;Baker;49 Moore St.View
BalfeLaurence;Turner46, Lower Lifey StView
BalfourMrs.;No Occupation35 Rutland Sq. W.View
BallB. jun;Esq.37 Leeson St.View
BallGeo.;Esq.71 Up. Dorset St.View
BallJn.;Esq.18 Up. Gardiner's St.View
BallM.C.;Mrs47 Eccles St.View
BallRichard;Corn Factor145, N. King St.View
Ball Richard;Cabinet Maker;4, Henry St.View
Ball & SonChina & delf sellers8, Temple BarView
BallentineD.;Stone Cutter24, Bolton St.View
BamberRichard;Agent and Corn Factor;36.5 Low, Ormond QuayView
BambrickEdward;China & delf SellerEssex St.View
BanksFrancis;Tailor14, Up. Dorset St.View
BanksRobt.;Esq.37, Macartney Br.View
BannonEdward;Corn Chandler8, Winetavern St.View
BannonElizabeth;Haberdasher38 Patrick St.View
BannonRichard;Victualler142, N. King St.View
BarbeJohn;Merchant7, Up.Camden St.View
BarberCaptain;No Occupation7, Up. Camden St.View
BarberI.R.;Academy;37, Aungier st.View
BarberJohn;Esq.31 Harcourt St.View
BarberMichael;Silk Manufacturer3, Fordham's AlleyView
BarberRev. Mr.;No Occupation1, Westland RowView
Barber & PurdyMerchants27, Low. Ormond QuayView
BarclayJohn;Wine merchant16, Up. Camden St.View
BardinJohn;Flour factor & Corn Merchant30 Patrick St.View
BardinPeter;Esq.20 Synnot PlaceView
BardsleySon & Co.;Hatters173 Church St.View
BarkerDr.;No Occupation22, Baggot St.View
BarkerEdward;Tallow chandler & Soap Boiler 65, Up. Dorset St.View
BarkerRd.;Apothecary, Chymist & Druggist;Gt. Britain St.View
BarkerRev. Mr.;No Occupation13, N. Cumberland St.View
BarlowA.;Miss29 Fredk St. SView
BarlowJohn;Esq11 Temple StView
BarnesEliza;Stay & Corset Maker3, Crow St.View
BarnesRob.;Esq68 low, Dorset St.View
BarnesRobert;Grocer51, S. Gt. George's St.View
BarnesTho.;Esq.N. Gt. Georges St.View
BarnetRobert;Manufacturing Jeweller4, Smock AlleyView
Barnet & ParkesButton & Military Ornament Manufactu.;48, Bishopt St.View
BarnettL.;Scourer, Stover & Fin of White Goods79 Marrowbone LaneView
BarnettRichard;Clothier & Dyer5, Summer hillView
BarnierWm.;Tallow Chandler2 Stephen St.View
BarrettGeorge;Tallow Chandler13, Lit. Strand St.View
BarrettJames;Lace & Fur Warehouse15, Cutpurse RowView
BarrettJames;Corn Factor23, Low. Kevin St.View
BarrettJohn;Confectioner110 Gt. Britain St.View
BarrettJohn;Boot & Shoe Maker81, Aungier St.View
BarrettNicholas;Umbrella Manufacturer44 Exchequeur St.View
BarrettRobert;Tailor63, Aungier St.View
BarrettSamuel;Muslin, Linen and Calico Facto1, N. Anne St.View
BarrettSamuel;Umbrella Manufacturer4, Chatham RowView
BarrettThomas;Confectioner41, Mary St.View
BarrettWilliam;Salesmaster17,Low Kevin StreetView
BarringtonIsaac;Watch Maker20, Westmoreland St.View
BarringtonJ.;Grocer9, TripoliView
BarringtonWm.;Brazier;S. King St.View
BarronDenis;Grocer & Vitner74 & 75 Church St.View
BarryHon. Mrs.;No Occupation8, Cumberl. St. N.View
BarryJames;Card Maker;66, CoombeView
BarryJohn;Esq.18 Frederk. St. N.View
BarryRob.;Esq.11, Up.Fitzwilliam St.View