Wilson’s 1820 Dublin Directory

Almanacs and street directories are an invaluable resource for researchers into 18th and 19th century Dublin. The earliest directory collected is from 1636. Pigot’s Directory 1820, 1821, 1822 and 1824 are the earliest directories in the collection to cover all of Ireland. Wilson’s Dublin Directories came between 1751-1753 and 1761-1837. Here is Wilson’s 1820 Dublin Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

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BanksFrancis;Tailor14, Up. Dorset St.View
BanksRobt.;Esq.37, Macartney Br.View
BannonEdward;Corn Chandler8, Winetavern St.View
BannonElizabeth;Haberdasher38 Patrick St.View
BannonRichard;Victualler142, N. King St.View
BarbeJohn;Merchant7, Up.Camden St.View
BarberCaptain;No Occupation7, Up. Camden St.View
BarberI.R.;Academy;37, Aungier st.View
BarberJohn;Esq.31 Harcourt St.View
BarberMichael;Silk Manufacturer3, Fordham's AlleyView
BarberRev. Mr.;No Occupation1, Westland RowView
Barber & PurdyMerchants27, Low. Ormond QuayView
BarclayJohn;Wine merchant16, Up. Camden St.View
BardinJohn;Flour factor & Corn Merchant30 Patrick St.View
BardinPeter;Esq.20 Synnot PlaceView
BardsleySon & Co.;Hatters173 Church St.View
BarkerDr.;No Occupation22, Baggot St.View
BarkerEdward;Tallow chandler & Soap Boiler 65, Up. Dorset St.View
BarkerRd.;Apothecary, Chymist & Druggist;Gt. Britain St.View
BarkerRev. Mr.;No Occupation13, N. Cumberland St.View
BarlowA.;Miss29 Fredk St. SView
BarlowJohn;Esq11 Temple StView
BarnesEliza;Stay & Corset Maker3, Crow St.View
BarnesRob.;Esq68 low, Dorset St.View
BarnesRobert;Grocer51, S. Gt. George's St.View
BarnesTho.;Esq.N. Gt. Georges St.View
BarnetRobert;Manufacturing Jeweller4, Smock AlleyView
Barnet & ParkesButton & Military Ornament Manufactu.;48, Bishopt St.View
BarnettL.;Scourer, Stover & Fin of White Goods79 Marrowbone LaneView
BarnettRichard;Clothier & Dyer5, Summer hillView
BarnierWm.;Tallow Chandler2 Stephen St.View
BarrettGeorge;Tallow Chandler13, Lit. Strand St.View
BarrettJames;Lace & Fur Warehouse15, Cutpurse RowView
BarrettJames;Corn Factor23, Low. Kevin St.View
BarrettJohn;Confectioner110 Gt. Britain St.View
BarrettJohn;Boot & Shoe Maker81, Aungier St.View
BarrettNicholas;Umbrella Manufacturer44 Exchequeur St.View
BarrettRobert;Tailor63, Aungier St.View
BarrettSamuel;Muslin, Linen and Calico Facto1, N. Anne St.View
BarrettSamuel;Umbrella Manufacturer4, Chatham RowView
BarrettThomas;Confectioner41, Mary St.View
BarrettWilliam;Salesmaster17,Low Kevin StreetView
BarringtonIsaac;Watch Maker20, Westmoreland St.View
BarringtonJ.;Grocer9, TripoliView
BarringtonWm.;Brazier;S. King St.View
BarronDenis;Grocer & Vitner74 & 75 Church St.View
BarryHon. Mrs.;No Occupation8, Cumberl. St. N.View
BarryJames;Card Maker;66, CoombeView
BarryJohn;Esq.18 Frederk. St. N.View
BarryRob.;Esq.11, Up.Fitzwilliam St.View
BarryRt. Hon. Jn. M.;Treasury Chambers, Dublin castleMount Nugent, Co. CavanView
BarryWilliam;Wool Comber11, Ash StreetView
BarryWilliam;Inn Keeper63, SmithfieldView
BartonJames;Esq.47, Capel St.View
BartonSee: Sneyd, French & BartonWine merchantsUp. Sackville StreetView
BartonWm.;Esq.27, Low Fitzwill. St.View
Barton James;Wholesale Hosiery, Cotton yarn and Knitting Worsted warehouse47 Bolton St.View
Barton John;Merchant44 Mary St & Jervis St.View
Barton John;Hosiery & Linen WarehouseJervis St. & prem in Mary St.View
Barton Thomas;Linen Draper & Haberdasher7 Castle St.View
BashfordGeorge;Linen Draper & Haberdasher17, N. King St.View
BassJoseph jun.;GrocerDenzille St.View
BassJoseph;Carpenter & Builder;Bass Place, Denzille St.View
BasseggioJohn;Ladies hair DresserExchequer St.View
BastivilleRichard;Merchant, OfficeLinen HallView
BatchelorJohn;Esq.William St.View
BatchelorJohn;MerchantWilliam St.View
BatemanMrs.;No OccupationMount St.View
BattersbyArthur;Carpenter;Peter St.View
BattersbyJohn;Painter, Paper Hanger, and GlazierCapel St.View
BattersbyMrs.;No OccupationMountjoy Sq. E.View
BattersbyMrs.;No OccupationSynnot-placeView
BattertonSamuel;Corn ChandlerNew Market, CoombeView
BayleyElizabeth;HaberdasherHardewicke St.View
BayleyPhil.;Esq.Up Baggot St.View
BayleyPhilip, Edward & Co.;Woolen Drapers & ready Made Clothes WarehouseGrafton St.View
BayleyRichard;Cabinet Maker;Stafford St.View
BayleyWilliam;Baker;Cook St.View
BaylyMiss;No OccupationHardwicke St.View
BaynesEdw. J.;Esq.Sackvillle St.View
BeaghanMary;ConfectionerFishamble St.View
BeaghanPatrick;Grocer & Tobacconist42 & 43, High St.View
BeahanJames;Proprietor of Job CarriagesLow. Camden St.View
BeahanJames;Card Maker;Thomas St.View
BeahanNicholas;Spirit DealerWerburgh St.View
BeahanPatrick;GrocerGt. Britain St.View
BeahanPatrick;Spanish Leather DresserS. New RowView
BeasleyJoseph & Co.;Wh. Woolen merchantsMerchants QuayView
BeasleyThomas;ClothierNew MarketView
BeasleyW.;Esq.Clanbrassil St.View
BeattyFran.;Esq.Mountjoy Sq.View
BeattyStephen;Printer, Bookseller & StationerAnglesea St.View
BeaumontGeo.;Esq.Lower Fitzwilliam St.View
BeaumontMiss;No OccupationUp. Gardiner St.View
BeaumontSee: Hague, Beaumont & CookeWh. Woolen drapersFishamble StreetView
BeckwithGeneral Sir Geo. Bart.;Commander in ChiefRoyal Hospital, KilmainhamView
BectiveEarl of;No OccupationRutland Sq. N.View
BeddyJohn;Inn KeeperLow. Kevin St.View
BeddyLester;Paper & Account Book WarehouseInns QuayView
BeddyWilliam;Whalebone ManufacturerAbbey St.View
BeebySamuel;ClothierWeaver's SquareView
BeebyThomas;Esq.L. Mount St.View
BeebyWm.;Esq.Macartney Br.View
BeereD.;Esq.Mt. Anville House, RoebuckView
BeereGeo.;Esq.Camden St.View
BeereRichard & Co.;PrintersLit. Strand St.View
BeereRichard;GrocerAungier St.View
BeersSee: Vance & BeersWHolesale woolen drap. & Manchester wareh.Lower Bridge StreetView
BeersWm.;Esq.Blackhall StreetView
BeersSee Vance &L. brodge st.View
BeggMathew;Boot & Shoemaker;Church St.View
BeggNicholas;GrocerCity QuayView
BeggsJames;Timber MerchantBlackhall ParadeView
BeggsMrs. J.;No OccupationBlackhall ParadeView
BeggsThomas;GrocerN. King St.View
Beggs, Jameson & Co.Merchants, OfficeLurgan StreetView
BegleyCatherine;Linen Draper & C.S. Anne StreetView
BeirsWilliam;MerchantBlackhall StreetView
BeithRobert;Watch & Clock MakerGeorge's QuayView
BelcherMrs. A.;No OccupationN. Gt. Georges St.View
BelewChristopher;MerchantAbbey St.View
BellAlexander;Stay & Corset WareouseAungier St.View
BellArch.;Esq.Low. camden St.View
BellE.;Boarding School;Usher's QuayView
BellEd.;Esq.Cumberland St. N.View
BellFrancis;See: Richard & FrancisLinnen Hall StreetView
BellGeorge;Linnen & Cotton factorLinnen Hall StreetView
BellJ.;See: M & J & Co.Abbey St.View
BellL. & S.;Baby Linen and Fancy Dress Warehouse;Aungier St.View
BellM & J. & Co.;Milleners and fancy Dress MakersAbbey St.View
BellMrs. Eliza;No OccupationCharlemont St.View
BellMrs.;No OccupationLow. Dorset St.View
BellRichard & Francis;Cotton FactosLinnen Hall StreetView
BellS.;See:Bell, L & S.Aungier St.View
BellSamuel;Apothecary;Francis StreetView
BellThomas;Esq.Baggot St.View
BellThomas;Starch manufacturerMary's AbbeyView
BellWilliam;Boot & Shoemaker;Up. Ormond QuayView
BellewSir Edward, Bt.;No OccupationEccles St.View
BellewUn-namedEsq. Mountjoy Sq. W.View
BellinghamJohn;Esq.Dawson St.View
BellinghamSee: Blackwood &Wine merchantsHarcourt StreetView
BellwoodRobert;ClothierArdee RowView
BelshawR.;Linen DraperGrafton St.View
BelsonJohn;Esq.Gt. Ship St.View
BelvedereCountess;No OccupationGt. Denm. St.View
BennMrs. J.;No OccupationUp. Dorset St.View
BennetJohn;Iron Founder & MerchantChurch St.View
BennetMessrs;Coach MakersAungier St.View
BennetPatrick;Coach ownerMercer streetView
BennetSamuel;MerchantN. King St.View
BennetWilliam;Military musical instrument makerDame CourtView
BennetWilliam;Auctioneer;Royal ExchangeView
BennettMiss E.;No OccupationKildare St.View
BennettMiss;No OccupationLeeson St.View
BennettMrs. J.;No OccupationUp. Merrion St.View
BennisRd. & Co.;Coal merchantsBolton StreetView
BennisRd. & Co.;Coal merchantsGeorge's QuayView
BensonJohn;Mangle & Machine manufacturerLees LaneView
BensonLieut. Col;No OccupationNorth StrandView
BensonMrs.;No OccupationLow. Mount St.View
BensonMrs.;No OccupationUp. Rutland St.View
BensonWilliam;UndertakerCook St.View
BenthamChristopher;PrinterStephen streetView
BentleyGeorge;Tin plate workerTighe St.View
BentleyRobert;Agent and Corn Factor;St. Stephen's Green, W.View
Bentley & SonAucioneers;Montpelier HillView
BeresfordAld.John C.;No OccupationBelvedereView
BerfordGeorge P.;Corn & Flour FactorAbbey St.View
BergenMichael;EngineerRainsford StreetView
BerginJoseph;Grocer & VintnerEssex StreetView
BerginPatrick;VintnerFleet StreetView
BerginStephen;Silver smithNicholas StreetView
BerkAlexander;Fur dyer & DresserPeter St.View
BerkeleyMrs.;No OccupationUp. Rutland St.View
BerminghamJames;Carpenter;Church St.View
BerminghamJames;Tallow ChandlerFrancis StreetView
BerminghamMichael;Billiard Table Maker;Trinity placeView
BerneMichael;Coach & Jaunting car makerCuffe streetView
BerrellJn.;Esq.Low. Pembroke St.View
BerryJoseph;Seed merchantArran QuayView
BerryP.;Proprietor of Road ChaisesFrederick Lane, S.View
BerryS & Co.;MerchantsGrand canal HarbourView
BerrySterling;MerchantJame's StreetView
BerryWilliam & Co.;Seed MerchantsLow. Kevin StreetView
BessonetFran.;Esq.Leeson St.View
BessonetJames;Esq.Leeson St.View
BethamSir Wm.;No OccupationPalace St.View
BethsworthCapt.;No OccupationMount St.View
BettyJohn;Apothecary;Dorset StView
BettyW.;Esq.Rutland Sq. WView
BevanHumphrey;Professor of MusicCharlotte StreetView
BewleyJohn;Calico Warehouse;Up. Bridge StreetView
Bewley, Fowler & CoMerchantsSuffolk StreetView
BiggerWilliam;Upholder & AuctioneerLow. Camden St.View
BiltonChr.;Hotel KeeperUp. Sackville StreetView
BinghamHenry, jun.;HosierCapel St.View
BinghamHenry;Iron MongerCapel St.View
BinghamJane;Linen DraperHenry St.View
BinnsAnne: Executors of;Iron MongersDame StreetView
BinnsBenjamin;Iron MongerDame StreetView
BinnsGeorge;MeasurerParadise RowView
BirchEdw.;Cotton west & Twist warehouseNew Row, W.View
BirchEyland;Rope MakerThomas St.View
BirchMrs.;Boarding School;Bolton StreetView
BirchRobert;Rope MakerChurch St.View
BirkettGeo. H.;Tallow chandler & Soap Boiler Jervis StreetView
BirkettIsrael;Linen DraperDawson streetView
BirkettWilliam;Tallow chandlerRyder's RowView
BirminghamM. Mrs.;No OccupationS. Margaret's Place, RahenyView
BishopMrs. Eliza;No OccupationHume St.View
BlackBarbara;Linen DraperBack LaneView
BlackJ.;Esq.Summer HillView
BlackMichael;Esq.George's h.View
BlackerJames;Sheriff's Peer & Woolen draperCollege GreenView
BlackerLieut. Col;No OccupationN. Gt. Geo. St.View
BlackhallMajor;No OccupationTemple St.View
BlackhallMarjor R.;No OccupationRichmond PlView
BlackhallMrs.;No OccupationFrederick St. S.View
BlackleyMrs.;No OccupationYork St.View
BlackleyT.;Esq.York St.View
BlackwoodD., Miss;No OccupationHardw. St.View
BlackwoodHon. Hans;No OccupationGt. Chas. St.View
Blackwood, Bellingham & JonesWine merchantsHarcourt StreetView
BlairJames;Apothecary;Meath StreetView
BlairSamuel;Carpenter;George's HillView
Blair & GrehanTimber merchantsN. King St.View
BlakeI.;Linen Draper & HaberdasherCapel St.View
BlakeMichael;Corn Factor & Car OwnerLuke StreetView
BlakeThomas;Esq.Camden St.View
BlakeneyMrs.;No OccupationLow Mount St.View
BlakeneyMrs.;No OccupationMerrion Sq. EView
BlaquiereH.;Esq.Denzille St.View
BlaquiereHon. P. B.;Army & Land Agent;Dawson StreetView
BleakneyHon. Mr.;No OccupationUp. Sack. St.View
BlenkinsopMrs.;No Occupation17, Prussia St.View
BlenkinsopPeter;Printer, Bookseller & StationerCapel St.View
BlessingtonThe Earl of;No Occupation8, Henrietta StView
BlewittJ.;Professor of MusicLow. Fitzwilliam St.View
BlewittJ.;Professor of MusicLow. Sackville StreetView
BlighBryan;GrocerGt. Britain St.View
BloodMrs.;No Occupation12, mid. Gardiner St.View
BloodNeptune & Thomas;Woolen DrapersWestmoreland StreetView
BloodThomas;See: Neptune &See Neptune &View
Blow & Co.Straw hat ManufacturersDame StreetView
BloxhamAld. Mark;No Occupation26, Gardiner's PLaceView
BluettPaul;HaberdasherE. Arran StreetView
BlundellEliza;Stay makerHenry St.View
BlundellThomas;Watch MakerAbbey St.View