Marriage Records, Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare, 1860-65

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Some full Marriage records of Touclea and Twovahard Marriage records.
These come from the Roman Catholic parish register of Lisdoonvarna,
Galway Diocese

also some Baptisms.
These are some full marriage records taken from this parish register while I was researching a few surnames one of which was McNamara.  An index to the names of the grooms and Brides for all the marriage records for the period 1860-66 is also on this website.

National Library of Ireland film number 2440

Marriages Jan 12th, 1860 – Nov 23rd, 1880

Name on register
Register of marriages Touclea and Twovahard, 1860.

Nice script.  No placenames are given.

Jan 12th
Michael Lane to Winy Calnan. Witnesses (Testes- Latin): James Calnan & Winny Linnane
Feb 12th
Martin Moylan to Mary Donnellan. Witnesses (Testes): John Gardner & Mary Donnelan
Feb 19th.
Michael Bechman to Bridget Fox. Wit: Pat Neville & Honor ?Carny or Casly.
Feb 19th
Michael Gevin to Anne Harkins. Wit: Darby Griffy & Kate Griffy
Feb 23rd.
Pat Doherty to Johanna Danaher. Wit: Murty Danaher & Johanna Qualy
Feb 25th
Patrick Walsh to Honor Garrehy or Ganahy. Wit; Patrick Carney & Mary Ganahy
Feb 25th
Patrick Moylan to Bridget Murray. Wit: John Moylan & Bridget Donohoe
Feb 26th. Martin Connors to Mary Malone. Wit: Denis Quinn & Mary Linnane.

Galway, Lisdoonvarna Baptisms
June 1st, 1854 – Nov 19th, 1876
Entries numbered.
McNamara, Michael 17th January. Parents: Patt McNamara & Mary O’Connors. Fraom: Crownagort. Baptised 18th January. Sponsors/Godparents: John Quealy & Ann Sheedy
Moloney, Bridget. 18th January. Parents: Pat Molony & Mary Sheehan. From Ballyvara. Baptised 18th January. Sponsors: Denis Sheehan & Thomas Sheehan
Patt Flanigan. 12th March. Parents: Michael Flanigan & Peggy McNamara. Carnar? Bapt: 13th March. Sponsors: Martin Flanigan & Bridget Flanigan
Neyhan, Catherine. 30th March. Parents: John Neylan & Margaret McNamara. Ballylyse. Bapt: 4th April. Sponsors: John Burns & Margaret Woods
O’Loughlan, Cornleius. 13th April. Parents: Patt O’Loughlan & Bridget McNamara. Greyrock. Bapt: 18th April. Sponsors (SS) John O’Loughlan & Mary O’Loughlan.

In Latin.
Pahitin? (first name), Fitzgerald. 17th June. Parents: Guilelemus Fitzgerald & Johanna McNamara. Cahernakesly. Bapt. 19th June. Thos. ?Molone & Anne McNamara.

Gap from June 1858 to May 1859.

Michael Byrns. 6th September. Parents: Joannes Byrns & Maria McNamara. Glasha. Baptised 7th September. SS. Joannes Neligan & Maria Foran.
Patritius Fitzpatrick. 12th November. Parents: James Fitzpatrick & Mary Molony. Bapt: 14th November. SS> Patt Fitzpatrick & Mary ?Marny or Manny
Brigetta Molony. 24th December. Parents: Dinnisus Molony & Anna O’Connors. Lough. Bapt: 27th December. SS. Murty Flanagan & Bridget ?Howley.

Conway, Denis. 22nd March. Parents: Michael Conway & Mary Molony. Fish??? Bapt: 23rd. March. SS. Michael Conway & Kate Fitzgerald.
Stephen Considine 4th April. Stephan Considine & Mary Malony. Tyland 6th April. Stephen Considine & Ally Gallagher
Patt Kilmartin 9th April.Bryan Kilmartin & Margaret Conway. Knockprechan. 11th April. James O’Connors & Margaret ?Kellehir.
Mary Molony. 28th April. John Molony & Mary ?Qu??ly. Lough. 29th April. Daniel Monlony & Anne O’Connors.
John McMahon. 18th June. Thomas McMahon & Susan Molony. Clohane. 19th June. John Byrnes & Kate Byrnes.

Andrew Lysaght. 13th Jan. James Lysaght & Margaret Qui?nly. Crownohist? 20th Jan. Pat. O’Brien & Mary Brody.
Margaret Moylan 9th Feb. John Moylan & Margaret Maloney. Ballyconor North. 10th Feb. John Houlahan & Kate Hogan.
Stephen Kilmartin. 17th June. Bryan Kilmartin & Mary Conway. ?Annal Graham. 18th June. John Conway & Bridget Conway.
Daniel Malony. 16th September. Daniel Malony & Mary O’Connor Trugh. 18th Sept. James O’Connor & Anne Flaherly
Thomas Howley. 27th Dec. James Howly & Mary Conway. ?Frowngurt. 29th Dec. Michl Conway & Honor Conway.

Nance Malony. 9th March. Denis Malony & Anne O’Connors. Lough. 11th March. Michl Flanagan & Susan Flanagan
Bridget McMahon. 1st May. Thomas McMahon & Susan Malony. Paulnagur 2nd May. Thos. Culnan & Kate McNAmara.
Margaret Lyons. 2nd May. John Lyons & Betty Malone. Clohons. 4th May. James McK?een & Mary O’Brien.
Catherine Malony. 22nd May. Patt Malony & Mary Sheehan. B.drishan. 24th May. Thos Sheehan & Mary Malony.
?Oliver Considine. 16th Sept. Stephen Considine & Bridget Malony, Island. 16th Sept. Colm Malony & Johanna O’Keefe.
Patt Considine 24th Dec. Michael Considine & Mary Malony. Crazycunidare. 25th Dec. James Kilmartin & Bridget Considine.

Priest runs the numbers through to 799 and then instead of going to 800 the number following 799 is 780

Patt Flanigan 27th Feb. Murty Flannigan & Nance Malony. Dernagore. 28th Feb. Murty Flanigan & Susan Flanigan.
David Malony 27th October. Daniel Malony & Mary Connors. Lough. 28th Oct. David O’Connors and Nance Flaherty.

Pat Lyons. Jan 1st. John Lyons & Betty Malone. Prishnagunn. 2nd Jan. Pat O’Keefe & Kate Jordan
15th August 1864 ?Susan Malony, 15th August. Michael Malony & Margaret Jordan. Cronugort. 18th Aug. Michl Kilmartin & Anne Flaherty.
Susan Maloney. 24th Dec. Denis Maloney & Nance O’Connor. Lough 22nd John Maloney & ?Bartona Connolly.
Thomas Malony 26th Dec. Pat Malony & Susan Sheehan. Ardrahan. 26th Dec. James Sheehan & Kate Sheehan.
Mary Conway. 14th Feb. Martin Conway & Honor Shaughnessy. Ballymackvam? 15th Feb. Peter Flanagan & Bridget Dunleavy.
Michl Molony. 7th Aug. John Molony & Mary Qualy. Lough. 7th Aug. Murty Flanagan & Bridget Flanagan.
Thomas Lyons. 3rd Dec. John Lyons & Betty Malone. Poulinagawn. 4th Dec. Thomas Williams & Bridget Lyons.

John Maloney 10th Jan Daniel Malony Mary O’Connors. Lough. 13th Jan . James O’Connors & Susan O’Connors. E. Power (Priest)

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