Baptism Records, Castlegar, Co. Galway, 1827

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Diocese of Galway
Castlegar parish, Galway city
Baptisms : March 8, 1827- Dec 31, 1841

Notes: This Baptismal register contains listing of Churchings, plus notes such as 16th March 1827, Baptised Twins at Ringsmore – no other information on the twins. Other notes in the register for early part of this year: Churching Brian Kelly’s wife Roscom. 23rd March 1832, a child for a Tuam man at Bouhanachum. 12th April Churching Lowry’s wife, Ballinchample. 20th Apr Churching Jas Kilrayan wife Killalla? 20th April Churching John Haly’s wife, Coolach. 28th May Churching Margt Haly Menlo. 1st July churching Thos. Tierney wife, coolock. 1st Churching Mary Cassidy, Menlo. Castlegar parish registry begins with ‘Parish Registry of Car?nab?oy”.

Thos CormackMichlMary Ward12-Nov
$Mary Costelloe?ThosSusan Gorman17-Sep
Thos Cothern?PattMary Boyle11-Apr
Jas CraddockJasSally Gilmore28-May
Stephen CravenPattBiddy Fahy26-Dec
Biddy CreanRogerCath Crean17-Jun
Mary CreanPattBridgett Madden01-Apr
Margt CrowThosJudy Fahy01-Oct
Margt CunnoleJasNelly Comer17-Oct
Peter DarcyPattMary Boyle02-Jul
Martin DelapMartinBiddy Ward22-Oct
Biddy DevanyDanlEllen Sonnerule?26-Jun
Celia DevillyRichdHonor Feeny04-Jun
Mary DugganJohnMargt Loughnane28-May
Bridget FahyPattSibby Gready13-Dec
Honor FahyPatt PeterPeggy O'Brien22-Jan
Mary FahyJohnMargt Lawless24-Sep
Michl FahyRichdMary Tierny21-Sep
Patt FahyBartlyBridgett Faraher?01-Jul
Wm FahyStephenSally Boyle21-Oct
Mary FlahertyPattMary Lee25-May
John FlynnMalachySusan Gunnula02-May
Mary FlynnPattHonor Cadum08-Nov
?cath FordJohnCath Kerevin?10-Aug
John FordThosCath Gorman04-Nov
Sibby FordMichlSally Cassidy03-Apr
Cath FrancisRichdSusan Flanigan08-Jun
Jas FrancisWmMary Haly26-Apr
Martin FrancisThosMary Francis31-Oct
Mary FrancisPattCath Fahy09-Aug
Mary FrancisJohnAnne Kane18-Oct
Mary FrancisJasEllen Lawless22-Oct
Michl FrancisJohnMary Flynn02-Sep
Michl FrancisJasMary Lawless10-Jul
Thos FrancisJonathanBiddy Francis23-Nov
Thos FrancisNicholasBiddy Lawless26-Nov
Susan Gerenelly???Cath Lanigan30-Sep
Biddy GillBartlyMary Finegan27-Aug
Ellen GilmoreThosMargt Kelly06-Jul
Margt GilmorePattMary Hanly23-Sep
Patt GilmorePattMary Joyce20-Mar
Michl GlynnPeterBiddy Ward28-Oct
John GranyMathiasCath Donelan07-Jun
Patt GranyLarryCeclie Egan11-Aug
Michl GrelishMartinCath Crane?31-Jul
Thos HalanWmCath Fox04-Oct
John HalyMichlHonor Francis07-Apr
Thos Haly or HanlyJohnSusan Gardiner04-Dec
Martin HartMartinMary Conolly05-Jun
Thos HartPattBiddy Joyce20-Mar
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