Baptism Records, Monagay, Co. Limerick, 1860-70

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Monegea, Roman Catholic Parish Register, (aka Monagea, Monagay)

Some few children baptised 1865-1880

All R.C. Records for this parish:

Baptisms: Jan 11th, 1809- July 21st, 1813
March 25th, 1829 – Dec 19th, 1831
Aug 19th, 1833 – Nov 30th, 1841
Dec 31st, 1841 – Nov 3rd, 1880
Marriages: Jan 8th, 1777 – Feb 29th, 1792
Feb 1st, 1829 – Dec 27th, 1880
NLI Pos. 2423

Also see Newcastle West registers. Monagay or Monegea/Monagea is mentioned on the parish record film for Newcastle West :” June 15th 1845. The Right Rev. Dr. Ryan ordered the townlands of Ardnacrohy
and Tierneen (or meen) in the parish of Monegea to be annexed to the parish of Newcastle.”

Surname & Name Year Position
Begane Hanora 1870 Sponsor/Godparent
Begane Maria 1870 Mother
Begawn Maria 1866 Mother
Briggane? Maria 1870 Mother
Cunnane or Conners? Maria 1879 Mother
Cunningham Thomas 1879 Sponsor/Godparent
Curtin Jeremiah 1872 Sponsor/Godparent
Curtin Johanna 1872 Sponsor/Godparent
Curtin Maria 1872 Mother
Deely Jeremiah 1877 Sponsor/Godparent
Dore Brigidam 1868 Child
Dore Edmundus 1876 Sponsor/Godparent
Dore Franciscum 1876 Child
Dore Johanem Jacobum 1879 Child
Dore Mariam 1870 Child
Dore Maurice 1876 Father
Dore Maurice 1870 Father
Dore Maurice 1868 Father
Dore Maurice 1866 Father
Dore Michael 1879 Father
Dore Michaelem 1866 Child
Dore Nanna 1876 Mother
Dore? Mariam 1874 Child
Dore? Maurice 1874 Father
Drinane? Margarita 1880 Sponsor/Godparent
Dunane or Dinane Maria 1880 Mother
Flanigan Catharine 1865 Mother
Flanigan Michaelem 1865 Child
Flanigan Patritius 1865 Father
Flanigan Thos. 1865 Sponsor/Godparent
Foley Margarita 1866 Sponsor/Godparent
Foley Maria 1876 Sponsor/Godparent
Foley Martinus 1866 Sponsor/Godparent
Kennedy Edmund 1868 Sponsor/Godparent
Kennedy Edwardus 1870 Sponsor/Godparent
Leahy Brigidam 1872 Child
Leahy Patrici 1872 Father
Littleton M?? 1874 Sponsor/Godparent
Littleton Maria 1874 Mother
Littleton Maria 1868 Mother
Littleton Maria 1868 Sponsor/Godparent
Mulcahy Dyaneous 1880 Father
Mulcahy Elizabetha 1880 Child
Mulcahy Timotheous 1880 Sponsor/Godparent
Mullane ?Pahen or Petrus 1879 Father
Mullane Michaelem 1879 Child
Mullane Patt 1879 Sponsor/Godparent
Mullane? Gulielmum 1877 Child
Mullane? Patritius 1877 Father
Nash Ellena 1865 Sponsor/Godparent
O’Connor ?Jacobus 1879 Sponsor/Godparent
O’Connor Hanna 1879 Sponsor/Godparent
Roche Catherina 1879 Sponsor/Godparent
Roche Catherina 1877 Sponsor/Godparent
Roche Elizabetha 1879 Sponsor/Godparent
Roche Johanna 1879 Mother
Roche Margarita 1879 Mother
Roche Margarita 1877 Mother
Ryan Anna 1876 Sponsor/Godparent
Ryan Ellenam 1876 Child
Ryan Patritius 1876 Father
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