Baptism Records, Woodford, Co. Galway, 1865

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April – December, 1865. Listed as ‘Woodfert & Clonfert’ on the register. Baptismal records from a Latin register for Woodford, Galway. Names given are as spelled (or read) on the register. Townlands are named. The names of witnesses and townlands are not included in this index.

Woodford Roman Catholic Parish Records on Microfilm:

Baptisms: April 20th, 1821 – Nov 25th, 1843 (Woodford & Ballinakill Upper)
March 6th, 1851 – Aug 4th, 1861
April 22nd, 1865 – Sept 13th, 1868 (Woodfert & Clonfert)
Feb 20th, 1869 – Oct 16th, 1880
Marriages: April 22nd, 1821 – Nov 25th 1843
March 1st, 1851 – July 23rd, 1861
July 27th, 1865 – Feb 9th, 1869
Feb 18th, 1871 – Feb 19th, 1880
NLI pos. 2433
LDS BFA: 1279217 items 18, 19-21 and BFA 1279218 items 1-6
1279218 Items 1 – 6 Parochial registers of Woodford (Galway), 1821-1908 Catholic Church. Parish of Woodford (Galway)

For once, families in this particular register and area are of interest to me, surnames : Lyons, Noonan, and Porter being some.

Timotheus BaninTimotheiHalloran CatharinaeDec 21st 1865
Margarita BreahanyJoannisKennedy MariaAug 14th 1865
Judith BroderickJacobi?Haley AnnaAug 13th 1865
Jacobus BurkeJacobiMccabe Cecil?ueJune 12th 1865
Brigida CalahanThomaiKennedy MariaJune 7th 1865
Anna CarrollPetriMadden BrigidaMay 11th 1865
Hyacinthus ClarkeCorneliiDuggan BrigidaApril 15th 1865
Michaelis ConryJoannisDermody HonoraJune 4th 1865
Maria Coor?nanPatriciiBrooder WinefredSept 8th 1865
Malone DionysiesDionysiiCleary CeciliaeDec 22nd 1865
Joannes DonellanMichaelisHackett MariaOct 13th 1865
Thomas DonnellyThomasCallan MariaAril 5th 1865
Brigida DonohoeJoannisLarkin MariaOct 15th 1865
Sarah EganThomiLynch MariaMay 21st 1865
Winifrida EganJacobiKelly MariaeDec 14th 1865
Michael FahyJohannisTuohy BrigidaeAug 28th 1865
Franciscus FarrellFrancisciCannon BrigidaMay 12th 1865
Brigida FinlayTerenliiFinlay CatharinaeOct 5th 1865
Jacobus FlanaganEdmundiMorry MargaritaJuly 19th 1865
Margartita FordePatriciiHogan MargaritaMay 13th 1865
Michael FordeJoannisKennedy BrigidaeOct 25th 1865
Matilda FraleyJoannisBrien CatharineMay 6th 1865
Maria GeeranMichaelisMooney MargaritaAug 20th 1865
Thomas Josephus GormanMichaelisTuohy EleanoraAug 5th 1865
Patritius HayesGulielmiiHolland BrigidaMay 25th 1865
Brigida HickeyMichaelisCaroll AnnApril 29th 1865
Catharina HickeyJoanniVaughan MariaMay 25th 1865
Brigida KellyPatritiiLynch AnnnaJune 30th 1865
Brigida KellyMichaelisLoughnane MariaAug 9th 1865
Gulielmus KempleThomasFahy EleonoraAug 14th 1865
Patritius KennyPatritiiO'Brien MariaMay 19th 1865
Michael LynchMartinMahon BrigidaeAug 27th 1865
Eliza LyonsPatritiiHickey ElizaJune 13th 1865
Michael LyonsFrancesciFitzgerald CatharinaeOct 23rd 1865
Thomas LyonsJoannisGeeran ElinoraeDec 20th 1865
Patritius MaddenJoannisLynch BrigidaAug 26th 1865
Maria MahonCorneliiMahon MargaritaDec 29th 1865
Fury Martin JoannesMichaelis(Not given) EleonoraeOct 14th 1865
Eleanora Francesca McDermottJoannisHolland MargaritaAug 2nd 1865
Franciscus McEnerny?JoannesM?urray BrigidaeDec 28th 1865
Joannes McGuireMartiniReilly EleonoraJuly 16th 1865
Joannes Mugga?unJoannisHicky BrigidaMay 1st 1865
Maria MullenPatritiiPorter Maria38899 1865
Anna MulvihillThomaiMitchel CatharinaMay 22nd 1865
Martinus MulvihillPatriciiTorpey Brigida38991 1865
Philippus MurrayPatritiiMurphy BrigidaJuly 6th 1865
Brigida PagePatriciiRonane MargaritaeDec 8th 1865
Elizabetha PowerKieranMcDermot ElizabethaDec 25th 1865
Gulielimus PowerGulielmiRobinson CatharinaJune 22nd 1865
Thadous RyanPatritiiGearan brigidaJune 16th 1865
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