Griffith’s Primary Valuation Records, Co. Monaghan

From the 1820s to the 1840s a complex process of reform attempted to standardise the basis of local taxation in Ireland. The first steps were to map and fix administrative boundaries through the Ordnance Survey and the associated Boundary Commission. The next step was to assess the productive capacity of all property in the country in a thoroughly uniform way. Richard Griffith, a geologist based in Dublin, became Boundary Commissioner in 1825 and Commissioner of Valuation in 1827. The results of his great survey, the Primary Valuation of Ireland, were published between 1847 and 1864. The valuation is arranged by county, barony, Poor Law Union, civil parish and townland, and it lists every landholder and every householder in Ireland.

White JamesShirley, Evelyn P.ArdraghMonaghan
White JamesShirley, Evelyn P.CorvallyMonaghan
White JohnShirley, Evelyn P.DrumgurraMonaghan
White JosephShirley, Evelyn P.RaferaghMonaghan
White William (George)Shirley, Evelyn P.DrumgurraMonaghan
White William J.Shirley, Evelyn P.DrumgurraMonaghan
Wilson JohnShirley, Evelyn P.AghalileMonaghan
Woods CatherineShirley, Evelyn P.LurgansMonaghan
Woods JohnShirley, Evelyn P.GreaghlaneMonaghan
Woods ThomasShirley, Evelyn P.Corduff (Kelly)Monaghan
Woods ThomasShirley, Evelyn P.DerrylavanMonaghan
Woods WilliamShirley, Evelyn P.Cloghvally, UpperMonaghan
Bird JamesShirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
Bird MichaelShirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
Brady PhilipShirley, Evelyn P.DrumturkMonaghan
Byrne AgnesShirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
Campbell OwenShirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
Campbell PeterShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
Campbell PeterShirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
Carroll JamesShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
Carroll JohnShirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
Carroll RoseShirley, Evelyn P.DrumturkMonaghan
Casey HenryShirley, Evelyn P.DrumturkMonaghan
Conlan PatrickShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
Conlon JohnShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
Daly BernardShirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
Daly PatrickShirley, Evelyn P.LeegMonaghan
English ThomasShirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
Fitzpatrick JohnShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
Gartlan ThomasShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
Goodman MichaelShirley, Evelyn P.DrumturkMonaghan
Goodman MichaelShirley, Evelyn P.Clonturk MasonMonaghan
Hughes HenryShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
Kelly AnneShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
Kelly AnneShirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
Maginniss DominickShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
Martin BernardShirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
M'Cabe JohnShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
M'Enany OwenShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
M'Gahan PeterShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
M'Geogh PeterShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
M'Ginn Patrick x 2Shirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
M'Ginn Rose x 2Shirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
M'Mahon HenryShirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
M'Mahon MaryShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
M'Mahon MaryShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
M'Mahon PatrickShirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
Mohan MatthewShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
Mohan RichardShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
Short PatrickShirley, Evelyn P.MullaghmacateerMonaghan
Slevin FrancisShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
Slevin PatrickShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
Smith William G.Shirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
Ward BernardShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
Ward JohnShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
Ward PeterShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
Winters JohnShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
Winters LaurenceShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
Winters LaurenceShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
Winters MaryShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, EastMonaghan
Wynne NicholasShirley, Evelyn P.Tullynaskeagh, WestMonaghan
Brady HenryShirley, James Rev.AnnamarranMonaghan
Brady MaryShirley, James Rev.AnnamarranMonaghan
Callan JohnShirley, James Rev.LeegMonaghan
Carroll AnneShirley, James Rev.DrumturkMonaghan
Carroll RoseShirley, James Rev.DrumturkMonaghan
Casey HenryShirley, James Rev.AnnamarranMonaghan
Casey MaryShirley, James Rev.AnnamarranMonaghan
Casey PatrickShirley, James Rev.AnnamarranMonaghan
Cavanagh NicholasShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Conlon JohnShirley, James Rev.Clonturk MasonMonaghan
Conlon PatrickShirley, James Rev.Clonturk MasonMonaghan
Cunningham PatrickShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Daly BernardShirley, James Rev.DrumturkMonaghan
Daly BernardShirley, James Rev.Clonturk MasonMonaghan
Daly MichaelShirley, James Rev.Clonturk MasonMonaghan
Daly PatrickShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Daly PatrickShirley, James Rev.LeegMonaghan
Devitt HenryShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Fagan JamesShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Finegan CatherineShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Finegan HughShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Finegan LaurenceShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Finegan OwenShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Finegan SimonShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Goodman MichaelShirley, James Rev.DrumturkMonaghan
Hatcher BridgetShirley, James Rev.DrumturkMonaghan
Hatcher JamesShirley, James Rev.DrumturkMonaghan
Hoey Bernard (Roe)Shirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Hoey Bernard (Roe)Shirley, James Rev.AnnamarranMonaghan
Hoey ElizaShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Kelly CatherineShirley, James Rev.AnnaheanMonaghan
Legan JamesShirley, James Rev.DrumturkMonaghan
Marron ElizaShirley, James Rev.LeegMonaghan
Marron PatrickShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Marron PatrickShirley, James Rev.LeegMonaghan
Marron PeterShirley, James Rev.LeegMonaghan
Martin BernardShirley, James Rev.AnnamarranMonaghan
Matthews Thomas - Reps ofShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Matthews Thomas - Reps ofShirley, James Rev.LeegMonaghan
Matthews Thomas - Reps ofShirley, James Rev.AnnamarranMonaghan
M'Cabe JamesShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Meegan RoseShirley, James Rev.AnnamarranMonaghan
M'Evoy GeorgeShirley, James Rev.DrumturkMonaghan
M'Mahon JaneShirley, James Rev.LeegMonaghan
M'Mahon PatrickShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
M'Mahon PeterShirley, James Rev.LeegMonaghan
Nicholson FrancisShirley, James Rev.DrumturkMonaghan
Nulty EdwardShirley, James Rev.DrumturkMonaghan
Nulty MichaelShirley, James Rev.DrumturkMonaghan
O'Neill RoseShirley, James Rev.Clonturk MasonMonaghan
Roe JamesShirley, James Rev.DrumgeenyMonaghan
Roe JamesShirley, James Rev.LeegMonaghan
Walsh PeterShirley, James Rev.LeegMonaghan
White DominickShirley, James Rev.DrumturkMonaghan
Woods ThomasShirley, James Rev.Clonturk MasonMonaghan
Kelly AnneShirley, James Rev. & Evelyn P.DrumturkMonaghan
Finnegan MichaelShirley, James, Rev.GreaghlaneMonaghan
Shovelin PatrickShovelin & Marquis**LisnakellyMonaghan
M'Connan BernardSloane, WilliamCargaghogeMonaghan
Eakin NathanielSmith, ElizabethMain street, Drummond EtraMonaghan
Graham JamesSmith, Thos. St. L., Rev.DerryolamMonaghan
Martin PatrickSmith, William G.LurgansMonaghan
M'Enana OwenSmith, William G.LurgansMonaghan
M'Enena PeterSmith, William G.LurgansMonaghan
Finegan RedmondStratton, ThomasAghafadMonaghan
Johnston JohnStratton, ThomasAghafadMonaghan
Martin JamesStratton, ThomasAghafadMonaghan
M'Cabe JamesStratton, ThomasAghafadMonaghan
M'Callan JamesStratton, ThomasAghafadMonaghan
M'Mahon MaryStratton, ThomasAghafadMonaghan
Shattan Thomas, sen.Stratton, ThomasAghafadMonaghan
Walsh MaryStratton, ThomasAghafadMonaghan
Gartlan BryanSwinburn, MichaelCloghvally, LowerMonaghan
M'Guiggan EllenSwinburn, MichaelCloghvally, LowerMonaghan
Sheenan EdwardSwinburn, MichaelCloghvally, LowerMonaghan
Ruddy MichaelThompson, JohnDrumeverMonaghan
Boylan FelixTimmons, ArthurKilmactrasnaMonaghan
Gough JohnTimon, ArthurMullanarryMonaghan
Callan BernardTrench, William S.CorcrinMonaghan
Daly DanielTrench, William S.Drummond OtraMonaghan
Dinn PatrickTrench, William S.TrostanMonaghan
Wainwright DavidTrench, William S.CorcrinMonaghan
Byrne OwenTrench, William S.AnnacroffMonaghan
Cunningham JamesTrench, William S.AnnacroffMonaghan
Nicholson JamesTrench, William S.AnnacroffMonaghan
Tegart Robert M.Trustees of Fever HospitalMullanarryMonaghan
M'Nally EdwardTrustees of R.C. ChapelChapel lane, Drummond OtraMonaghan
Beirne OwenWalsh, PeterLeegMonaghan
Breen JamesWalsh, PeterLeegMonaghan
Duffy ThomasWalsh, PeterLeegMonaghan
Walsh MichaelWalsh, PeterLeegMonaghan
Ruddy JohnWard, CatherineCoolforeMonaghan
Stokes RobertWard, MaryMonaghan street, Drummond OtraMonaghan
Brady MargaretWard, PatrickCloghvally, UpperMonaghan
Campbell ThomasWard, PeterKilmactrasnaMonaghan
Costello HughWhite, GeorgeCorvallyMonaghan
Nelson JonathanWhite, GeorgeCorvallyMonaghan
Woods AliciaWoods, CatherineLurgansMonaghan
M'Cabe BridgetWoods. ThomasDerrylavanMonaghan
Woods GeorgeWoods. ThomasDerrylavanMonaghan

My tables are sorted alphabetically by Occupiers’ name – any Immediate Lessor may be listed numerous times throughout a parish. Immediate Lessor names are not sorted alphebetically

In those instances when a person is listed twice in the same townland and the Immediate lessor was the same for each entry I have the occupiers name once and indicated how many times that name occurs in that townland beside it.

I have excluded the name of Immediate Lessors of Vacant properties when that person was already listed as being an Immediate Lessor in the same townland. The names of Immediate Lessors of vacant properties are included if that person was not listed as an Immediate Occupier previously in that townland.

In those instances when a person is listed twice in the same townland and the Immediate lessor was the same for each entry I have the occupiers name once and indicated how many times that name occurs in that townland beside it. I have excluded the name of Immediate Lessors of Vacant properties when that person was already listed as being an Immediate Lessor in the same townland. The names of Immediate Lessors of vacant properties are included if that person was not listed as an Immediate Occupier previously in that townland.

The Immediate Lessor is the person who owns or leases the property from the Landholder. The Occupier is the person who leases the land from the Immediate Lessor. The Occupier, in turn, may sub-let part of the property that they are listed as being the Occupier of, in which case, their name is then listed in the Immediate Lessor column. You need to see the original pages of the Griffiths Valuation which lists the type of property being leased.

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