Munster Volunteer Registry, 1782, Co. Waterford

Waterford Artillery
Captain Joseph Pawl
Lieutenant John M. Carew
One company. Two pieces, four-pounders. Uniform: Blue, faced red, yellow buttons

Waterford Independants Nos. 1 & 6. No. 1 March 1778
Captain Commandant Henry Alcock
Lieutenant John Alcock
Lieutenant William Alcock
One company, 1st battalion.
Second battalion or No. 6, September 1781
Lieutenant Henry Hayden
Lieutenant John Wyse
Lieutenant Peter Ryan
Adjutant William Alcock
Chaplain Robert Drapes
Surgeon Simon Lamphire,M.D.
Quartermaster William Irvin
One company, 2nd battalion. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, white buttons, silver laced hats

Waterford Independants No. 2, March 1798
Captain Robert Shapland Carew
Lieutenant Robert T. carew
Lieutenant Arthur Dobbin
Lieutenant William Morris
Chaplain Richard Ryland
Surgeon James Semple, M.D.
One Company. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, silver laced wings, white buttons

Waterford independents No. 3, May 1778
Captain Hannibal William Dobbyn
Lieutenant Stephen Wortheval
Chaplain John Fury
One Company

Tallow Independent Blues, August 1st, 1778
Captain Commandant George Bowles
Captain William Carr
Lieutenants Thomas Boyce
Lieutenant Anthony Hales
Ensign Thomas Bull
Ensign John Drew Croker
Chaplain Hon. Robert Moore
Surgreon William Delany
Two Companies. Uniform: Blue, edged white

Royal Oaks or Waterford Independent Blues No. 4 & 5, September 1779
Colonel and Captain Cornelius Bolton
Captain Richard Kearney
Captain Henry Bolton
Lieutenant William Price
Lieutenant Samuel Roberts
Lieutenant Robert Cooke
Two companies, Nos. 4 & 5 – one light, one battalion. Uniform: Scarlet, faced blue

Dungarvan Volunteers, November 1st 1779

Colonel Right Hon. John Beresford
Major Godfrey Greene
Captain John Coughlan
Captain George Boat
Lieutenant Roger Dalton
Lieutenant James Ryves
Ensign Beverly Hearns
Chaplain ?? Higginbottom
Surgeon Patrick Comman
Secretary John Wilkinson
Battalion of light infantry, two companies. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, silver laced wing, white buttons.

Cappoquin Volunteers, 1779
Colonel John Kean
Captain Richard Kiely
Lieutenant Andrew Eaglish
Uniform: Scarlet and white, white buttons

Waterford Grenadiers, No. 7, June 1782
Captain David Wilson
Other ranks not filled up. One company. Uniform: Scarlet, faced yellow, wings silver laced, white buttons.

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