1901 Census, Co. Antrim

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

CavourAntrimWm. BurnsideView
Moira St.AntrimWm. C. Arran?View
CavourAntrimWm. CarmichaelView
HussAntrimWm. CaruthView
BeresfordAntrimWm. ChapmanView
AlaskaAntrimWm. ChristieView
AgnesAntrimWm. ClarkeView
BeresfordAntrimWm. ColganView
Bridge End St.AntrimWm. ConkeyView
Forth River GardensAntrimWm. CupplesView
CarrickhillAntrimWm. CurrieView
HazelfieldAntrimWm. DaltonView
DerryAntrimWm. DeddisView
BeresfordAntrimWm. DicksonView
GlenfarneAntrimWm. DobsonView
QueenslandAntrimWm. DuncanView
CrimeaAntrimWm. ErskineView
KlondykeAntrimWm. EstherView
AgnesAntrimWm. FinlayView
HussAntrimWm. FramptonView
KlondykeAntrimWm. GalwayView
California St.AntrimWm. GavinView
MoscowAntrimWm. GeddisView
DenmarkAntrimWm. GibsonView
Stanfield St.AntrimWm. GilmoreView
Newtownards Rd.AntrimWm. GloverView
DenmarkAntrimWm. GreenView
NorthlandAntrimWm. GreenfieldView
DagmarAntrimWm. GribbenView
DenmarkAntrimWm. GribbenView
Woodvale Ave.AntrimWm. H. BlackView
CAve.hill Rd.AntrimWm. H. DawnerView
CAve.hill Rd.AntrimWm. H., AlexanderView
DerryAntrimWm. HaddockView
Ardilaun St.AntrimWm. HamiltonView
BeresfordAntrimWm. HamiltonView
HussAntrimWm. HarrisonView
Ashbourne St.AntrimWm. Henry DavisView
Newtownards Rd.AntrimWm. HigginsView
Durham AntrimWm. J. AdamsView
Agnes St.AntrimWm. J. AndrewsView
CAve.hill Rd.AntrimWm. J. AndrewsView
RigaAntrimWm. J. BairdView
HazelfieldAntrimWm. J. BarkleyView
HazelfieldAntrimWm. J. BarkleyView
DisraeliAntrimWm. J. BarnesView
Lyons St.AntrimWm. J. BettlesView
SancroftAntrimWm. J. BoydView
DisraeliAntrimWm. J. BradshawView
John St.AntrimWm. J. BurnsView
DisraeliAntrimWm. J. ButlerView
Court St.AntrimWm. J. CardwellView
Woodvale Ave.AntrimWm. J. ClarkeView
Armitage St.AntrimWm. J. CollinsView
CrimeaAntrimWm. J. CunninghamView
BlaneyAntrimWm. J. DuffView
Johnston's court, SouthAntrimWm. J. FisherView
DagmarAntrimWm. J. GalwayView
RusholmeAntrimWm. J. GilmoreView
Clanchatton St.AntrimWm. J. GrahamView
QueenslandAntrimWm. J. GrayView
BlaneyAntrimWm. J. HannaView
Canning St., UpperAntrimWm. Jas BoydView
Arkwright St.AntrimWm. John AllenView
Canning St., UpperAntrimWm. John BamberView
Bruce St.AntrimWm. John BlairView
CopperfieldAntrimWm. John CardwellView
Mill St.AntrimWm. John DavisView
Adam St.AntrimWm. John DornanView
Clanchatton St.AntrimWm. M. CruikshankView
Arkwright St.AntrimWm. R. BurrowsView
Forth River GardensAntrimWm. Setan CaruthView
Lyons St.AntrimWm. T. BoydView
GlenfarneAntrimWm. Thos. CrozierView
CAve.hill Rd.AntrimWm.R. BeningtonView
Bedque St.AntrimWolff CohenView
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