Baptism Records, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, 1829-30

Diocese of Clonfert

St. Michael’s Ballinasloe (Creagh & Kilcloony)
Bapts. June 6th 1862 – Dec 31st, 1880
In Latin, no lines. Spidery handwriting.

Note: Surnames very Questionable.

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?Bridan RoseMother1830Feb 14th
?Ceavny NellyMother1830Nov 8th
?Ceoen SallySponsor1830Jan 22nd
?Coffey BridgetMother1829Dec 12th
?Creahan BridgetMother1830Feb 27th
?Flattery JamesFather1830Feb 28th
?Flattery PattChild1830Feb 28th
?Kean RoseSponsor1830Jan 29th
?Kelly JnoSponsor1831Jan 1st
?Kinelly CathSponsor1830Sept 6th
?Kinelly DanSponsor1830Sept 6th
?M'Ardle MaryMother1829March 2nd
?Seary WmSponsor1829March 13th
?Web EllenMother1830Feb 28th
?Webb PattSponsor1830Feb 28th
Bannon? MarySponsor1830Jan 16th
Barret MarySponsor1830July 27th
Blake MarySponsor1829Feb 23rd
Bridget McDonnellMother1830Dec 23rd
Broderick ?JarlathSponsor1830Nov 8th
Broderick NellyChild1830Nov 8th
Broderick PeterFather1830Nov 8th
Burke FergusFather1830Dec 23rd
Burke JaneSponsor1830Oct 10th
Burke MichlChild1830Oct 10th
Burke PattFather1830Oct 10th
Burke ThosChild1830Dec 23rd
Butler JamesFather1830Feb 28th
Butler PattChild1830Feb 28th
Byrne ?AnnieSponsor1830Dec 23rd
Carrol MarySponsor1829Feb 22nd
Coffy ThomasFather1828Dec 31st
Coffy ThosChild1828Dec 31st
Coghlan MargaretMother1830July 18th
Corcoran ?DorindaSponsor1831Jan 1st
Corcoran DanlChild1831Jan 1st
Corcoran MichlFather1831Jan 1st
Cosgrove MichlSponsor1830Feb 14th
Costello CathSponsor1830Feb 21st
Costello MichlSponsor1829Feb 14th
Coye? CathMother1829Sept 3rd
Cradough? MaryMother1829Feb 23rd
Craffy or Crossy CathSponsor1828Dec 28th
Craughwell DanFather1830Nov 8th
Craughwell MaryChild1830Nov 8th
Craughwell MarySponsor1830Nov 8th
Croffy? CathMother1830Jan 16th
Cronnby WilliamSponsor1830Aug 29th
Croughan JnoSponsor1829Feb 22nd
Croughan SibbySponsor1829Feb 22nd
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