Baptism Records, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, 1829-30

Diocese of Clonfert

St. Michael’s Ballinasloe (Creagh & Kilcloony)
Bapts. June 6th 1862 – Dec 31st, 1880
In Latin, no lines. Spidery handwriting.

Note: Surnames very Questionable.

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Murry PattSponsor1828Dec 31st
Murry PattSponsor1830Jan 29th
Murry StephenChild1830Jan 4th
Nicholson JnoChild1829April 2nd
Nicholson PattFather1829April 2nd
Quin JnoSponsor1830Feb 28th
Raferty JohnChild1830July 15th
Raferty MaryChild1830July 15th
Raferty PeterFather1830July 15th
Raferty PeterFather1830July 15th
Raftery ?Wm., Mr.Father1829July 19th
Raftery AnnieSponsor1829July 19th
Raftery CathMother1829July 19th
Raftery JnoChild1830May 16th
Raftery MaryMother1829July 20th
Raftery MaryMother1830July 27th
Raftery PatrickFather1830May 16th
Raftery WmChild1829July 19th
Ready MaryMother1828Dec 31st
Riordan ?CathMother1830Feb 21st
Riordan DavidSponsor1830Feb 21st
Ruan CathMother1830Jan 29th
Rutledge JamesFather1829March 2nd
Rutledge Maria AnneChild1829March 2nd
Stockville Mary AnneSponsor1830Aug 29th
Taylor ThomasFather1830Aug 11th
Taylor WilliamChild1830Aug 11th
Walsh PattChild1829Feb 14th
Walsh StephenFather1829Feb 14th
Whealan ?CateSponsor1830Feb 28th
White MaryMother1829April 5th
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