Baptism Records, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, 1829-30

Diocese of Clonfert

St. Michael’s Ballinasloe (Creagh & Kilcloony)
Bapts. June 6th 1862 – Dec 31st, 1880
In Latin, no lines. Spidery handwriting.

Note: Surnames very Questionable.

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Hanly ThosChild1830Feb 21st
Harney PattSponsor1830Feb 28th
Hart CatherineMother1830Aug 15th
Haverty BridgetSponsor1830Aug 11th
Haverty MaryMother1830Feb 28th
Henderson JosephSponsor1830July 27th
Higgins JnoFather1829Feb 11th
Higgins MaryChild1829Feb 11th
Higgins MarySponsor1829Feb 11th
Higgins MatthewSponsor1829Feb 11th
Hogan AnneSponsor1830July 15th
Hogan BridgetMother1830Aug 28th
Hogan BridgetMother1830July 15th
Hogan BridgetMother1830July 15th
Hop??? SallySponsor1830Feb 28th
Hynes BridgetMother1829Feb 22nd
Hynes JnoFather1829Sept 3rd
Hynes JnoSponsor1829Feb 22nd
Hynes JohnChild1829Sept 3rd
Hynes MaryMother1829Feb 11th
Keaghman? PattSponsor1829Nov 23rd
Keating ElizaSponsor1829April 2nd
Kelly CathSponsor1829Sept 3rd
Kelly ElizaChild1830Aug 28th
Kelly ElleanorMother1829Aug 24th
Kelly JohnFather1830Aug 28th
Kelly MaryMother1829April 2nd
Kelly MichlFather1829Feb 23rd
Kelly ThosChild1829Feb 23rd
Kenny AliciaChild1830July 18th
Kenny PatrickFather1830July 18th
Keough BridgetSponsor1829Sept 3rd
Killalea BridgetSponsor1829Dec 22nd
Killalea PattChild1829Feb 22nd
Killalea ThomasFather1829Feb 22nd
Lavin MaryMother1830Aug 11th
Leary MaryMother1831Jan 1st
Leonard CathMother1830Sept 6th
Loughe? BridgetMother1829Dec 22nd
Loughe? JnoSponsor1829Dec 22nd
Loughnane MargaretSponsor1830Aug 21st
Lynch JosephSponsor1829April 2nd
Lyons ?ThosFather1830Feb 28th
Lyons HonorMother1829Feb 14th
Lyons JamesFather1830Jan 16th
Lyons JamesSponsor1829Sept 3rd
Lyons MaryMother1828Dec 28th
Lyons MichlSponsor1829April 5th
Lyons MichlSponsor1830Feb 28th
Lyons PattChild1830Feb 28th
Lyons SecliaChild1830Jan 16th
Madden MarySponsor1829Nov 23rd
Madden SallyMother1829Nov 23rd
Magrath MarkFather1829July 20th
Magrath MarySponsor1829July 20th
Magrath SusannaChild1829July 20th
Maher MichlSponsor1829July 19th
Maher? MaryChild1830July 27th
Maher? PattFather1830July 27th
McDonnell CathSponsor1830Dec 23rd
McDonnell JnoSponsor1830Feb 27th
McDonnell MaryMother1830Nov 8th
McLoughlin MaryChild1828Dec 28th
McLoughlin MichlFather1828Dec 28th
McManus PattSponsor1830July 15th
Meacle? JamesSponsor1830Jan 16th
Milford EdmdFather1829Feb 22nd
Milford MaryChild1829Feb 22nd
Mitchel CathSponsor1830Feb 21st
Mitchel JnoFather1830Jan 29th
Mitchel JnoSponsor1830Feb 21st
Mitchel PattChild1830Jan 29th
Mullin MaryMother1830Oct 10th
Mullin PattSponsor1828Dec 28th
Mullon PattSponsor1829July 20th
Mullowney ElleanorMother1829Feb 22nd
Murphy MarySponsor1829Aug 24th
Murray BridgetChild1830Aug 15th
Murray DanlFather1830Feb 14th
Murray JamesFather1829Dec 12th
Murray MarySponsor1830Jan 4th
Murray MichlChild1829Dec 12th
Murray NancySponsor1829Dec 12th
Murray PeterSponsor1829Dec 12th
Murray ThosChild1830Feb 14th
Murray TimothyFather1830Aug 15th
Murry BridgetChild1829Nov 23rd
Murry CathChild1830Feb 27th
Murry HonourChild1830Feb 28th
Murry JamesFather1830Jan 4th
Murry JnoFather1830Sept 6th
Murry JnoFather1830Feb 21st
Murry MaryMother1830Aug 29th
Murry MarySponsor1828Dec 31st
Murry MarySponsor1829Feb 14th
Murry MathwChild1830Sept 6th
Murry MichlFather1830Feb 27th
Murry MichlFather1830Feb 28th
Murry PattChild1830Feb 21st
Murry PattFather1829Nov 23rd
Murry PattSponsor1828Dec 31st
Murry PattSponsor1830Jan 29th
Murry StephenChild1830Jan 4th
Nicholson JnoChild1829April 2nd
Nicholson PattFather1829April 2nd
Quin JnoSponsor1830Feb 28th
Raferty JohnChild1830July 15th
Raferty MaryChild1830July 15th
Raferty PeterFather1830July 15th
Raferty PeterFather1830July 15th
Raftery ?Wm., Mr.Father1829July 19th
Raftery AnnieSponsor1829July 19th
Raftery CathMother1829July 19th
Raftery JnoChild1830May 16th
Raftery MaryMother1829July 20th
Raftery MaryMother1830July 27th
Raftery PatrickFather1830May 16th
Raftery WmChild1829July 19th
Ready MaryMother1828Dec 31st
Riordan ?CathMother1830Feb 21st
Riordan DavidSponsor1830Feb 21st
Ruan CathMother1830Jan 29th
Rutledge JamesFather1829March 2nd
Rutledge Maria AnneChild1829March 2nd
Stockville Mary AnneSponsor1830Aug 29th
Taylor ThomasFather1830Aug 11th
Taylor WilliamChild1830Aug 11th
Walsh PattChild1829Feb 14th
Walsh StephenFather1829Feb 14th
Whealan ?CateSponsor1830Feb 28th
White MaryMother1829April 5th
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